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Check Off

Discussão em 'Macintosh e OS X/macOS' iniciada por OldMan, 3 de Novembro de 2007. (Respostas: 0; Visualizações: 1681)

  1. OldMan

    OldMan Power Member

    Check Off is a to-do list that sits in your menu bar. Simply click the check mark and your personal to-do list will drop down.


    • Easily accessible from the Mac OS X Menu Bar.
    • Allows creation of groups of items.
    • Each item can have its own note for more information.
    • Finder-like Labels.
    • iPod Synchronization so you can take your tasks on-the-go (iPod must support notes feature).

    Mac OS X Leopard is the only supported OS for this application. It may still work with Tiger and Panther, but I don’t have the resources to maintain a version for multiple operating systems at this time.

    Download Check Off 3.7

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