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Hi from Speedguide.net folding team

Discussão em '[email protected]' iniciada por rickoic, 9 de Maio de 2006. (Respostas: 19; Visualizações: 1468)

  1. Just wanted to say congratulations on your team moving into the slot right behind us.:lol:

    Hope you enjoy the view of our rear ends for the next month or so:-D

    I'm sure your rear ends will look better than ours once you pass us:joker:

    Keep on folding:kfold:

    I'm afraid that unless you read English you wouldn't get much use out of our site, but your welcome to come visit us if you want.


  2. grandenaboverde

    grandenaboverde O Senhor dos Bolinhos

    hello there :)

    u guys are doing really well for only 64 users. thanks for your visit! ^^
    the rear end is smelly, we are going to pass as fast as we can.. hehe

    best regards and keep folding!
  3. Aderito-PT

    Aderito-PT I fold therefore I AM


    Welcome...and ....be ready...that place you have will be ours sooner than you think :-D

    Wait and you will be able to feel the smoke led by our "folding dragster". LOLOLOLOL

    It is nice to hear from you guys.

    [[]]s and...FOLDING FOREVER

  4. crazyIV

    crazyIV I fold therefore I AM

    just wait and you will see...
    or "just smell the air exaust, of or rear end...":004:

    best regards:kfold: :kfold:
  5. Dazkarieh

    Dazkarieh To fold or to FOLD?

    Hi rickoic :) Glad to have you here. You're welcome!

    Right now we'll get your place. Hope you catch us latter (but I don't think so...:004:)[email protected] it's all that matters! :)

  6. Barata

    Barata I folded Myself

    Dont worry, we will enjoy it the best we can... hope you dont mind! :002:
    Dont count on that... the smoke will be too dense for you to see anything! :x2:

    Nice to see you around and stop by more often!


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  7. Fontemourisca

    Fontemourisca Folding Member

    Well, our english is, quite sure, better than your portuguese :joker:, and i'm sure i'll take a look at the broadband tweaks that you guys have back there to see if i can improve my broadband connection (or should i name it Load of Crap connetion) from my cable provider.

    Nice to have you here.
  8. _Rock_

    _Rock_ I'm cool cuz I Fold

    Nice to see you here! :)

    Don't worry about us looking at your rear ends,because in a matter of days we'll pass you :D :)

    But,I agree with Dazkarieh,[email protected] is what matters :cool:

    Hugz :kfold:
  9. From what I'm reading from your posts, folding has only recently arrived in your country. If theres anything we can help you with please don't hesitate to ask.

    There are some helpful links posted on our site that maybe can walk you through some things.

    As one of my teachers told my class one day; "The only stupid question is the one that you don't ask. Questions are the doorway to knowledge and learning new things. If you don't ask you will forever remain in the dark."

  10. shello

    shello %erador
    Staff Member

    Hi rickoic!
    Welcome to our forums!

    In a few weeks, your team will see our rear end, hope you like it :D :D :D
    But, Dazkarieh said everything: [email protected] is what matters!

    Oh, and one more thing (:D), when you can create a good client for routers, pease tell us :D :D :D j/k ;)

    we'll be in touch!

    (P.S.: I took almost 10 minutes to write this post! :lol: - And sorry about my really bad english)
  11. neo15190

    neo15190 I quit My Job for Folding

  12. Metro

    Metro Benevolent Dictator For Life
    Staff Member

    Nice to have you here rickoic:).

    We have started in january 2004.
    Our problem is to convince more people to fold and to keep the members that we already have.
    But we are improving all the time:).

    We are concentrating our eforts in put all the info we can get in our site www.portugalfolding.org.

    I will visit your foruns when I have more time so see if we can learn from you.

    The best thing in folding is the spirit.

  13. Not sure what you mean about a good client for routers. I'm running 13 different computers through a router and not having any problems. I've also seen some posts on other forums where folding is being done through several motherboards chained together with only the main motherboard having a hard drive, keyboard, and monitor. Other posts where a folding was being done on thumb drives with I think the motherboard booting over a lan and then starting the folding client from the thumb drive. Other versions where the motherboard booted over a lan and then ran a client all in ram. (this I wouldn't recommend as if theres a power loss all work would be lost).

    There's been talk about being able to fold on a video card if it had enough ram on it. Haven't seen anyone with a hack yet that would allow that though. I have 2 pc's that have dual xeon processors on them that are running 4 different clients. All the rest are hyper threading and running 2 instances, except for 1 which is my original and it's running amd 2400+ and only one instance of folding. I'm getting ready to donate it to my son so my grandson can run some of the newer childrens programs for him. Right now he is running a P3 which isn't supported by some of the programs.

    At one time I had 30 pc's running, but the huge electric bills made me down size last year.

  14. shello

    shello %erador
    Staff Member

    I was just kidding (and maybe wondering) about a [email protected] Client for Routers (running [email protected] on a router - eheh) :D :D :D
    (because your website is about networking stuff :P)

    Hope you can put more PCs running [email protected] in the future :) It's good for the project and for the competition ;)

  15. Wish that were posible, but until they add a cpu and about 512mb or more of ram to them afraid it might not be possible. It's the cpu that would be important, otherwise you probably would be stealing clock cycles from the cpu on the main pc.

  16. Dazkarieh

    Dazkarieh To fold or to FOLD?

    Rick, shello was definitelly joking ;)

    Right now, a good GPU client would be great, such as a PS3 client... but we know from Vijay posts that it is only for the future.. :(

    Till then... PC's are working :)

  17. blueangelman

    blueangelman 1st Folding then Sex

    nunca vi uma thread aqui tao englishada.:x2:
    i will visit.thank you and welcome.:)
  18. Oh, what I didn't tell you is that any new clients that you get or start should show that the team number is 15 now.:joker:

    And if you really want to be nice the user name can be rickoic.:joker:

  19. Fontemourisca

    Fontemourisca Folding Member

    Sure, send us your bank acount number, so that we can send you guys some money too. :joker:
  20. Dazkarieh

    Dazkarieh To fold or to FOLD?


    That's the spirit. I'm now very busy all week, and I merelly have time to visit our forum :(

    But in a near future, I will be glad to visit you :)

    Warm regards :kfold:

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