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Xbox Algumas comparações (X360 vs PS3)

Discussão em 'Retro / Legacy / Arcade' iniciada por decapitado, 20 de Novembro de 2006. (Respostas: 2; Visualizações: 818)

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  1. decapitado

    decapitado Power Member

    Aqui ficam alguns comentários, e comparações de notas de títulos semelhantes para X360 e PS3.

    Tiger Woods PGA tour 07
    PS3: 8.3
    Xbox 360: 8.5

    Need For Speed Carbon
    PS3: 7.9
    Xbox 360: 8.2
    IGN comment:
    Visually, the PlayStation 3 version of Need for Speed Carbon falls short of its Xbox 360 counterpart. The two games run at roughly the same framerate, but the PS3’s filtering effects, specifically the blurring, can be ugly.

    Call of Duty 3: by Gamespot

    PS3: 8.2
    Xbox 360: 8.8
    “It is missing a couple of features that its Xbox 360 counterpart contains, and the frame rate is far less reliable in this version”

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance

    PS3: 7.9
    Xbox 360: 8.2
    IGN comment:
    Oh, and just for argument’s sake, we popped in the 360 version of Ultimate Alliance to compare and we have to say… the PS3 edition just isn’t as polished. Comparatively, there’s a lot more framerate stutter with our game compared to theirs (expect hiccups when turning the camera in highly-populated areas) and the colors are deeper and seem to be in better contrast with the 360.

    NHL 2K7
    PS3: 8.6
    Xbox 360: 8.9

    Tony Hawk Project 8
    PS3 7.0
    Xbox 360 7.8
  2. SHZR

    SHZR Power Member

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