[1 Abril] Axam viável este downgrade?

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Como não sabia se havia de confiar nisto ou não decidi partilhar comvosco..

Vi isto no site:

Têm aqui um excerto da pag.:

"Today marks a new Day in History.
Team 25K, working with no other than AlonEtriO from the original WAB Team have been working Day and Night, in order to bring you all a Working 2.6/2.5 to 1.5 Downgrader.

The SonyDG 0.01a[beta] is pretty complicated for a n00b, but any one who is familiar with the GTA exploit on 2.5 and 2.6 should not have a problem at all...

Read Me:

Thats right f*ck heads. 2.6 / 2.5 Downgrader is here!
Took days, but manage to sort sh*t out.

We would like to thank all who stuck behind my man AlonEtriO, through all this shit with SxT

How to work.
Un-zip files to desktop [should be 9 total]
Place Folder .DG FILES is ms/:root
Place GTA game save file in psp/savedata folder
Place update [1.5 FW] in Game section

Start up GTA as normal. When it has loaded, select "Load Game", select the DG_0.1a[beta] savegame and confirm the load as normal. After a short delay, the Downloader should start.

Follow on screen instruction and MAKE SURE your power cord is plugged in and your battery is 99-100%

The Downgradr will fail at 99% and then restart, congrats now you have a 1.5!

tested 11 and all downgraded great!

TEAM 25K and AlonEtriO [only]"

Vamos lá ver se é desta..dá ideia de ser um pouco símples de mais mas prontos..
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