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MMO [H] Safari 2/6 [Burning Steppes]

Discussão em 'PC Gaming' iniciada por RubenMarques, 9 de Novembro de 2008. (Respostas: 1; Visualizações: 850)

  1. Boas pessoal do Techzone, venho por este meio fazer um bom do recrutamento para a nova guilda no servidor Burning Steppes. Apesar do recrutamento que se segue estar em inglês, não se preocupem, 70% da guilda é portuguesa, e adorávamos ter tantos portugueses la quanto possíveis. Obrigado pela vossa amabilidade.


    Safari (Burning Steppes) is currently recruiting interested in PvE raiding. We have recently migrated from Grim Batol, and an unfortunate chain of events (yes, lots of drama) happened, with our migration to Burning Steppes, which resulted in a split.

    Due to the unforeseenable loss of some of our membership, we're determined in revamping our ranks to maintain our 25-man raiding status. As such, we're currently interested in DPSers and Healers of all available classes (with the exception of Death Knight, or Death Knight rerollers).

    For reference, our last boss being killed was Brutallus (Sunwell Plateau), with everything behind cleared

    What we can offer you?
    - Our mandatory raid times are from 21-24 server time, 4 days a week, from Monday through Thursday. This schedule is "light" in comparison to several guilds.
    - We have over 3 years of experience in guild leadership. That just means there are quite a few mistakes which won't happen since we've been through pretty much everything.
    - We aren't going anywhere. You won't just login one day and find out you're guildless. Even if some responsability shifts occur, it will not affect your raiding game.
    - We're open minded and don't mind trying different strategies, approaching problems in different ways and researching new solutions.
    - We're fair in pretty much all decisions, as we have a strong belief that rules are rules and exceptions don't apply (unless the rules explicitly states those exceptions). We also don't create new rules out of thin air.
    - We foster a good environment within the guild, promoting the values of mutual help and trust.
    - An online infrastructure capable of supporting the requirements of a raiding guild (Ventrilo, Forums, DKP system, the works).
    - No raving maniac screaming on ventrilo.
    - A lively guild chat.

    What we expect from you?
    - To show up to those 4 days a week. We know there are days when you just can't be there, but we expect you to compensate during the next week or two.
    - To not cry about loot in any form.
    - To be competent playing your class.
    - To show up prepared for progress raids. We will let you slack on consumables during farm raids.
    - To have an understandable skill (both spoken and written) of the english language.
    - To have a thick skin and be able to tolerate strong language and controversial sentences.

    If you wish to apply, follow this link:
    - http://safari.pt.vu

    If you wish to gather any additional information, you can:
    - Ask in the forums: http://safari.maisforum.com/general-chat-f3/
    - Login to Burning Steppes and whisper Shaddai, Nocturnum, Menhit or Gweyr

    On a final note, if you believe that you don't fulfill all the requirements stated above but that you would still be a great addition to our guild, we will promise to consider a serious application.
    Última edição: 9 de Novembro de 2008
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