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Developers Step in to Address "Broken" PS3 Report

Discussão em 'Retro / Legacy / Arcade' iniciada por Ansatsu, 8 de Junho de 2006. (Respostas: 9; Visualizações: 1336)

  1. Ansatsu

    Ansatsu Power Member

    Coders categorically refute claims of underperformance.
    By Jeremy LaMont - June 07, 2006

    Recent reports from console gaming news outlets decrying the Sony PlayStation 3 as "slow and broken" have been denounced as gross misinterpretations by sources claiming to be deeply entrenched in the PS3 development process. The figures cited in these allegations are "entirely meaningless", according to these developers.

    Surfacing earlier this week on sites around the web, the rumor centered around an anonymous passenger on an airline flight to Japan who purported to have the inside track on some astonishing "news" about the Cell processor... according to this reputable source, the PlayStation 3 was able to perform at little more than half the rate of the Xbox 360 in the art of triangle setup (275 million/sec compared to 500+ million/sec). The rumor mill also churned out a rather damning assessment of the Cell processor's ability to access local memory. Altogether, quite a "steak [sic] in the heart" according to the reporting site.

    However, today comes the inevitable response from those in-the-know about this sort of thing, and it turns out that rumors of Sony's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Game news site GamesIndustry.biz had the reaction:

    "[The triangle setup figure] is just a pointless measurement. Where's the context?" one developer ranted. "How were these numbers measured? There are loads of different ways you can measure tri performance, and just putting up headline figures like that tells you nothing."

    "...the PlayStation 2 had better tri performance than the Xbox, on paper," the source asserted. "Everyone knows that the Xbox was more powerful at running real games, but if you just wanted to fill a screen with 2D, flat colour, unlit triangles, then the PS2 was much better at that, so it looked great in benchmarks. That just shows how meaningless this measurement is - it's really pointless."

    The allegations of slow local memory access were debunked as well. Again, not that the figures are wrong exactly, but rather in their actual significance... or lack thereof.

    Of a slide showing 16 MB/s read access to Cell's local memory (versus 25 Gb/s access rates for other components in the system), coders again jumped in with some context:

    "I didn't see that slide at Devstation, but all the numbers add up -- and it's a total non-issue," said one of the anonymous sources. "You never, ever need to access that memory from the Cell - I can think of some useful debugging things you might do with that access in the testing stage, but that's about it. In fact, on the PS2 you couldn't access that memory from the CPU at all, and it was never really a problem!"

    Another developer concurred with the assessment, illuminating the limited usefulness of that particular bandwidth.

    "I can see a couple of reasons why you might want to use it," he is quoted. "But really, they're pretty obscure, and you could probably do them on the RSX anyway, since it's quite flexible."

    The developers indicate that the faster (and more relevant) memory access bandwidth is really sufficient for any practical usage anyway:

    "...If you really need to access video memory from the Cell, you can use the RSX to copy it over into main memory really quickly - it's all there on the slide," they said.

    When put in context with other reports on PSINext and elsewhere, PlayStation 3 is really on track to be one of the more convenient and well-supported development experiences thus far. In this case, the sources agree. In comparison to the uber-successful PlayStation 2, PS3 seems to be stacking up quite nicely.

    "I'd say PS3 was a challenge to work on, but every new platform takes a while to get used to," reflected one of the informants. "Put it like this, I worked on early PS2 games, and those were a real nightmare - we're getting code up and running on PS3 much faster than we did last time around."

    He continued: "Once people start doing really impressive stuff on PS3 and Xbox 360, they're both going to be much the same. Sony's giving us better tools this time around - they're still not great at communicating and there are some weird holes in their developer support, but they've learned a lot of lessons from PS2."

    So, once again, the internet is left to simmer and calm itself... until next week, of course, when accusations of stolen (and broken!) Etch-A-sketch technology rock your world.

    See you then.


    The Inquire on Fire como sempre.
  2. Kursk_crash

    Kursk_crash Banido


    of course is psinext!!! também é on fire...
  3. Ansatsu

    Ansatsu Power Member

    psinext? ein?

