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Computer Enthusiasts Salute Microsoft Windows x64, Says X-bit Poll

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  1. RavenMaster

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    "The absolute majority of computer enthusiasts are going to adopt Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows XP x64 operating system that enables them to simultaneously use 32-bit and 64-bit applications, according to results of a recently conducted poll by X-bit labs web-site.

    More than one third of readers polled – 37% – said they already owned a 64-bit microprocessor and now are looking forward for Microsoft Corp. to release the highly-anticipated Windows x64 operating system. A little bit more than one third – 34% – of surveyed said they would buy a 64-bit capable microprocessor once the operating system that takes advantage of the technology is available. A significant part or readers who participated in the poll – 29% – still were not planning to upgrade their central processing units despite of the new flavour of Windows XP.

    The results of the poll reflect that 71% of computer enthusiasts warmly welcome Microsoft’s new operating system as well as transition to 64-bit computing. On the other hand, the outcome shows that 37% of enthusiasts use 64-bit capable processors, the absolute majority of which are likely to be AMD Athlon 64. About 63% of users still adopt AMD Athlon XP or Intel Pentium 4 chips.

    X-bit labs readership is educated community who deal with technology on the professional or serious level. Typically such people make unbiased purchase decisions based on thorough analysis and examination. The X-bit labs poll surveyed about 2 thousand of respondents among technology enthusiasts in late-February, 2005."


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