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House Of The Dead Trailer Makes Us Scream

Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por possessed, 4 de Junho de 2002. (Respostas: 0; Visualizações: 1222)

  1. possessed

    possessed Full Throttle BOINC Roller

    No really, it does. Terrifying is not the word. The mere thought of looking at it again makes our bowels vibrate with fear...

    16:01 Starring various U.S Teen sitcom wannabes, the House of The Dead movie looks set to terrify and offend with its Happy Shopper budget and B-movie plot
    The trailer itself is an enthusiastic mix of innapropriate soundtrack, annoying kids and a pathetic-looking character dressed in a hooded cloak, who's clearly the villain of the film.

    The movie started filming May 9th of this year and looks to release in 2003. Who knows? It may be so bad that it's good...

    Download this Quicktime Movie. If you dare.

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