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A saga dos virus por Bluetooth continua

Discussão em 'Dúvidas e Suporte—Internet, Redes, Segurança' iniciada por RavenMaster, 12 de Agosto de 2004. (Respostas: 1; Visualizações: 761)

  1. RavenMaster

    RavenMaster Power Member

    "We have already seen both proof of concept viruses and working malware for new technologies and platforms, including mobile devices. The saga continues with vulnerabilities being detected, leaving users and antivirus vendors waiting for the other shoe to drop: malicious code that exploits the vulnerability.

    Pentest (http://www.pentest.co.uk/), a British company specialising in IT security and pentration testing, has released an advisory warning of a serious vulnerability in software produced by WIDCOMM Bluetooth Connectivity Software (http://www.widcomm.com/).
    This software is used by many major vendors in Bluetooth devices, including PCs, PDAs, mobile phones, headsets, and digital cameras.

    The flaw make it possible for an attacker to send specially crafted service requests to cause a buffer overflow, resulting in the execution of arbitrary code. Secunia (http://www.secunia.com/), which issues vulnerability and virus advisories, rates the vulnerability as highly critical.
    Code which exploits this vulnerability has not been detected in the wild. However, Pentest recommend that users set any devices incorporating WIDCOMM software to hidden or non-discoverable mode to limit the risk of potential infection. In theory, a well crafted piece of malware targeting this vulnerability could spread extremely quickly."

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