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Multiplataforma Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (Treyarch)

Discussão em 'Console Gaming' iniciada por ValtermcPires, 11 de Setembro de 2017. (Respostas: 651; Visualizações: 27881)

  1. ValtermcPires

    ValtermcPires Colaborador
    Staff Member


    Título: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
    Produtora: Treyarch
    Editora: Activision
    Género: FPS
    Plataformas: PC, PS4, Xbox One
    Data de lançamento: 12 de Outubro de 2019

    Black Opsis back! The series, which has become the most played in Call of Duty history, as well as a cultural phenomenon around the globe, returns on October 12 with the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, a gritty, grounded, all-out combat experience tailored for theBlack Opscommunity. Developed by Treyarch, Black Ops 4raises the bar for Multiplayer gameplay with a combat experience that is more tactical and team-driven, while offering more player choice. Black Ops 4also represents the biggestCall of DutyZombiesoffering ever with three full experiences available on disc at launch.

    Black Ops 4also featuresBlackout, where theBlack Opsuniverse comes to life in a massive battle royale experience featuring iconic characters, locations, and weapons from all fourBlack Opsgames in a one-of-kind experience that is uniquelyBlack Ops.Call of Duty: Black Ops 4builds on the established universe played by hundreds of millions of fans with the largest gameplay experience ever created in the series.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 features gritty, grounded, combat, along with new levels of customization and tactical gameplay, and a variety of new weaponry, maps, and modes for the ultimateBlack Opsmultiplayer experience. The game features the return of the iconic Pick 10 system, along with a series of innovations in weapon controls, combat flow, health regeneration, and player movement.

    This game goes deeper into multiplayer fiction, where players will explore the world of Specialists – who they are, why they exist, and what battles they fight together – while mastering their gameplay through solo and multiplayer combat experiences.Black Ops 4features a combination of new and returning Specialists, each with their own unique weapons, equipment, and playstyles. Players will be powerful alone, but devastating as a team working together.

    Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Zombies,Black Ops 4also debuts an entirely new and unprecedented experience: the biggest Day One offering in franchise history – with three fully-featured Zombies experiences at launch (IX,Voyage of DespairandBlood of the Dead). With immersive new adventures, a brand-new cast of characters and a nefarious new enemy,Black Ops 4Zombies will feature the deep gameplay and easter eggs that its rabid community of fans devours. It also includes the most customizable action to-date, new systems for creating and completing community challenges, and social systems designed to connect players.

    In addition to unveiling Multiplayer and Zombies in today’s world premiere, the team also introducedBlackout– the new battle royale-style experience that combinesBlack Ops’signature fast, fluid, guns-up combat, with fierce new levels of survival competition across iconicBlack Opssettings re-imagined at a colossal scale.Blackoutis an experience unlike any other game or anything inCall of Dutyhistory, where players will have to scavenge, strategize and compete to win.

    Featuring the largest map ever built in Call of Duty– 1,500 times bigger thanNuketownBlackoutthrusts players into a collision course as they play as classic characters spanning the history of the series, including the originalCall of DutyZombies Origins cast. Battling solo or in teams, players will engage in diverse combat complete with ground, air and sea vehicles across a gamespace unlike anything ever inCall of Duty. Players will encounter fan-favoriteBlack Opsmap locations and call upon a massive arsenal ofBlack Opsweaponry and equipment as the winner-takes-all action creates a new way to play toCall of Duty.

    Black Ops 4for the PC delivers a fully-optimized experience, which for the first time inCall of Duty’shistory will be available exclusively on Battle.net, Blizzard Entertainment’s online gaming service. For the PC, Treyarch is co-developing with Beenox.Black Ops 4represents the largest development team assembled for a PC title in the series.Black Ops 4on PC will have uncapped framerate, 4K resolution and HDR, support for ultra-wide monitors and the ability for players to extensively customize the performance and visual quality for their specific hardware.

    PC players will be able to select from pre-set control options, including options for left-handed players, or fully customize the keyboard and mouse controls to their preference. Additionally, Treyarch and Beenox worked closely with the team at Blizzard to incorporate Battle.net’s social systems, security, and server stability intoBlack Ops 4, to prepare for the release on Battle.net.

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  2. sly00

    sly00 Power Member

  3. ValtermcPires

    ValtermcPires Colaborador
    Staff Member


  4. David.S

    David.S Power Member

    Muito honestamente acho que deviam lançar cod´s de 2 em 2 anos e durante esse tempo dar mais e melhor suporte ao actual.
  5. gif

    gif Power Member


    E para o multi-player é ver os jogadores a dispersarem para o novo CoD e para a concorrência. Acho que não ficam com uma base sólida em cada jogo lançado.
  6. ric7

    ric7 Power Member

    A fazer desta maneira eles ganham mais €, logo vai ser para continuar com este modelo.
  7. David.S

    David.S Power Member

    Então lancem de 6 em 6 meses, ganham mais ainda.
  8. PanterA

    PanterA Power Member

    Eles bem tentaram mudar o paradigma em voltarem para a WWII, mas aquilo foi tudo uma coisinha sem sal que já estão a ir outra vez para a moderna. De mim a franchise já está mais que morta. Sim, eu sei que ainda vende bastante bla bla bla, mas quem a viu e quem a vê.
  9. ValtermcPires

    ValtermcPires Colaborador
    Staff Member

    Já tinha dito ao @mata-pombos e digo aqui, eles que façam o remake do MW2 (claro como todos os bugs, exploits corrigidos) e pago sem problemas os 60€ pelo jogo day one!

    Comprei perto do Natal o WW2, passei a historia que gostei mas o MP foi meh, tanto que já despachei o jogo.
  10. pereira2088

    pereira2088 Power Member

    mw2 e mw3 (este foi o único que joguei mp)
    e a história da saga num todo está brutal.
  11. ShadowPeter

    ShadowPeter Power Member

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Rumored as Next CoD Game

  12. RuiBK

    RuiBK Power Member

    Espera sentado.Eles nem ressistiram ao instinto de chafurdar no COD4,por consequente o MW2 vai sofrer o mesmo destino.

    Ultimo COD bom foi em 2012.O Advanced Warfare foi decente por ser diferente.De resto é tudo treta.
  13. riCKY-

    riCKY- Power Member

    Não concordo.
    Adoro este COD mas cada um com o seu gosto.

  14. Pure Anarchy

    Pure Anarchy Moderador
    Staff Member

  15. ValtermcPires

    ValtermcPires Colaborador
    Staff Member

  16. MiguelRocha1987

    MiguelRocha1987 Power Member

    O remaster do cod 4 vale a pena? Neste momento arranjo uma versao francesa do infinite warfare legacy edition nova a 14 paus.... se valer a pena e se houver muita gente a jogar ainda acho que mando vir.

    Eu gosto do cod ww2. Acho que esta nice. o meu preferido aé agora é o primeiro blops. Mas neste geraçao so joguei o ww2 ainda.

    Vale a pena porque não dá para jogar sem ser remaster ou na ps3.. MP tem pouca gente, cuidado.
    Andaram a chafurdar e dá nisto, vender o jogo com o IW não teve jeito nenhum. Quem me dera puder ir jogar o MW (não gostei muito do WWII)
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  17. Daimon

    Daimon Colaborador
    Staff Member

  18. riCKY-

    riCKY- Power Member

    Não me lembro nenhum COD sair em Outubro mas sim em Novembro...
  19. Daimon

    Daimon Colaborador
    Staff Member

    Suponho que a Activision queira antecipar-se ao lançamento de Red Dead Redemption 2.

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