    O Site chama-se e-mpire e tem 3 secções:

    Playstation: http://psinext.e-mpire.com/

    Xbox: http://xboxraw.e-mpire.com/

    Nintendo: http://nintendonow.e-mpire.com/

    E estes não criam noticias sensasionalista para gerar trafico para o site deles do estilo, a PS3 está broken porque o Cell lê a 16Mb's da memoria do RSX, quando e como estes devlopers dizem, o CELL nunca vai ler dessa tal memoria.
    Mas claro, o The Inq lá aproveitou isso para dizer que a PS3 tá broken, enfim. Já n lhe dou credebilidade, por isso tass.
    Última edição: 8 de Junho de 2006
  4. Tomekk

    Tomekk Power Member


    A inq já disse coisas como: "D3 will not have multiplayer mode". E coisas do genero.... inventando coisas e mais coisas.

    Enfim dar credebilidade a Inq é um acto lamentavel. Qualquer das formas é para dizer que eu nao vejo a InQ e que so tenho visto artigos deles aqui no forum. Porque parece muita gente daqui dar credebilidade a eles.
    Última edição: 9 de Junho de 2006
  5. Kursk_crash

    Kursk_crash Banido


    alguem quer assar sardinhas ?

    Já repararam que aquele "friction" no título quer dizer na verdade "fiction", ou seja, ficção ???

    nunca tinham reparado nisso ?
  6. Kursk_crash

    Kursk_crash Banido

    claro que é diferente!!!!

    o que eu alertei é que eles devem ter escrito mal!!!! e o que eles queriam escrever era Fiction!!:zzz:
  7. kidloco

    kidloco Power Member

    Curto é o "all there in the slide". Ninguém bate a PS3 em slides... ou ele estava a falar d eoutra coisa ? :D
  8. Ansatsu

    Ansatsu Power Member

    Ya, as pessoas nascem ensinadas. Quando se vai fazer uma apresentação de algo, como funciona, n é preciso slides. As pessoas automaticamente sabem como funciona o Cell. Já nasceram ensinadas.

    nesse slide o que dizia, era a velocidade de acesso do Cell á memoria GDDR3, algo que o Cell nucna vai fazer, na PS2 nem sequer é permitido isso. Num PC normal que eu saiba o CPU não acede á memoria da placa grafica. E depois como disse no slide(para os developers k tavam lá saberem) se por um caso excepcional precisarem mm k o Cell veja alguma informação k ta na memoria do RSX, este manda pra memoria XDR porque é ultra rapido e o Cell lê a partir dai.

    A Burrisse da Sony foi dizer que o Cell lia da memoria GDDR3 a 16Mb/s, porque se a Sony dissesse que o Cell n lia essa memoria, tavam todos calados. Como disse 16Mb/s, o The Inq aproveitou logo para criar mais uma noticia sensasionalista a dizer que o CELL tá "Broken".
    Última edição: 10 de Junho de 2006
  9. MacPhisto

    MacPhisto Power Member

    Ainda não se cansaram?

    Mas alguém acredita mesmo que ao nível de empresas como a Sony, Nintendo ou Microsoft acontecem erros tão crassos como os que vêm todos os dias a público? Alguém acredita mesmo que a Sony anda a brincar? Não percebem que isto é tudo muito bonito, mas na verdade, a única coisa que acontece é que existem 3 empresas do mais alto nível em competição cerrada? Sony, Nintendo e Microsoft são empresas de dimensão Mundial com profissionais altamente credenciados. No final, o que vai interessar são unicamente os jogos que todos vamos jogar. Descansem que em todas elas, estes serão minimamente interessantes e em nenhuma vão andar a crashar todos os dias... Estas discussões nada significarão verdadeiramente sobre o valor de nenhuma das consolas.

    Mal posso esperar para que as discussões sejam sobre os jogos que o pessoal anda a jogar!
    Última edição: 10 de Junho de 2006
  10. Tomekk

    Tomekk Power Member


    Ainda vamos ter que esperar um bocado, principalmente esperar que até que um boa percentagem de pessoas tenham ps3's de 500/600€.

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