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Como activar o CrossFireX entre HD3870x2 + HD3870!

Discussão em 'Dúvidas e Suporte Técnico PC' iniciada por TheBigTwo, 26 de Agosto de 2008. (Respostas: 2; Visualizações: 999)

  1. TheBigTwo

    TheBigTwo Power Member


    Boas, tinha uma hd3870 e adquiri uma hd3870x2 e queria fazer o crossfire com as duas placas, mas no ati catalyst não aparece nenhuma opção para activar o crossfire. É normal!?
    Tentei instalar o ATI Tray Tolls, mas não consegui coloca-lo a correr.
    Tenho uma MB ASUS P5KC 1xPCI-e 16x + 1xPCI-e 4x, e estou a usar o Windows Vista Ultimate 64Bits.
    Última edição: 26 de Agosto de 2008
  2. TheBigTwo

    TheBigTwo Power Member

  3. TheBigTwo

    TheBigTwo Power Member

    Após uma pequena pesquisa encontrei algo que resolve o meu problema.

    Existe um prob com o Vista ao ser instalado o CrossfireX, o que faz com q este não funcione.

    E para tal aqui está o fix.

    How to Not Have Issues

    To make sure this doesn't happen, when installing CrossFireX, here is what we suggest:

    1. Install Vista SP1 (this is easier/better than installing the required hotfixes)
    2. Uninstall old drivers first
    3. Reboot and let windows install a standard VGA adapter (or cancel if prompted for drivers)
    4. Power down and install the second (or additional two or three) cards
    5. Boot and let windows finish finding new hardware
    6. Reboot and let windows finish finding new hardware (if it needs to)
    7. Install Catalyst 8.3 or higher
    That should keep you safe, in our experience. It's a serious headache to fix the problems once they start, as simply uninstalling doesn't fix the issue.
    How to Fix It (Spring Cleaning)

    Just in case, here's what you'd need to do if you find the driver times out on install. Please be cautious with this procedure and do not remove any software devices, as they can be difficult to reinstall without reinstalling the OS.

    1. Start up with only one card in the system
    2. Uninstall ATI drivers through the control panel -> add/remove programs
    3. Reboot into safe mode (press F8 at boot)
    4. Open a command window with admin privileges
    5. Run these commands from a command prompt:
      • set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
      • start devmgmt.msc
    6. Enable show hidden devices
    7. Uninstall all display adapters listed (present or non-present/hidden - they appear slightly faded); make sure to check the box to remove driver files if possible
    8. Uninstall any non-present/hidden "PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge" devices from system devices. It may also help to uninstall other non-present hardware, but be careful about software and non plug-and-play devices (don't remove them).
    9. Reboot normally
    10. Let windows finish finding new hardware
    11. Power down and plug in all new hardware
    12. Boot and let windows finish finding new hardware
    13. Reboot and let windows finish finding new hardware (if it needs to)
    14. Install Catalyst 8.3 or higher

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