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Motherboard AMD R890 chipset series

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por Roberto1973, 31 de Março de 2009. (Respostas: 70; Visualizações: 9621)

  1. Roberto1973

    Roberto1973 Power Member

    It's hard getting excited about pictures of a reference board, despite the fact that it's based on the upcoming RD890 chipset from AMD. What makes things even worse is that the pictures that Dutch site Bouweenpc.nl has scored, are from very strange angles.

    As expected the RD890 chipset is for AMD's AM3 socket, although it seems like the RD890 chipset runs hotter than previous generations of chipsets from AMD, as not only is it cooled by a fairly sizeable heatsink, but it also has a small fan to further aid the cooling. It's not possible to see the SB850 properly on the pictures, so we're not sure what kind of cooling the new southbridge requires, but again it seems to have a rather large heatsink (hidden behind the watermark on the last picture).

    The board appears to have four x16 PCI Express slots, although we have a feeling that it operates in either dual x16 or four x8 modes. There's also a single open-ended PCI Express x4 slot and a PCI slot on the board. AMD has stuck with its tried and tested four memory slots and we didn't really expect to see anything more or less.

    For now, this is a first glimpse into what to expect from AMD, but it doesn't look like too much have changed. At least the RD890 should feature a better integrated graphics core for those interested in running Hybrid CrossFire on their board.



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  2. Aquela ventoínha no dissipador do chipset tem ar de temperamental... deve tornar-se ruidosa em pouco tempo.
  3. sparrow

    sparrow Power Member

    isto é reference board...

    quando a asus fizer os modelos dela com os 5kg de cobre não vai precisar de ventoinha.
  4. JPgod

    JPgod #ForçaBruno
    Staff Member

    Não me pareça que aqueça mais que a geração actual...

    as references boards do 7x0 tb vinham com dissipadores minúsculos e fans de 30 mm...

    Nem é preciso os 5 kg de cobre...
  5. Zao

    Zao Power Member

    Adorei essa dos 5kg :D JPgod kills Asus (headshot) LULZ
  6. JPgod

    JPgod #ForçaBruno
    Staff Member

    A ASUS só tem abusado nos dissipadores nas ROG. Nas outras vem dissipadores relativamente simples e eficientes...

  7. jpcastro

    jpcastro Power Member


  8. Roberto1973

    Roberto1973 Power Member


    SB850 as well

    AMD's replacement for 790FX and the SB750 Southbridge won't arrive until Q4 2009. Previously many expected to see this chipset in very late Q2, roughly Computex time, but according to the latest info this simply won’t happen as soon as many expected.

    The chipset is AM3 only, and AMD wants to get rid of AM2+ legacy and infrastructure and continue with DDR3 platform. The new RD890 chipset supports HT3, 2x16PCIe or 4x8 with second generation PCIe , as well as enhanced Quad Crossfire X 4x8 support.

    The SB850 Southbridge has all the features of SB750 Southbridge as well as Gigabit MAC, AHCI 1.2, new clock gen as well as second generation PCIe 4X.

    Until Q4 2009, AMD 790FX or AMD 790GX integrated chipsets will remain the only two for the new Phenom AM3 based CPUs, at least until the RD890D comes out.

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  9. Roberto1973

    Roberto1973 Power Member

    AMD SB850 Southbridge to consume 4W

    Q4 2009 match with RD890

    SB850 is AMD's latest, greatest Southbridge and this chip looks like a big improvement compared to SB750.

    The new Southbridge brings A-link with X4 Gen 2, PCIe 4x1 Gen 2 as well as 14+2 USB 2.0 ports. The previous SB750 only had 12+2, which should be enough, but hey more is usually better. SATA gets upgraded to 6x 6Gb/s which is another name for SATA 3.0 and of course RAID 0,1,5 and 10 support is here. It also has integrated clock generation and Gigabit MAC.

    The new Southbridge comes in new FCBGA 605 pin package and its TDP is 4.0 W. AMD SB750 has TDP of 4.5 watts and less features. SB850 should launch in Q4 together with RD890.

  10. possessed

    possessed Full Throttle BOINC Roller

    um ligeiro update:

    Ao contrário do que eu pensava o RD890, RS880 e SB850 estão aí à porta e para Maio teremos a SB810 para se juntar à festa


  11. JPgod

    JPgod #ForçaBruno
    Staff Member

    o TDP parece-me elevado...
  12. ArkangelPT

    ArkangelPT Power Member

    Entao so uma duvida pelo que vejo ali R890 sai em janeiro certo??

    se Sim BRUTAL era mesmo isso que eu queria tava a pensar em comprar a crosshair assim expero que estas saiam...
  13. Roberto1973

    Roberto1973 Power Member

    O chipset RD890/RS880 vai suportar cpu da gama Bulldozer.
  14. ArkangelPT

    ArkangelPT Power Member

    Eu vi noutros foruns e falam na comercializacao destes chipset em abril ou maio... por isso sera esat data janeiro do proximo ano uma data real? e mais actualizada??
  15. xuleca

    xuleca Power Member

    Também reparei no mesmo, estou à espera que saia para actualizar o meu s939, se for em Janeiro porreiro. Sempre são 3 meses antes do inicialmente previsto (Abril) :001:.
  16. ArkangelPT

    ArkangelPT Power Member

    Ya agora vamso la ver se fosse em janeiro bestial... pois calhava mesmo bem... senao vou esperar na mesma...
  17. AndreVieira

    AndreVieira Power Member

    Ui, os tão famosos bulldozer's da AMD :005:
    Quanto aos novos chipset's já era sem tempo o tão esperado lançamento de chipset's à maneira,
    Será que com o lançamento dos novos chip's RD890/RS880 o preço das plataformas ira aumentar significativamente? :tareon:
    1 abraço ;)
  18. Grippen

    Grippen Power Member

    Onde é q eu já vi este filme das fans pequenas. Em 1 ano transformam-se em melgas a zumbir no ouvido. Espero bem q surjam soluções passivas.
  19. goliath_2k

    goliath_2k Power Member

    mas o 890 não vai ter sata 3.0 ?
  20. ArkangelPT

    ArkangelPT Power Member

    a Asus e mestre nisso...

    Sata 6Gb/s = Sata 3

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