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Catalyst 4.8 Final out

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por Punkas, 16 de Agosto de 2004. (Respostas: 2; Visualizações: 840)

  1. Punkas

    Punkas I fold therefore I AM


    Performance Improvements
    As with most CATALYST™ releases performance has increased in various situations. The following performance gains are noticed:

    -Direct3D driver efficiency has improved considerably. Significant performance gains are noted in multiple "CPU-bound" cases, including 3DMark2001, Aquamark 3, Comanche4, Dungeon Siege, and Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004. Typical improvements are in the 1-5% range.
    -OpenGL driver efficiency is also improved. Older OpenGL games such as Quake III Arena and Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory show small improvement (1-2%) at low resolutions. Call of Duty framerates are up approximately 4%. Doom3 improves considerably more (as much as 12% on some product configurations) as a result of the same software efficiency improvements.

    Issues Resolved in CATALYST™ Version 4.8
    The following section provides a summary of the issues that have been resolved in the latest release of CATALYST™ 4.8. These include:

    -3D Mark03: Display corruption is no longer noticed when running the Trolls Lair test 3 under Windows XP
    -Beyond Divinity:Playing the game with FSAA set to 2x no longer results in display corruption when scrolling the display by moving the mouse to the left of the display
    -High Heat Baseball 2003: The display no longer loses sync when exiting or changing player characters in the game High Heat Baseball 2003 under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON X800 series installed
    -Madden NFL 2003: The game no longer fails to respond under Windows XP when an ATI RADEON 9800 XT is installed and attempting to set the Truform slider to Application Preference
    -Need for Speed Underground:Playing the game under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON 9000/9200 installed no longer results in the road ahead not being lit up by the car's headlights
    -Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow:Display corruption is no longer noticed when launching a multiplayer game under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON™ 9200 installed
    -Thief 3:Inconsistent lighting and shadow flicker is no longer noticed when playing the game under Windows XP
    -Unreal Tournament 2004: Playing the game under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON X600 series installed no longer results in game corruption being displayed when setting Anti-Aliasing to 4x and having the display properties set to 1600x1200 32bpp
  2. JCFR

    JCFR I'm cool cuz I Fold

    será que estes drivers compensam, para gráficas mais antigas (R9800Pro) ou
    serão "especialmente dedicados" às ultimas gráficas da ATi?
  3. Morpheus

    Morpheus Banido

    duhh meu ... mas é claro que estes drivers compensam ... para alem de trazerem melhorias ao opengl trazem bugs corrigidos ... mas nada melhor que pegares instalas os drivers e testas!

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