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Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por Korben_Dallas, 30 de Agosto de 2002. (Respostas: 4; Visualizações: 946)

  1. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Hannibal Lecter is on the move again. Special Agent Clarice Starling is the only one who can track him down. Especially since Doctor Lecter seems to want to meet up. But the road leading to the infamous cannibal is paved with hidden dangers as the real enemy might not be most obvious one.

    Take on the role of Clarice and set to capture the most wanted serial killer on earth. From the US to Italy, sharpen up both your investigative skills and marksmanship to escape the many foes who want to bring you down and get to grips with the real nature of the trap in you’ve just stepped into.

    • An Action-packed thriller in an atmosphere of ritual murders, sinister plots and constant tension.
    • A hot mix of shooting and investigation (the game encourages tactical shooting and wounding/arresting opponents vs killing).
    • An engaging duel of epic proportions : Special Agent Clarice Sterling, torn apart by professional doubts and Doctor Hannibal Lecter, the cannibal serial killer who holds his pursuer in the greatest esteem and lusts after her.
    • Introducing a new feature : an “anxiety” quotient will add to the natural suspense of the story and ambience by recreating in real time for the player the sensory distortions of a person under extreme stress (amplification of sounds / altered perception of places and people).
    • Localised wounds for both the hero and the enemies alter their bodily capabilities (movements and precision).
    • Realistic “gun draw” system which has a direct impact on the opponent's behaviour (holding a gun in the hand vs aiming at someone).
    • Advanced A.I. and group behaviour: each opponent has a degree of willpower which influences his attitude (degree of aggressiveness, propensity to surrender, influence on other team members).
    • The A.I. also influences the dialogue between characters according to the situation and the players choice (e.g. : Clarice can reveal who she is at any time but while some NPCs will be impressed by her FBI badge, others will get trigger itchy at the sight of it. As another example : an arrested villain tends to be more talkative than a dead one).
    • Full 3D – JUPITERTM engine (from MONOLITHTM) with enhanced in-house developed features.
    • Emphasis on visual and audio SFX : RT torchlight, explosions, infra-vision, real time angle distortions, breakable objects, etc.
    fonte: worthplaying.com

    Parece bastante interessante...

  2. end0rphine

    end0rphine Power Member

    Parece ter bons gfx.. :) :)
  3. oc_nightmare

    oc_nightmare Power Member

    vamos ver se há proporcionalidade entre os graficos e a jogabilidade.....
  4. end0rphine

    end0rphine Power Member

    u're right! :D
  5. Fivewin

    Fivewin Power Member

    Ganda M.... não dá para jogar como dr. Lecter.>(

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