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Foxconn X58 Blood Rage Sets World Record DDR3 Overclock

Discussão em 'Modding e Overclock' iniciada por PsySc0rpi0n, 12 de Dezembro de 2008. (Respostas: 1; Visualizações: 771)

  1. PsySc0rpi0n

    PsySc0rpi0n Power Member

    Blood RAGE, the latest member of Foxconn’s Quantum Force family with Intel X58 chipset, sets the highest record of DDR3 memory overclocking with Intel Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz armed by a Taiwan overclocker.

    With a score of 2513.8MHz (1256.9*2) the test has produced one of the highest OC scores of all time, i.e., a new world record using A-DATA DDR3 800 Memory.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    “We are excited to announce this incredible record. The 3-channel DIMM design applied on Blood Rage is truly the best design for memory OC performance so far.” said a PM from Quantum Force product team.

    The CPU-Z validation can be found here. For more information on Foxconn Quantum Force products, visit this page.

    Source: TweakTown
  2. eppikk

    eppikk Power Member

    Isso e o WR a ar....com Dice ja Fizeram 8100MHZ+ numas cellshock @ 3.1v :D (dual channel)

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