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Conflito SP2 e Nero Resolvido

Discussão em 'Windows Desktop e Surface' iniciada por ChoKapik, 8 de Setembro de 2004. (Respostas: 2; Visualizações: 1229)

  1. ChoKapik

    ChoKapik Power Member


    Release Date: 08-11-2004

    Important note: All compatibility issues between Nero6 and WinXP SP2 have been resolved in the latest version of Nero 6

    New Features
    Added support for new recorders
    Nero Express 6:

    The user will now be informed if the DirectX™ version needs to be updated for handling MPEG-2 files.
    Nero StartSmart:

    Support for updated help files has been added
    Nero VisionExpress 2:

    New dialogs added for capture device configuration
    Added a check for minimum required DirectX™ version
    Nero ShowTime:

    An option to show more information about the play back source was added
    Added H.264 decoding support (a new video codec)
    Nero Recode 2:

    New improved Nero Digital profiles for improved CE compatibility
    Transcoding DVD to DVD:

    New high quality mode for DVD transcoding has been added
    Extreme performance enhancements for normal quality DVD transcoding
    New Option: Copy only the main movie of a DVD to a DVD compilation type
    Transcoding to Nero Digital:

    New improved Nero Digital profiles for improved CE compatibility
    Support for transcoding video files to Nero Digital has been added (AVI, AVS, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MOV, VOB, WMV)
    Support for Nero Digital chapter marks - a Nero Digital file can now have chapters; chapters from DVD titles are automatically taken over. For all other files, the user can specify the chapter marks himself.
    Copy the main movie of a DVD to Nero Digital project type
    Encoding of 2 audio tracks and 2 subtitle tracks into one .mp4 file is now possible
    Data files can also be added to a Nero Digital project
    Support splitting of Nero Digital files to several discs or to one file of custom size
    High speed first pass for 2 pass encoding has been added
    Support for "square pixels" in mp4 files has been added

    Drag & Drop video files to Nero Digital File encoding project has been added
    Support for Dual Layer DVD has been added
    Option for not ejecting the disc after burning has been added
    Advanced keyboard support, e.g. "select all" (<ctrl> + <a>) in "Select Titles" dialog has been added
    Resizing columns in DVD list view via double click
    Bug Fixes
    Nero Burning ROM 6 / Nero Express 6:

    A Windows XP SP2 compatibility problem is solved
    In the expert features of the preferences a localisation problem is solved
    Wrong message was shown when an installation was cancelled
    New function was added for changing the booktype with several drives
    Implemented a workaround for some device specific problems
    A problem with the audio plugin manager is solved
    Improvement for DVD+VR support on DVD+R9 media was made to determine if a layer breakpoint is set
    While opening the setting tab in the expert feature an error occurred
    Burning a VCD from a MPEG-1 file failed under Windows™ 95b
    Nero Burning ROM 6:

    All controls are now disabled after the burn process is finished
    When adding data to a DVD-RW instead of overwriting existing data another media was demanded
    A problem with burning VCD is resolved
    Fixed a problem that some burnt CD medias were not readable anymore
    An unnecessary system reboot at the end of a DVD–VR disc copy process is solved
    Audio CD image copy with checked option “copy all subchannel data” resulted in a CD with silence and clicks
    Fixed a instability problem when copying a DVD-VR disc
    Nero Express 6:

    A problem with a strange title name in Nero Express is solved
    When an AAC and a WMA file were added, the slider could not be moved
    An error occurred when trying to burn a S-VCD from a S-VCD compliant MPEG-2 file under Windows ME™
    A problem with adding DRM protected audio files to Nero Express has been solved
    The volume label name of a DVD video compilation is now corrected in case of specific system language
    A localization problem under Korean systems in the time track for creating audio CDs is solved
    The time-slider in the preview window was jumping back after moving
    Fixed a problem in the preview movie player
    A multisession CD could not be continued after two sessions
    Can’t enter more than only one Korean word in VCD disc name is resolved
    A problem with VCD burning under Windows™ 98 SE is resolved
    Improvement for displaying Thai text strings on some buttons was made
    Adding a video file to a compilation with the add button wasn’t possible
    Nero StartSmart:

    A Windows XP SP2 compatibility problem is solved
    Fixed a problem with user profiles
    Entering a new serial number was rejected with an error
    Resolved a GUI problem when switching languages
    Nero VisionExpress 2:

    NeroVision Express did incorrectly appear with a message box to write the DVD high compatibility border
    Fixed a Windows XP SP2 compatibility problem
    Fixed fail while writing a DVD+VR because of device timeout was reached
    Fixed a transcoding problem with DVR-MS files
    Fixed some vendor specific capturing problems
    Fixed an instability issue occurring when capturing from DV to FAT32 partition and capture file exceeds 4GB file size
    Fixed some localisation spelling problems
    Fixed a problem with sub-picture recoding
    Improved compatibility with Nero Digital Video encoder
    Improved support of automatic letterboxing removal
    Fixed a failure when burning a modified +VR
    Nero ShowTime:

    Fixed some small GUI problems with Japanese translationFixed the jagged edge problem to improve the image quality for play back
    Fixed a problem with the seeking slider
    Fixed a problem that chapters could only be selected in case the play button was pressed
    Fixed a problem in case of VCD; the chapter 20 or higher could not be selected by the keypad
    Fixed that the aspect ratio could not be set in stop-state
    Audio output to SPDIF does now work
    Nero Recode 2:

    Nero Digital: encoding of 5.1 channel audio works now
    "Closed captions" are no longer stripped during requantize
    File size is now also shown for video files, not only for DVD titles
    Fixed the calculation of the final size in the re-author mode
    Removed "Remaining Time" and "FPS" from burner page for first pass, if two pass mode is selected
    Changed German translation for one string in preferences
    Nero BackItUp:

    Some GUI improvements are made
    Nero Wave Editor 2:

    Playback of a WMA file failed when a file was opened the first time
    Nero Cover Designer:

    A problem that was caused by clicking on the brush tool is fixed

    Content of Update-Package Nero 6 the Suite

    Update-Package 1

    Filesize: 27.74 MB
    (29092193 bytes)

    Nero StartSmart
    Nero Express 6
    Nero BackItUp
    Nero SoundTrax
    Nero Image Drive
    Nero Burning ROM 6
    Nero Cover Designer
    Nero Wave Editor
    Nero Toolkit

    Update-Package 2

    Filesize: 23.98 MB
    (25153748 bytes)

    NeroVision Express 2
    Nero Recode 2
    Nero ShowTime

    Update-Package 3

    Filesize: 8.61 MB
    (9033590 bytes)


    Update-Package 4

    Filesize: 7.07 MB
    (7422837 bytes)

    Nero Media Player


    Peço desculpa pelo post gigante e espero que ajude :eek:
  2. HadHoc

    HadHoc Power Member

    isso ja é antigo... esses updates são de August 13th, 2004
    exepto o Update-Package 3 que é September 3th, 2004
  3. Flyer

    Flyer Power Member

    Repost....procura melhor esse tema (q por acaso fui eu q levantei...e resolvi) na secção de Sistemas Operativos THREAD acerca do SP2 ;)

    mas info nunca é demais :D

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