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6 August - Addedum on Crucial RADEON 8500LE: Beware!

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por WarLock, 6 de Agosto de 2002. (Respostas: 2; Visualizações: 632)

  1. WarLock

    WarLock Power Member

    We reported less than a week ago that Crucial Technology, known for its memory-modules, started to sell videoboards based on RADEON 8500LE. This time we have some more information to tell you about their card thanks to PC-Stats.

    The videoadapters sold by Crucial are manufactured by Sapphire Technology. The latter is a subsidiary of Hong-Kong based PC-Partner holding who collaborates with ATI and manufacturers almost all the boards sold under "Built by ATI" label (see this news-story for details). All in all, the cards are quality enough.

    The very bad thing about the board is that they are equipped with 128 MB of 6ns memory from Micron clocked at 166 (333) MHz, hence, we can expect quite poor performance of such card. We afraid that this one can be the slowest RADEON 8500LE (or should we say LELE?) on the market. We are sure that even 128 MB of such extremely slow memory will not be able to compete with 64 MB of normal 250 MHz RAM used on most of RADEON 8500LE cards.

    So beware of this $135 device because you can easily find a normal 250/250 MHz accelerator for $90-$100 in the USA.

    nuff said ... podem encontrar este artigo na reactor critical
  2. oc_nightmare

    oc_nightmare Power Member

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