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HALT Command / Temps Control

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  1. jfbbms

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    Halt Command : Under many operating systems like Windows NT and Linux the CPU issues an HALT operation when there is nothing to do. That enables a CPU build in functionality that reduces the power consumption. That keeps the CPU cool and saves money. If you overclock the CPU it is advisable to use such a program as the CPU gets hotter as specified.

    Temps Control : Is a tool that will display information from the sensor chip on your motherboard in your Windows system tray about cpu temps, motherboard temps and ohters

    CPUCooL ( Halt command && Temps ) :
    Download v7.1.2

    Vcool ( Halt command && Temps ) :
    Download V7.1.2
    Download v1.8b9

    Cpu Idle ( Halt Command ) :
    Download XP/ NT
    Download 95/ME

    Wpcredit ( Halt Command only ) :
    File 1
    File3 ( kt266 )

    Motherboard Monitor ( Temps only ) :
    Download Europe v5.1.9.1 ; Download Europe v5.1.9.1 (Alternative)
    Download Europe v5.2.0.0 ; Download Europe v5.2.0.0 (Alternative)

    Asus Probe ( Temps only ) :
    Download v21709

    HDD Temp:
    Download v1.0
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