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Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4 [preview]

Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por possessed, 7 de Maio de 2002. (Respostas: 9; Visualizações: 2485)

  1. possessed

    possessed Full Throttle BOINC Roller

    Paul Presley discovers if Geoff Crammond, a man driven by success, can continue to defy expectations with his latest effort

    6 May 02 One of the trickiest jobs in this business must surely be PR manager on a new Formula One title. What in the name of Henry Kelly's arse can you say about them?
    "We've got a stunning new graphics engine!" So have they all, mate. With every passing racer we get slightly better tree quality, more realistic dust clouds or a marginally shinier paint job on the chassis.

    "Our tracks are all modelled to within nano-millimetres of the real thing! You'll feel every bump and dip!" Every F1 game that arrives seems to have had a team of graphic artists treading over every blade of grass, every rock and pebble at every circuit in the world just so they can boast the most realistic tracks ever.

    "Our AI is unparalleled! You'll swear they were real drivers!" By which you mean that they'll hug the racing line like brain-dead automatons, occasionally overtaking the slower cars but never once acknowledging that you actually exist in their world as they happily slam right into the back of you on an empty straight.

    Truth is, every Formula One game is pretty much the same as every other Formula One game. There may be massive differences going on under each development team's bonnet in the way the physics are coded and the package is put together. But to you, Johnny Punter, it's all realistic looking cars driving around realistic looking tracks. The only way to tell them apart is the packaging.

    Which is why it was all the more refreshing to see something other than all of the above being peddled at the recent Grand Prix 4 launch. Yes, all the shiny trees and things were being touted about, but there was also something new in Geoff Crammond's latest assault on the genre. Something called the GPedia.

    OK, it's little more than an interactive F1 encyclopaedia but it does have the very handy function of acting as an idiot's guide to tuning your car. Finally. Admit it, like me you've often felt like trying an ultra-realistic race in one of the other F1 titles only to find that as soon as you're faced with the dozens of screens detailing suspension dampening, camber realigning and rear-wing lift ratios you've given up and gone straight back to the Reverse Racing First Corner Pile Up Challenge. Well, the GPedia is designed to take you through it all. Step-by-step guides, tips from the experts (the Arrows team in this case), detailed breakdowns – everything.

    OK, it's not as though GP4 redefines the genre, but it's a start. Otherwise it's F1 business as usual. The latest graphics, the latest teams (well, last season's thanks to the FIA's stupidly restrictive licensing deals), the latest track detail (GPS modelled this time for ultra-ultra realism), the latest AI routines, etc, etc. True, a hands-on with the game at the launch gave a pretty impressive ride, but we'll soon be able to tell you in a detailed review whether or not it has enough gas in the tank to really stand out.







  2. Fivewin

    Fivewin Power Member

    Só espero que o jogo seja como o 2 pois o anterior achei mais fraco embora já tivesse melhores gráficos.
    Alías esta tem sido das melhores séries a nível de mods existentes.
  3. supercocos

    supercocos Power Member

    e o MP pela net tem? tem?
  4. d_only_1

    d_only_1 Power Member

    se conseguirem juntar a excelente jogabilidade das séries GP a estes bonitos gráficos aki apresentados... parece q temos grande jogo :D
    toca a tirar o pó dos volantes ;p
  5. MPedroso

    MPedroso Power Member

    Já estou arrependido de ter vendido o meu... :'(
  6. The Zombie

    The Zombie Power Member

    Tá com um grafismo excelente.
  7. Everquester

    Everquester Power Member

    Por enquanto continuo a sonhar com este jogo, o meu PC já não aguenta estas andanças, mas daqui a dois ou três meses... REVENGE!! vou comprar o novo Pentium 4 que saiu há 2 ou 3 dias (espero que nessa altura já esteja mais acessível..)

    Tenho todos os GPs mas o GP3 já não deu para aproveitar a 100% por causa das malditas FPS (PII a 333mhz, hehe)
  8. MPedroso

    MPedroso Power Member

    Porque nao compras antes um AMD XP? assim até poupas para comprar um volante em condiçoes ;)
  9. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Olha que boa ideia! :D
  10. Everquester

    Everquester Power Member

    É realmente uma boa sugestão Marco. Mas já tenho um bom volante e o novo Pentium com o front side bus a 533mhz juntamente com a novas memórias DDR 400 e os novos chipsets estão a chamar por mim e eu não consigo resistir, arrrrgh
    Última edição: 9 de Maio de 2002