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MMO 3 man MC e Razorgore BWL

Discussão em 'PC Gaming' iniciada por UCplayer, 2 de Janeiro de 2008. (Respostas: 6; Visualizações: 912)

  1. UCplayer

    UCplayer Suspenso

    Molten Core completed with 3 players

    So ... you're feeling like you wasted your time in game during holidays ? Well, some people are worse than you, and decided it would be fun to run Molten Core with ... 3 level 70 players. That's time wasting, useless, but damn it's impressive and this is how you do it :
    • Lucifron: priest, druid, hunter (pet acting as a foil for the adds' mind control; the curse was dealt with by me shifting out of bearform to decurse when it got applied, and then shifting back in)
    • Magmadar: priest, druid, hunter (because we were there, really; hunter also occasionally tranq-shotted Magmadar's Frenzy, I believe - I didn't exactly check, I was too busy trying to avoid getting feared into conflags)
    • Gehennas: priest, mage, warrior (itty bitty feral druid mana pool + curse needing removed immediately = disaster, so I couldn't quite have tanked that particular fight - so the warrior tanked it, and I decursed / DPS'd as a mage... as it was, I ended up having to chain mana potions to keep on top of it; we failed once due to me getting shadowbolted right after running out of rain of fire)
    • Garr to Golemagg: priest, mage, warrior (because we were there, really - did it all in one clear, one-shotted the lot of them)
    • Sulfuron to Ragnaros: priest, druid, warrior (for pretty obvious reasons; large amounts of adds meant we wanted two tanks)
    You can read the full story on this page with details, loots, screenshots, and cookies. Oh, they also 3-manned Razorgore in BWL.

    Estou surpreendido :D 3man é muita skill mesmo a lvl70 para downar estes bosses, muitos com bastantes adds (Garr e Razorgore omg :P).

  2. _SnipeR_

    _SnipeR_ Power Member

    O priest já foi da minha guild e a druid é a namorada dele (q tb já pertenceu a guild)

    É um bom feito, mas como eles dizem o gear teve muito a ver com o feito e tanto o priest como o warrior são os (ou uns dos) melhores o server actual
  3. megabbyte

    megabbyte Power Member

    Sem duvida é um grande feito.. Lindo de se ver.. É preciso ter grande skill e grande equipamento..

    Adorei foi os addos que eles usam.. :) se alguem tiver por ai os interfaces deles.. :)
  4. Cardinal_pt

    Cardinal_pt Power Member

    se ja era interessante completar heroics com 3mans imagino isto hehehe
  5. Icarium

    Icarium Power Member

    Sim, eu queria o add-on do loot. Muito fixe.
  6. Sparrowhank

    Sparrowhank Power Member

  7. Icarium

    Icarium Power Member


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