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Athlon 64 FX Preview ( Athlon 64 FX <> Athlon 64 )

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por Nemesis11, 8 de Setembro de 2003. (Respostas: 38; Visualizações: 2186)

  1. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    Coitada da Amd, é leaks por todo o lado.Cá vai:


    AMD’s Athlon 64 FX, it’s all that you asked for

    Granted we’ve been on AMD’s case lately, but because some of the flak they’ve been getting from us we were contacted by a large oem that offered to supply us with an Athlon 64 FX processor, running at, brace yourselves, a whopping 2.2GHz clockspeed. To quote the oem ‘you’ll be truly impressed by the performance of the Athlon 64 FX, we simply could not find anything wrong with it’. And to be honest neither couldn’t we, as we’ve put the processor through it’s paces on the excellent SK8N motherboard Asus provided us with recently. We’ve clocked in about eight hours of benchmarking and stress testing with it already and we found that our similarly configured 3.06GHz Pentium 4 was no match for the Athlon 64. In many cases the Athlon 64 FX bested it by 40 to 50%.


    Fig 1. The Athlon 64 FX processor, using the same socket-940 as the AMD Opteron.


    Fig 2. The Athlon 64 FX fitted into the Asus SK8N, Nforce 3 Pro 150 chipset, motherboard.

    Naturally there’s much more to tell, more than we can hope to get across in this daily column. We just wanted to let you know that it’s a frenzy in our labs with harddisks and cpu cooler fans spinning as we put both the Pentium 4 and the Athlon 64 up against each other in something which is best described as a heated battle. We’ll be sure to update the frontpage when we’re done with the evaluation, which will be either somewhere today or tomorrow, so do check back if you want to learn more about the Athlon FX’ performance and how it fares against Intel’s Pentium 4.

  2. Raptor

    Raptor OC Legend

    Atenção que o P4 é um 3.060 de FSB 533... n é um 3000 Bus800 com o Canterwood... seja como for, isto é tudo muito bonito, mas que é deles?
  3. Gandalf

    Gandalf I fold therefore I AM

    So dia 23 .. e a data oficial de lançamento.
  4. bocag3

    bocag3 Power Member

    23 de Setembro??????
  5. Já estão em pre-order em muitas lojas, não nacionais é claro.
  6. pnabais

    pnabais Power Member

    Tou para ver é se não vão fazer um "paper-launch" com um FX a 2.2 Ghz para depois colocarem no mercado à venda os CPU's a 1.8G e 2.0G ...
  7. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    Athlon 64 fx + Prometeia

    The last few days we’ve been putting the Athlon 64 FX through quite some tests which resulted in a number of columns with new info about AMD's latest. And as a result of this we were obviously contacted by AMD. AMD asked us to hold off on posting any benchmark data or results until the launch of the Athlon 64 series on the 22st of september, two weeks from today. Which would give other editors and publications enough time to properly evaluate their sample. They also mentioned that if we did go ahead and posted a full featured article we could forget about ever getting samples from them or in any other way be a guest at any AMD launch event. So instead of posting a full featured article as we promised I hope you understand we’ll stick with updating the column without going into performance data too much. That however doesn’t mean there isn’t much to tell, for example how about our attempts to get an impression how much headroom the Athlon 64 FX has got? We use a modified ChipCon Prometeia Mach II vapor phase cooling system to be able to keep the heatload of the processor within bounds. Our Athlon 64 FX sample managed to clock in 2.48GHz stable at -10C and 2.56GHz was the highest we could manage without it freezing up at bootup, no benchmarks at that speed though.


    Fig 1. The modified ChipCon Prometeia Mach II cooling head attached to the processor.


    Fig 2. The general tab of system properties showing the 2.48GHz clockspeed of the processor.

    Obviously we tried to push it a little further, but we were simply held back by the processor. Upping the Vcore to 1.65-volts only caused the system to become more unstable as the heatload would increase by about 40-watts, more than the cooling system could handle. On average we measured a heat output of 116-watt at 2.48GHz at full load. That value was calculated from the capacity of the cooling system (in BTU/hr) and the difference between the room temperature and the die temperature. Using the supplied Cooler Master heatsink we pushed it as far as 2.3GHz, which is a mere 100MHz over stock, which is nice, but not a huge increase in clockspeed. But if we put things into perspective, this is a first generation processor, so I’m not surprised there initially isn’t much headroom, this is normal. But things should improve when AMD moves to a 0.09-micron process, as this is a 0.13-micron processor. At stock speeds the Cooler Master heatsink did a pretty good job at keeping the processor cool, we measured temperatures around 55C under 100% load and about 43C when idling, which is about average for a modern processor fitted with a capable cooling solution.



    Estava à espera de mais, mas no futuro o OC só deve é melhorar.

    Já repararam nos 55º do Fx ao contrário dos 32º do 64 normal?
  8. Raptor

    Raptor OC Legend

    Só? Com uma prometeia?

    Qual a diferença do A64 e do A64FX?
  9. Tafinho

    Tafinho Power Member

    um e dois canais de memória respectivamente...
  10. Raptor

    Raptor OC Legend

    bolas.... influencia Tanto em overclock...

    Gostava de ver as diferenças de performance...

    Aliás, gostava era de testa-los a todos! :D
  11. Tafinho

    Tafinho Power Member

    E aqui está a confirmação:

    in xbit-labs:

  12. ptzs

    ptzs Power Member

    Os primeiros cpu's nunca overclockam grande coisa, ainda para mais antes da data de lançamento...acho que todos nós sabemos isso ou não?
  13. BlueBird

    BlueBird Power Member

    Nem mais.

    Ms parece-me a mim k no lançamento d um processador novo (assim como foi o lançamento do Willy para a geração P4, etc) o mais importante é ver s ele s "porta" bem em default (k pelos vistos até n lhe está a dar mal), oc fika para dps kom revisoes do chip e outras coisas...
  14. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    Kingston DDR400 ECC para Athlon 64FX


    Não deve ser barato....
  15. BarroZo

    BarroZo Power Member

    pos novos amd teem ke ser memorias especias ou umas kingston hyperX dao na boa?
  16. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    Athlon 64 --> DDR normais
    Athlon 64 FX --> DDR ECC
  17. BarroZo

    BarroZo Power Member

    ora bolas agora que pensava comprar umas hperX ja pa giardar po amd...............
    tenho a impressao que vou abandonar a amd...............
  18. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    A diferença das FX para a normal pode não ser muita e se fosses para o 64 normal já podias usar as hyperx.
  19. Tafinho

    Tafinho Power Member


    Athlon 64 FX --> DDR Registered [/B][/QUOTE]
  20. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    E ECC, ou estou enganado? Não é obrigatorio serem ECC?

    Pelo menos aquelas Kingston são Reg. ECC

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