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Geil DDR 500

Discussão em 'Dúvidas e Suporte Técnico PC' iniciada por VoRtAn_MaDgE, 24 de Julho de 2003. (Respostas: 6; Visualizações: 991)

  1. VoRtAn_MaDgE

    VoRtAn_MaDgE A.S.Team performed

    Já alg viu review destas mem's...
    a mh kestão é s irão fazer diferenxa no meu sistema(specs em baixo)!Já encomendei as kingston hyper-x mas posso cancelar a encomenda até domingo!Tb já vi as ocz agora as ddr 500 da corsair terem como timmings 3-4-4-8 é k n dá com nada:puke: !
    Estas e as ocz parecem semelhantes...
    descrixao das geil:

    Golden Dragon PC4000 500MHz DDR
    Industry, CA - (July 11, 2003) - GeILUSA, the worldwide independent leader in high speed DDR memory products, announced today a new addition to its Golden Dragon line of high speed DDR modules, the DDR 500MHz (PC4000) module.

    This module is designed for the most extreme gamers and PC enthusiasts whose optimization of memory parameters in their gaming rigs is an absolute necessity. First in the industry to implement Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP), Golden Dragon achieves its high bus speed and unsurpassed bandwidth even at the highest allowable voltage setting with no heat spreader required. Without the heat spreader in the way, the true face of a never-seen-before actual die from a silicon wafer is now beautifully shown under operation. Low operational temperature is maintained at high voltage setting, giving abundant room for the worst torturous overclocking minds found in the human specie.

    Working closely with ASUS, Abit, and other major motherboard manufactures at engineering level, GeIL gains the pioneering ability to test and certify performance and compatibility. Further more, with the new WLCSP technology, GeIL is able to test chips at wafer level and become the most technologically advanced module house in the world.

    As always, GeIL's new flagship production stirs up a big splash in the very heart of the gaming enthusiast world. "The PC4000 Golden Dragon is in direct response to our customers, making it the fastest, the most advanced, and the best tolerant high performance DDR module in the market today.", said Victor Chu, VP Marketing, GeIL USA.

    artigo completo
  2. Tjose

    Tjose To fold or to FOLD?

    se axares que as memorias te estao a limitar overcloking ou se kiseres latencias baixas compensao... mas no preco nao sei se valerá a pena....
  3. Raines

    Raines Power Member

    nao te metas nas DRAGON !!!!

    ja vi reviews PESSIMAS!!!!!!
  4. VoRtAn_MaDgE

    VoRtAn_MaDgE A.S.Team performed

    LInks dessas reviews tens????
  5. Raines

    Raines Power Member

    vou tentar procurar

    tenta no google
  6. Raines

    Raines Power Member

  7. johny-

    johny- Power Member

    Raines isso e' uma review 'as PC3200 e não 'as PC4000
    ainda nao encontrei nenhuma review a estas ultimas...

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