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Continue the Whine

Discussão em 'Apple Geral' iniciada por blastarr, 3 de Maio de 2006. (Respostas: 3; Visualizações: 573)

  1. blastarr

    blastarr Power Member


    É só o segundo recall (o outro era não-oficial por causa da motherboard, mas existiu), a juntar às fichas Mag-Safe queimadas, pasta térmica em excesso que provoca sobreaquecimento, etc, etc.
  2. ajax

    ajax Banido

    Agora prefiro poupar tempo! :D

    Two sides to every story
    By maxplanar on 5/3/2006 1:51:27 PM , Rating: 2
    "an infamous whine, AirPort Wi-Fi connection issues, excessive heat, and other minor issues"

    I'd just like to present another perspective on these problems. The whine (caused, it seems by CPU throttling) is certainly no worse than on the previous AI Powerbook, and is a sound that is no more intrusive than the soft whine from the drive. It's a problem that's really been overhyped. You can't hear the sound in most environments - in a completely silent room, yes, otherwise no.

    As to Airport connection issues, yes, they exist. Currently many users have to manually select the WiFi network when awaking from sleep, which was not neccessary on the previous generation Powerbooks. I have this problem on my MBP. However, anyone who believes this is anything other than a software rev. away from being fixed is a conspiracy theorist - this problem is certain to be rev'd out of existence within the next month or two. And it's not like it's, uh, a major hindrance to my workflow.

    Heat? I find my DualCore 2.16GHz MacBook Pro to be no hotter on my lap than my 2003 1.25Ghz G4 Powerbook. They both get hot. Whatever. If it's a problem, it's certainly not a problem specific to this new architecture, and any thin, high performance laptop will suffer from the same problem until power management on laptops is improved. I used a friend's Vaio the other day for a while and it got pretty damn hot on my lap after an hour too. This issue is FUD.

    The battery issue? Well, that sounds like it may need some attention, sure. But I don't have it and none of my three other colleagues who own MBP's have it.

    People need to maintain some perspective, really.

    Take me to the store and point out any brand or model laptop that has absolutely zero issues and I'll show you my giant many-headed Polar Bear.
  3. The Itchy & Scratchy Show! :D (Desculpa lá Madril mas o Sylvester e Tweety são demasiado softcore para se compararem a estes dois...)
  4. blastarr

    blastarr Power Member

    Pois, um quote de um mac lover, mas outras pessoas que lhe responderam discordam...:


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