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Motherboard Asus' Core i5 ROG motherboard pixellized

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por Roberto1973, 11 de Julho de 2009. (Respostas: 8; Visualizações: 1726)

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  1. Roberto1973

    Roberto1973 Power Member

    We managed to score a few new pictures of Asus' top of the line P55 Maximus III Formula motherboard. This socket LGA1156 motherboard supports Intel's upcoming Core i5 processors and features Asus' recognizable black/red Republic of Gamers color scheme.

    The rest of the features include four dual-channel DDR3 memory slots, three PCI-Express x16 slots, two plain PCI and two PCI-E x1 slots. The first PCI-E x1 slot will of course be used by the bundled Asus sound card.

    Asus has made sure that all the heatsinks are quite low so there should not be any problem with clearance for both graphics cards and large CPU coolers. The single IDE and and six SATA slots are also angled and Asus apparently made sure that those little design details are perfect. In addition to six angled SATA connectors, Asus has supplied two more near the edge of the board.

    The back panel includes eSATA, Firewire, Ethernet and a bunch of USB ports. The motherboard comes with several on board buttons, including Power, Reset and Clear CMOS, as well as a single button that Asus still has to explain once the motherboard is officially announced.

    Without further delay, here are the promised pictures of Asus' P55 crown jewel.


  2. dacosta89

    dacosta89 Banido

  3. joaao_belo

    joaao_belo Power Member

    grande design!
    Pena o que se paga a mais por ser ROG
  4. horus19

    horus19 Power Member

    É mesmo bonita.
  5. xms1

    xms1 Suspenso

    meus belos Euros
  6. Sorensen

    Sorensen Banido

    Isto com o Lynnfield 2.8Ghz deve ser uma bomba....
  7. PitFire

    PitFire I'm cool cuz I Fold

    muito bonita mesmo

    o layout parece me porreiro mas mais uma vez la esta a ide
  8. Romani48

    Romani48 Power Member

    gamer que é gamer ainda tem discos rigidos com backups de jogos antigos :P

    linda! agora é so provarem a tipica qualidade :)
  9. JPgod

    JPgod Moderador
    Staff Member

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