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Android/iOS Golf Clash

Discussão em 'Mobile / Social Games' iniciada por ex[7], 18 de Setembro de 2018. (Respostas: 6; Visualizações: 777)

  1. ex[7]

    ex[7] Power Member

    Boas pessoal!

    Não encontrei nenhum tópico relativamente a este jogo em questão. É um jogo mobile Android/IOS de Golf, que permiti várias partidas 1vs1. Basicamente só pode ser jogado online com o intruito de ir subindo de divisões e ganhar mais troféus.

    O jogo é muito intuitivo e divertido.

    Alguém por aqui a jogar?
  2. ValtermcPires

    ValtermcPires Colaborador
    Staff Member

  3. ex[7]

    ex[7] Power Member

    Sim só dá para jogar online! A variante é um pouco diferente do jogo que apresentas. Experimenta vais ver que vais gostar do jogo.


    Aproveito para deixar o update que vai levar no dia 24 de Setembro. Vai ser uma grande actualização para o jogo, jogabilidade e envolvência.

    Golf Clash Update (v2.2.4) - Coming soon!
    It's nearly time for the biggest ever Golf Clash update! For the last several months we've been extremely busy working on new features and game changes that we've been dying to show you.

    Well today's the day that you get to find out what we've been working on and what's in store for our next update, which is scheduled for release on Monday 24th September.

    Here's what you'll find in our latest update:
    We're aware that plenty of Golf Clash players have been able to perfect their Golf Clash skills and become true golf masters by earning the maximum number of available Trophies, 5170. (Although embarrassingly nobody in the Playdemic office has managed this feat just yet.)
    Well there’s no time to rest on your laurels! In our latest update we'll be increasing the maximum Trophy count by 1100 by adding Tour 12 (aka Origin Links). This will bring the new Trophy limit to a massive 6270 Trophies. We can't wait to see which player hits this target first.
    The Origin Links tour will contain the Glenmonarch Estate, Greenoch Point and Porthello Cove courses. Both tour 11 and Tour 12 will also be played from the Master tee position.

    Completing Tour 12 won't be easy though, as we're also introducing some new Tour rules. Each Tour will now have its own unique rule set that can be viewed directly from the Tour select screen. These rules include different tee positions, varying wind speeds and increasing needle speeds.
    We also hope to add new rules in the future, but we firstly want to hear your feedback. Be sure to let us know what you think of these new Tour rules once they are available. We can't wait to hear your suggestions for new rules.
    Important: We will be making some minor balancing changes to the needle speed for wedges and short irons. This is to help facilitate the inclusion of the new Tour rules.

    It's time to say goodbye to the “Pro Series” tour names. In this update all Tours will be given their own unique name and style. That's not all though, you'll also be able to see which courses are available in each Tour directly from the Tour select screen.

    In version 2.2.4 we will also be making some important improvements and changes to matchmaking. These changes have been a result of the great feedback we have received from our players, so we'd like to take time to thank everyone who has provided us with their ideas and suggestions.
    Anti-smurfing measures
    For those who don't know what smurfing is, this is when an experienced player creates a new account or purposefully drops Trophies in order to face weaker opposition. To help prevent this unsportsmanlike behaviour we will take into account your highest ever achieved Trophy count when finding an opponent for you in 1vs1.

    This system is designed to only catch players that have purposefully lost Trophies and will not affect players who are just on a bad run and have lost Trophies genuinely.

    We're also introducing a similar feature to tournaments to help prevent players from trying to be placed in a tournament bracket with newer players by purposefully being relegated in the Weekly League.

    When entering a tournament bracket, we will take into account the highest Weekly League division that you have achieved.
    Changes to the matchmaking flow
    In a much-requested change to the matchmaking flow, Trophies and Medals will now be hidden on the matchmaking screen when you are searching for an opponent. This is being done to help prevent players from cherry picking their opponents by backing out of matches after seeing their opponent.
    Trophies and tournament Medals will still be displayed throughout the match.
    Anti-boosting measure
    We're also introducing a change to matchmaking that will prevent players from matching against their friends or their alternate accounts.

