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First Looks from Taiwan – RD600 "CrossFire Xpress 3200 IE

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  1. Zarolho

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    Final Thoughts

    That completes our initial first look at ATI’s upcoming RD600 chipset from our top secret location in Taiwan. It is quite clear to see that even before we have had the chance to get our hands on a finely tweaked retail motherboard, the RD600 is going to very popular with gamers and overclockers. Performance is up there with Intel 975X and we overclocking is a dream – perfect for users wanting top notch value for money, which is one of the fundamental reasons overclocking first become popular back in the days of Intel 440BX motherboards and Celeron 300A processors.

    ATI’s Intel chipset platform is looking very bright and it will be interesting to see how Intel react considering the recent happenings last month with AMD deciding to buy ATI. If RD600 becomes very popular (as we suspect it might) and Intel sell more processors as a result, wouldn’t you want to let the company continue to produce more chipsets based on your CPU, even if you are competing against them? At least on the surface, it makes pretty good business sense to us.

    Intel has recently teamed up with nVidia (or visa-versa) to allow users to officially run SLI dual graphics on Intel 975X based motherboards which might be a result of the internals testing’s of the RD600 platform or maybe purely just a reaction to AMD and ATI’s news. Nevertheless, things are starting to heat up and it’s a good time to be a consumer.

    nVidia’s AMD processor based nForce chipsets have been selling like hot cakes for a long time now but our initial investigation tends to paint a very good picture for ATI in the months to come. From our prospective, it’s clear to see ATI means business and nVidia will have some real competition on their hands.

    We may be able to test retail CrossFire Xpress 3200 Intel Edition and nForce 5 Intel Edition motherboards soon for now you can grab a tissue and wipe the drawl off your mouth and get on with whatever you were doing!


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