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Dead 9700Pro Or Really Bad PSU? Pictures Inside

Discussão em 'Dúvidas e Suporte Técnico PC' iniciada por migueluxo, 12 de Julho de 2003. (Respostas: 0; Visualizações: 523)

  1. Sorry por estar em english mas é que já tinha postado noutro forum e pronto... nao me apeteceu estar a escrever tudo de novo.

    Hi there, in Resume : i was trying to find someone with the same problem as mine, and i found this guy :

    Strange graphical glitches when we boot up. Red and green spots appear on anything the radeon is rendering and messes up polygons. Happened inside a 3d application for apparently no reason Tried latest ati drivers to no effect.

    Good The same problem as MINE let's see the answer to that :

    you forgot one important spec.....power supply? Nforce 2 mobos require a minimum of a 350 watt psu. The combonation of all of your stuff warrents the purchase of a good quality 400 watt psu minimum. By good quality I mean a good reputable brand like enermaz, antec, vantec....etc. Not some cheapy that came with a $100 case.
    Those symptoms are normally the result of underpowered ram on the video card. One way to find out if that is it is to download radionator 2 and underclock the card.

    Good... maybe... I HOPE GOD is my PSU that is a crap. let's test, great i put my 9700 pro Clocks at 9700 Gold and no problems.. maybe is the psu. now let's try do unplug some devices and see if i can work with my 9700Pro At Factory Clocks.

    now as stupid it may seems "try to help me please", see this pictures and their Description:

    "My Computer With Everything Connected, DVD, CDRW, 2 HDD, And ATI 9700 PRO" 12V...13V

    http://migueluxo.no-ip.org/ati/report - tudo ligado..jpg

    "My Computer With Only ATI 9700 Pro and Master HDD"

    http://migueluxo.no-ip.org/ati/report - tudo desligado ATI.jpg

    And i thought... ummm maybe my ATI 9700 Pro Pushes a LOT of voltages and A. let me connect my Banshee and nothing else and see the results :

    http://migueluxo.no-ip.org/ati/banshee com TUDO DESLIGADO.jpg

    Now is this My PSU that doesnt have enouth power to only 1 hdd and 1 VGA Card "and still supports the rest" , Is This ASUS PC Probe Garbage and Doesn't Means a Sh** or What? Any HELP Please?

    Remember I Dont Have My 9700Pro Overclocked, in fact the only way i can run Games without problems "artifacts" is pushing my ATI clocks to Gold Clocks. this test's of voltage were made with Pro Clocks "because it's when i get artifacts.

    My PC is One :

    Asus A7V 266
    1024 DDR "266"
    2 HDD
    1 DVD
    1 CDRW
    AMD 2 200


    My PSU is one OEM 350 Watt "i think"

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