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Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por Korben_Dallas, 22 de Outubro de 2002. (Respostas: 7; Visualizações: 1385)

  1. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Czech Republic based Zima Software has been working for some time on Bloodline, a promising PC action-horror game. HomeLAN got a chance to chat with Zima Software's sales manager Jan Budín to find out more about Bloodline.

    HomeLAN - How did the idea for Bloodline come about?

    Jan Budín - We wanted to create a game veering off the standard of today created games. The answer to our question where our new ideas would be perfectly placed was the horror genre. Of course we like horror movies and we think none of today horror games was too "horror like".

    HomeLAN - There have been a lot of horror action games for both console and PC released recently, with more in the works. Why will Bloodline stand out from the crowd?

    Jan Budín - Bloodline goes deep to the roots of horror entertainment. We spent nights with Elvira 2 or Waxworks from Horrorsoft so we have decided to create something cool today. We can say, Bloodline draws the inspiration from those old games. We have been of course inspired by modern games like Silent Hill or partially RE series - on the other hand we are not too much influenced to make just another copy. Bloodline is full of new ideas and inventions - for example "system of active shocks" simulates the behavior of a being in the atmosphere of fear and panic .... like in good horror movies. We must mention f.e. in Undying you shoot and eliminate enemies but in Bloodline the enemies almost breathe on your neck. We have new system of full-contact fights - as we know no other game uses it so far. We have even exceptional interaction with environment - the player can explore and manipulate the location more than usual.

    HomeLAN - What can you tell us about the storyline for the game?

    Jan Budín - The main hero of our game is young lawyer Jim Card. He is a counsel to Dr. Brown who stands to murder charges at local court. Jim agrees with Dr. Brown's insane condition and undergoes the hypnosis. Jim wakes up in a sanatorium where the crime happened and finds everything too realistic. Dr. Brown moved him a few days back in time. After this he fully understands Dr. Brown's intentions and must prevent them. But it is only the beginning of our story. Jim will be forced to pursue the roots of evil far back in time and visit some of Dr. Brown's cruel and ruthless ancestors. The whole Brown's family is connected by deadly curse uttered in the past like a long bloody line.

    HomeLAN - What sort of levels and enviroments will Bloodline have?

    Jan Budín - The game includes 4 main chapters. Every chapter includes various environments and mainly describes different time period - so there are various locations you walk through during the game. For example the first chapter begins in sanatorium - cells for mentally disturbed patients, surgery, morgue, dissecting room or cemetery, the house of gravedigger, .... Every location is specific for the chapter to get the story line more "real". This is the reason we have created various locations to fine-tune the atmosphere of every chapter.

    HomeLAN - What kinds of weapons and items will be featured in the game?

    Jan Budín - We have focused on the close combat. The player will find f.e. sickle, pick, jemmy, blowlamp, scalpel and other... of course we did not forget fire weapons - shot-gun was a must and similar... In every chapter you can find only weapons specific for given time period and they will not be transferable to another chapter.

    HomeLAN - What sort of enemies will be seen in Bloodline?

    Jan Budín - Every chapter has its own set of enemies because the story happens on various places and in different time periods. For example various kinds of zombies or mutants, or we can mention special monsters and beasts - they are rare and players will meet them in the end of every chapter.

    HomeLAN - Will there be any puzzles for the player to figure out in the game?

    Jan Budín - Yes there are real logical problems in the story. You will not find just silly troubles like hit the right sequence of switches - the attempt to find some tools and to break locked doors or to find the keys is much more logical. We use some adventure puzzles but no so many of them - we do not want to break the game style. They make the game more attractive and move the story further.

    HomeLAN - What other unique gameplay elements will be featured in Bloodline?

    Jan Budín - There is very variable game environment, enemies, weapons, better interactivity - a lots of "working" objects - f.e. there are loose floor tiles on cemetery you can take and hurl at the enemies... if you are out of ammunition - anything is good. :o))

    HomeLAN - You are developing your own graphics engine for the game. Why did you decide to go this route as opposed to licensing an existing game engine?

    Jan Budín - We have developed our own engine not to be tied up to the features of existing one. Bloodline needed new engine built up for its specific game features to implement in the game all our ideas!

    HomeLAN - What sort of features will your graphics engine have?

    Jan Budín - Our engine supports animated textures, reflexive materials, detailed textures, specular highlights, animated volumetric lights, local and global fogs, animated detailed objects, dynamic character and object shadows, character engine (this enables the character decomposition into single parts), dynamic LODs, own scripting language crating adventure and interactive part of our game.... and may other features.

    HomeLAN - At the moment what is the status of the game's development and when do you plan to release it to stores?

    Jan Budín - The game should be published in Q2/2003 and sales date depends on a publisher.

    HomeLAN - Finally is there anything else you wish to say about Bloodline?

    Jan Budín - We hope the players will not claim graying hair after playing Bloodline. :o)
    fonte: HomeLan




    Parece ser interessante apesar de pouco original... mas como da para matar zombies (sem ser no meio da 2ª guerra mundial :rolleyes: ) perdoa-se :D :D :D Die biotx!!
    Última edição: 22 de Outubro de 2002
  2. Sacripanta

    Sacripanta SuperModeradorzinho
    Staff Member

    Hmm.. zombies.. bem, sempre é melhor q aliens!:D :-D :D

    E é dentro de um contexto adequado..

    Let's waste those damned biátches!:cool:
  3. Raptor

    Raptor OC Legend


    LOL, este parece o Professor Herrero! :D hihihihihihi...
  4. Karski

    Karski Power Member

    Já repararam que os zombies só tem olho do lado eskerdo ?

    Ou seja se um gajo passar sempre pelo lado direito eles n vos devem ver :-D

    Kar Out
  5. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    LOL bem visto! :D

    Zombies rulam!!
  6. MPedroso

    MPedroso Power Member

    Nao me levem a mal mas este jogo parece-me muito rasco pelo menos por agora so julgando pelas fotos.
  7. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Ok tu tens o Resident Evil mas EU NÃO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >( >( >( >( :D
  8. MPedroso

    MPedroso Power Member

    Olha que o Silent Hill 2 sai para PC ja em Novembro, nao é a mesma coisa mas nao ha melhor para PC.

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