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Greetings from LWD

Discussão em '[email protected]' iniciada por [LWD] Jaymac, 6 de Dezembro de 2005. (Respostas: 86; Visualizações: 4785)

  1. Greetings to Portugal from littlewhitedog.com.

    We're not going down without a fight!


  2. Cooling

    Cooling 1st Folding then Sex

    Hi there :D
    Greetings and :kfold: :D
    Última edição: 17 de Dezembro de 2005
  3. grandenaboverde

    grandenaboverde O Senhor dos Bolinhos

    Hi there! :) good to see other teams here. I know we are probably going to pass you guys but I have to congratulate your team for the awesome production achieved with only little more then 50 users, few but good! ;)

    keep folding :kfold:
    Última edição: 6 de Dezembro de 2005
  4. Passe-nos? Eu não penso assim. Aderito-PT reivindica que você está indo fazer exame do 32ò lugar de nós, mas pelo tempo onde você nós esteja no 31o lugar.

    Desculpe meu português; Eu não sei realmente falá-lo. Eu tive um trabalho onde eu tivesse que trabalhar com um Web site que fosse usado em 5 línguas diferentes uma vez, embora, e o português era um delas.
  5. Aderito-PT

    Aderito-PT I fold therefore I AM

    Viva pessoal,

    Pois é...sou eu o "responsável" por este contacto bilateral entre as duas teams...
    Espantado pelo magnífico trabalho que apenas cerca de 50 users têm vindo a fazer, fui fazer-lhes um desafio (de brincadeira, claro): Que eles tentassem evitar que nós os ultrapassássemos já que estamos perto de os apanhar. Ao que parece (pela troca de msgs e contactos entre os elementos de ambas as equipas) eles são mto activos e já se estão a mexer...ehehehe. O Folding e o ideal que ele representa só tem a ganhar !!!:007: :007:

    P.S. Webster, o teu português é bom. Se vocês já estiverem em 31º quando nós chegarmos ao 32º..nós vamos atrás de vocês na mesma em busca desse 31º lugar. LOL


  6. _Rock_

    _Rock_ I'm cool cuz I Fold

    Greetings!!! :)
    I belive indeed that you guys are not going down without a fight,but [email protected] is very big and we will probably passe you!! Hehe :D Still,I also want to congratulate you for your achievements! :clap:
    Cheers! And most important :kfold:
  7. Metro

    Metro Benevolent Dictator For Life
    Staff Member

    Welcome to the [email protected] home:).
    It is a pleasure to have the LWD Team here and I hope we can have a good fight in the name of cience.

    Keep Folding because we will :x2:
  8. No., eu realmente não sei o português. E 31 pode ser, mas você reivindicou que você faria exame de 32 de nós, e aquele não será! Bem, eu espero que não .
  9. Aderito-PT

    Aderito-PT I fold therefore I AM


    Hmmm, acordingly to the recent stats (today), your next conquest will happen..more or less..in 3 months from now..and acording that same stats... it´s predictible that we overpass your team in about 1.5 months from now. :D :D

    So...i believe we will take your 32nd position...not the 31st. :joker:

    But... in the end... that doesn´t matter..the important is to fold...to contribute to this noble cause..and any "fightback" gived by any team(s) to another(s) will only help more and more this project. So.... KEEEEP FOOOOLDING EVERYONE !!!!


    Source of the stats presented here: http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/team_summary.php?s=&t=10763
  10. shello

    shello %erador
    Staff Member

    We like fights! We fold with only one objective: to help the [email protected] project!
    So, start running, because the papas here won't stop :D:D:D:D:D

    And, i apologize for my very poor english :\

    P.S: I took 5 minutes to write this... OMFG!!! :P:P:P
  11. Your English is better than my Portueguese.

    It matters not. You will not take 32nd from us.
  12. You will learn to fear the double up:004:
  13. JPgod

    JPgod Moderador
    Staff Member

    Eh lá estamos a ficar famosos

    Welcome to techzone guys!!

    keep folding and BOINCing :D

    Última edição: 7 de Dezembro de 2005
  14. DekkeR

    DekkeR Power Member

    Greetings fellow folders :D

    I hope you're ready because we're going to crush you like a steamroller on tar :004:

    All together for a cause ;)

  15. Steam rollers crush rocks into tar... Maybe some one should study up before becoming a cival engineer... (eh... no matter you just build targets for mechanical engineers any how...)

    on a side note I'd like to say "Bring it."

    also keep folding... always a good plan of action. and while onefast hasn't said it in these forums yet, I think that I two will be doing a double up in the next few days :004:
  16. Xogun

    Xogun I fold therefore I AM

    Bring it on,

    Fi...FY... Fo...Fun. Me wants to Crush Wu´s, Crush Wu´s, Crush Wu´s.
  17. Fontemourisca

    Fontemourisca Folding Member

    Well aroud here the tar is already mixed with the rocks when the "rollers" smash it on the ground,... but what do i know... i'm just a simple civil engineer.

    I don't know about double up's..the only thing that is going up on a double basis is the quality wine we have till it goes down the throat, but one thing is for sure, i'm going to increase my production in about 50% so that we can (in a healthy competition basis :lol: ) crush you guys like little bugs sooner then you expect. :)

  18. aeon

    aeon I quit My Job for Folding

    Vamos lá COMER esses "camones", carago!! :004: :lol:

  19. I have over 1000 machines I need to persuade my university to let me use :wow:

    You won't catch us. We will disappear into the distance. :007:
  20. Dazkarieh

    Dazkarieh To fold or to FOLD?

    First of all, it's great to have you here :)

    I think this is the most healthiest of all "fights": the fight for leadership in something like [email protected] :)

    If your production get's better, it will be a pleasure stay beyond you :) But we will not stop grownig...that's for sure ;)

    An huge hug and I hope to to share and discuss ideas,experiences and other things with all of you :)

    [[[[ ]]]]

    Edit: [​IMG] <- This pic is awesome :x2: :kfold:
    Última edição: 7 de Dezembro de 2005

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