    That's right Golfers, clans are heading to Golf Clash on Monday 1st October (Although some of you may have already guessed this from the teaser that we posted a while back. )

    So "what are Clans?" we hear you ask. Golf Clash Clans are groups of up to 50 Golf Clash players that can chat, share replays and work together to earn amazing clan perks! Being in a clan gets you access to:
    • Clan Chat – communication is key to success and when you join a clan you'll be able to chat with your fellow clan members in your very own clan chatroom or during your match! You can also share your shot replays and scorecards directly with your fellow clan members.
    • Earn incredible clan perks by competing in the Clan Leagues!
    • Your own unique clan icon and clan name, allowing you to represent your clan throughout Golf Clash. Here are just a few of our favourite clan icons:
    Clan Leagues and Rewards
    Clan Leagues are your clan's opportunity to compete against other clans from all over the world for the chance to earn fantastic perks. Clan Leagues work in a very similar way to the Weekly League, however Clan Leagues are much longer and last for 4 weeks (Each 4 week period is known as a 'Clan Season').

    You and your clan will need to earn clan points to move up the Clan League and earn promotion. Clan points can be earned by winning 1vs1 matches and by placing in the Weekend Round of any Golf Clash tournament. Be sure to look out for our Major tournaments, as these offer additional clan points.

    If your clan has what it takes to earn promotion, you and your fellow clan members can earn the following perks:
    • Additional golf bag loadouts – A brand new feature allowing you to set up and switch between different golf bag configurations.
    • Trophy bonuses – Increases the number of Trophies that you can win in every 1v1 match.
    • Gem bonuses – Increases the quantity of Gems discovered when you find Gems in chests.
    Over time more and more clan division will become available. The ultimate achievement for any clan is to reach the Champion’s 100!

    The Champion’s 100 is the very best of the best and will contain the top 100 clans in Golf Clash. These clans will be fighting it out to become the number 1 clan in the world!
    Clans is a huge feature, one that is too big to summarize in these update notes. So be sure to head over to the Clans FAQ page for more information.
    In our upcoming update you will also notice that the main menu screen has changed and features some new icons.
    Social Hub
    Replays, coin gifting and in-game news can be accessed by selecting the new Social Hub Icon.
    The new clan section in Golf Clash can be accessed by selecting the clan icon. Once you have joined a clan this icon will be replaced by your clan’s icon.
    Help and Support
    You can view our handy FAQ section and contact our Customer Support team by selecting the new help and support icon.
    • Fix to prevent the weekly league and tournament reward screen not appearing when opening the app from a push notification.
    • Visual improvements and minor design changes to almost every hole.
    • Improved cheat detection and prevention.
    • Global leaderboard ordering has been fixed.
    • Server and game stability improvements.
    • Performance improvements for low memory devices.
    • Improvements to ensure that the shot target is always visible, even on bright courses.
    • Fix to make sure that friends can be invited via Facebook.
    Important - Please note that ALL existing replays will be affected by this update. If you wish to keep your replays, please save them to your device or upload them to YouTube or to social media.

    Have any question about our HUGE update? If so, head over to Twitter and tweet your questions to us by using the hashtag #GolfClashUpdate.
    Última edição: 19 de Setembro de 2018
  4. ex[7]

    ex[7] Power Member


    Como é que vão as vossas prestações no torneio? Alguem se inscreveu?
  5. ex[7]

    ex[7] Power Member

    O update era para ter sido efectuado a dia 24 de Setembro, mas acabou por feito a dia 25 de Setembro.

    Após as primeiras impressões posso dizer que em termos de jogabilidade se encontra mais fluido e com uma diferença enorme na visualização das jogadas do oponente. Já não se vê a linha de jogo e o spin que é dado à bola. Assim está-se a evitar que seja feita uma cópia da jogada por nós feita.

    Os clãs vão entrar dia 1 de Outubro, dando um novo ar jogo.

    Fica o novo torneio de Paris que vai dar entrada no dia 1 de Outubro

  6. ex[7]

    ex[7] Power Member

    Já se encontram disponíveis os campos para treinar no Tour 6 e no Tour 11. Já podem começar a treinar as tacadas :lol:

    Fica o video com a amostra dos campos

  7. ex[7]

    ex[7] Power Member

    Novo torneio disponivel!

    E com ele uma nova bola para dar uma pequena ajuda :009:



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