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Hercules 3D Prophet 9700 Pro WCE Limited Edition

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por [siLciR], 14 de Outubro de 2002. (Respostas: 5; Visualizações: 769)

  1. [siLciR]

    [siLciR] Power Member

    According to this announcement at the Hercules/Guillemot german online shop, there will be a limited edition of the Hercules 3D Prophet 9700 Pro 128MB with a watercooling heatsink by factory default. WCE stands for water cooled edition. German reports say this version will be limited to 99 cards which are hand made by Guillemit factory personel and therefore have full warranty. The cards are said to feature standard 9700 Pro specifications in terms of core and memory speeds and are stress tested for 24 hours before delivery. Price? 550 Euros...
  2. Raptor

    Raptor OC Legend

  3. [siLciR]

    [siLciR] Power Member

  4. DonnieDarko

    DonnieDarko Power Member

    Esta foto é a do almoço ehehehehe Fikou fix :D

  5. [siLciR]

    [siLciR] Power Member

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