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Bollo NMP-SE

Discussão em 'Home Cinema' iniciada por josemapiro, 6 de Agosto de 2009. (Respostas: 1; Visualizações: 755)

  1. josemapiro

    josemapiro Power Member

    Mais um media player com o chip Sigma SMP8635

    Não sei para que preço mas parece interessante.


    * Mips 300MHz
    * DDR-1 DRAM support:64-bit 256MB
    * External NOR Flash Support:16-bit 256MB
    * Audio DSPs:300MHz
    Video Output:

    * HDMI 1.3
    * Component (Y/Pb/Pr)
    * VGA
    * Composite
    Audio Output:

    * HDMI 1.3 (DTS-HD, TrueHD supported)
    * Stereo (RCA)
    * SPDIF digital audio output
    * Coaxial digital audio output

    * Ethernet interface, 10-baseT/100-baseT
    * Supporting IEEE 802.11n USB wireless network card.

    * USB 2.0 host 2 port
    * USB 2.0 slave
    * Device Classifications: Mass storage device

    * 1 x eSATA Host
    * 1 x eSATA Slave
    * Device Classifications: Mass storage device
    HDD Type:

    * SATA Ⅰ/Ⅱ HDD

    * EXT2 or EXT3
    * NTFS/FAT32

    * Adapter AC100~240 V, DC12V/4A <H6>Connectivity Protocol(s) Support: </H6><H5>Protocols:

    * UPnP AV NMPR v2.1
    * UPnP 1.0 (connect to MyiHome Lite)
    * Bonjour
    NMT Streaming Application Specifications:

    * Streaming via HTTP protocol over local network or the Internet
    * WMS over HTTP support via the Internet
    * RTSP over HTTP support via the Internet
    Media Container:

    Video [extension(s)]:

    * ASF/WMV [.asf, .wmv]
    * MOV/MP4 [.mov, .mp4]
    * MPEG2PS [.ps]
    * MPEG2TS [.ts]
    * AVI [.avi, divx]
    * MPG [.mpg, .mpe, .mpeg, .m2v, .vob, .vro]
    * Matroska (.mkv)
    Audio [extension(s)]:

    * WAV [.wav, .pcm]
    * ADIF, ADTS [.aac]
    * M4A [.m4a]
    * O.G.G. [.ogg]
    * ASF/WMA [.asf, .wma]
    * FLAC [.flac]
    Subtitle [extension(s)]:

    * MicroDVD [.sub]
    * SubRip [.srt]
    * Sub Station Alpha [.ssa]
    * Sami [.smi]
    Current supported character sets and OSD Languages:

    (More Languages will be added soon)
    * English
    * Simplified Chinese
    * Traditional Chinese
    * Russian
    * Spanish
    * Polish
    * Czechic
    * Portuguese
    * Swedish
    Media Codec:


    * 4 standard definition streams (PAL and NTSC formats) in any of the following format: H.264, VC-1,MPEG-4 and MPEG-2,MKV,M2TS,TS,AVI
    * One high definition stream 1920 x 1080i(60), 1920 x 1080p (30), 1280 x720p(60) and one standard definition stream simultaneously
    * H.264 MP/HP @L4.1
    * VC-1/WMV9 [email protected], [email protected]
    * MPEG-4 ASP @L5 1
    * MPEG-2 [email protected] and [email protected]

    * MPEG 1/2 Audio Layers I, II, and III (MP3)
    * Dolby Digital(R) (AC-3)
    * DTS
    * PCM
    * MPEG-2/4 AAC LC and HE
    * Microsoft WMA and WMA Pro
    * Supports the audio sampling rates at 8, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48, and 96KHz
    * Audio samples at 16, 20, 24, and 32 bits per channel
    * FLAC (software decode)
    Photo formats:

    * JPEG (software decode)
    * Animated GIF89a, BMP and PNG in browser mode
    NAS + Media Server featur :


    * DLNA v1.0 compliance on CTT test tools v1.0.
    * UPnP AV NMPR v2.1
    File Upload support:

    * Samba version 3.0.21 (home-use)
    * FTP for Digital Signage (commercial)
    Download services:

    * Bit Torrent btpd v0.12
    NAS Management system:

    * HDD format
    * HDD partition create, copy, delete
    * File transfer
    * Password protection, etc.
    Proprietary server:

    * MyiHome Lite (detection by Networked Media Tank slim client with UPnP 1.0)
    Media Player extender:

    * Supports any other DLNA compliant devices
    Browser support:

    * HTML 3.2 compliant and partial HTML 4.0 support
    * Partial Javascript 1.5 support
    * Partial CSS2 support
    * Proprietary Consumer HTML support to ease navigation using a remote control
    * Partial Cascading Style Sheet (CSS1)
    * Partial Netscape and IE extensions including exception handling
    * Cookies function support
    * Full graphical frames
    * Local file system implemented as disk on RAM and/or flash memory
    * Fast HTML page and downloaded files caching in RAM disk
    * Automatic local time synchronization with server time
    * GIF87, Animated GIF89a, JPEG, and progressive JPEG image files support
    * Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image files support
    * Ability to support double byte character sets for internationalization effort.
    * Secure Sockets Layer 2.0/3.0, TLSv1 40-bit and 128-bit encryption for secure online transaction
    * Javascript/ECMAScript (ECMA-262) support
    Compliance with Industry Standard

    * UPnP AV / NMPR v2.1 - a Universal Plug n Play standard for audio / video streaming devices
    * MyiHome Lite - Proprietary HTML based UI server for content streaming
    * Apple's Bonjour - Apple's network device discovery protocol for Mac OS
    * Windows Vista and WMP 11 - Seamless support for Windows Vista and Windows XP Media Player 11 built-in media server
    Premium content:

    * Broadcasting - Internet TV, Podcasting, Internet Radio
    * Online videos - Google Video search, Yahoo! Video search
    * Photo sharing - Flickr Photo, SONY Image Station
    IPTV standard:

    * WMS HTTP / RTSP Streaming Technology
    * Microsoft / Cisco Multicast Streaming Technology
    * ISMAv1 RTSP Streaming Technology
    * Multicast Streaming Technology
    * H.264 / WMV9 HD Streaming and MPEG4 SD format
    * WMV9 High / Standard Definition Streaming with Janus DRM (silent type) capability
    Playback feature support:

    * Photo Album (JPEG) with the entire supported audio format as background music
    * Internet Radio supporting Shoutcast server MP3 Internet Radio stream
    * Playback control
    - Play/Pause,
    - Go to (seeking)
    - Fast Forward/Rewind
    - Slow Motion (MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 only)
    * Audio and Video Play List supported
    * MP3 playback with album art support
    * proprietary server (e.g. myiHome Lite), allows playback on multiple platform
    (Windows XP, Mac OS and Pocket PC) via an Internet browser

  2. Whooper

    Whooper Power Member

    Bem... agora aparecem NMT por todo o lado, parecem cogumelos.
    Estamos diante de um verdadeiro fenómeno, com estes gadjets.
    E ainda bem!

    nao diria Bolo, mas sim Loollo :D

    Última edição: 6 de Agosto de 2009

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