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GDC: Unreal Engine 3.0 Impressions

Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por Korben_Dallas, 25 de Março de 2004. (Respostas: 6; Visualizações: 736)

  1. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor


    Both DOOM 3 and Half-Life are dropping jaws with the level of detail in the characters and enemies. The Unreal Engine 3.0 will give those powers to everyone. For the demo they showed how they created a high-poly model (over 6 million polygons) and then created a simpler model for in-game rendering (about 6500 polygons). Then they used the game engine tools to extrapolate details from the complex model onto the simple one: wrinkles, bumps, ridges, you name it. The final product rendered super fast but looked absolutely incredible: we saw a monstrous SUV-sized creature lumber out of the shadows with great folds of flesh and realistic wrinkles around it's gaping maw. Another creature's wings were translucent, allowing light to shine through dynamically as it flapped away. A combination of technologies combined to create some truly amazing visuals.

    Epic ran the demonstration on a system with a 2Ghz CPU from AMD using next-generation hardware from Nvidia (a system in another room ran the demonstration using next-generation ATI hardware). Even with that powerful silicon, the demonstration struggled at times. However, it's clear that this technology will be used to power the next generation of PC games, as well as games for the upcoming generation of video game consoles. And if these games can look anywhere near as good as what we saw in today's demonstration, the future could look stunning, indeed.
  2. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    Mais um link:

    For a while, we didn’t believe it. We though those shots of monsters and environments were so realistic, in textures and in lighting, that they couldn’t be in game graphics. But when we got to see the UnrealEngine3 tech demo for ourselves (photos and videos of both the tech demo and the wall pictures were banned) we became believers from the start, when we saw a iron gothic building in a slightly ruined state. The scene, which like all the rest of the demo was running on NVIDIA’s currently unannounced next-gen graphics card, looked and felt as close to photo-realistic as anything we have ever seen in games. The textures and the level design gave the scene a weight that is truly hard to describe.

    Another scene in the demo showed off the lighting and shadow effects with a flying lantern going through a stone castle setting. The textures looked like they had simply taken pictures of a real place, rather than creating it in a computer program. Another demo showed off the game’s shaders and materials which look as impressive as a similar demo shown by Valve Software at last year’s E3. The physics demo was next which showed a lot of interactivity with everything that wasn’t tied down able to be moved and manipulated realistically.

    The character model demo was next on the UnrealEngine3 demo, which included a dragon-like creature, a small imp like being, a big humanoid like reptile and a massive monster with a big gun on his back. All of them were looking like they were pre-rendered but they were in game and moving. The highest polygon count on the creatures was 6,000. That’s a lot but the models looked like they were many, many times that amount.

    The final demo was of an outdoor setting which showed a peaceful green grass plain with slightly futuristic looking windmills surrounding us. Again, the scene looked close to photo-realistic and the horizon seemed to stretch out beyond what we could see. We also saw some editing tools, including a new level editor that adds a few Crytek like easy-to-make features to the level editor.
  3. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    É melhor mesmo não mostrarem... só em 2005 please!!!
    Senão o Far Cry vai parecer um jogo do spectrum :P

    Falando a sério parece-me uma evolução natural... e mt esperada :P
  4. nothing

    nothing Power Member

    A ver se alguém leaka umas pics para o ppl babar :D
  5. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

  6. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    Korben, esse video tem 2 anos e não é o Unreal Engine 3.0.
    Foi mostrado na Comdex 2002 na apresentação das FX.

    Edit: Só mais uma coisa, a Epic não vai mostrar pics nem videos do motor, pelo menos por agora. Talvez dia 13 apareça alguma coisa deste motor ou do doom3.

    Quanto a este motor, há mais uma descrição do adorado TommyzinhoHardware

    Fica a quote para quem quizer evitar este link :D.
    Última edição: 2 de Abril de 2004
  7. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    LOL só vi esta notícia do video hoje e não reparei na data... de ontem :P

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