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[How To] Remove Spyware

Discussão em 'Dúvidas e Suporte—Internet, Redes, Segurança' iniciada por greven, 22 de Março de 2004. (Respostas: 11; Visualizações: 4189)

  1. greven

    greven Folding Artist

    Spyware : it's a pain. We don't want it, yet it really wants us. Here's a great guide written by our member mAcOdIn on how to remove it, and protect yourself against it in the future.

    This article is more of a preventive measure than a fix and will harden internet explorers security but at the same time retaining the functionality that IE has.

    First in tools, internet options, advanced uncheck "Enable Install On Demand (Internet Explorer)" and "Enable Install On Demand (Other)" and "Enable Third-Party Browser Extensions (Requires Restart)" and choose apply and ok. Also ensure your internet security setting is at least medium (unless you know what you are doing and have made it custom).

    Goto http://www.windowsupdate.com and make sure you have all the latest updates.

    Then download Suns Java JRE from http://java.com/en/index.jsp (the link you want to hit is the "get it now" in the top right). Running Suns Java protects you because it has less exploited vulnerabilities than microsofts Java. Lots of spyware use holes in Microsofts java to install thier spyware so switching to Sun's closes a lot of holes.

    Download: Sun Java

    Then download Spybot Search and Destroy from http://www.safer-networking.org/ run it and make sure to let it download the newest updates. Now goto Spybots immunize function and under "permanent internet explorer immunity" choose immunize, then under "permanently running bad download blocker for internet explorer" select "ask for blocking confermation and choose install.

    Download: Spybot S&D

    Next, download spyware blaster from http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html run it and ensure it's fully updated. Now choose "select all" and then hit "Protect Against Checked Items". Just for reference all the items that are in red are items that Spybots immunize doesn't protect you against that's why you should use both programs.

    Download: Spyware Blaster

    Both Spybot search and destroy's immunize function and spyware blaster are one time set things, these programs no longer have to be running to keep you from getting infected with the stuff they block against. What they do is disallow any activeX program that's was known to them at the time you immunized from even running. With both Spybot and Spyware Blaster it is important that you check for updates every two weeks or so and re-immunize yourself when new updates are released to stay current. Spybot's other immunize function ("permanently running bad download blocker for internet explorer") installs a BHO that will ask you for permission to block other known bad BHO's from installing. BHO's are really not needed and fairly rare and most people only have the adobe acrobat BHO. You could have set this option to always block but I chose "ask for blocking confirmation" for those people that use something that I do not that uses a BHO.

    Now download both DSOstop2 and HTAstop2003 from http://www.nsclean.com/freebies.html and run both of those.

    Download: DSOstop2. HTAstop2003

    In addition there's another great free utility that you can run but unlike everything above it has to always be open just like an antivirus called spywareguard from javacool. You can download it and run it as well to further increase your security against spyware if you choose. It's available here: http://www.wilderssecurity.net/spywareguard.html

    Download: Spyware Guard

    That should beef things up considerably. Having a good antivirus is also helpful because many of them are starting to add spyware to thier definitions, for instance my McAfee 8 caught that spyware trying to install.

    I hope this helps you guys because these settings are pretty solid but at the same time loose enough that you can still have active scripting enabled and activeX. Granted you could disable those as well but at that point you might as well go download an old version of Mosiac browser because it isn't worth using IE with everything disabled.

    in Neowin.net

    Enjoy! Espero que seja útil para os que ainda não sabem como remover esse spyware que nos segue para todo o lado pela net.

    []'z to all.
  2. Flyer

    Flyer Power Member

    um resumo interessante sim senhor ;)

    embora a maior parte da stuff ja fosse conhecida assim está tudo arrumadinho :D
  3. greven

    greven Folding Artist

    Pois, eu também conhecia quase tudo, mas existe sempre quem não saiba e assim fica tudo compilado. :)

    Espero que seja útil.
  4. tonipig

    tonipig I fold therefore I AM

    A minha opinião é:
    "Sticky" com isto!!:D :D
  5. Flyer

    Flyer Power Member


    Stickem la isto q dá um jeitao :D
  6. Mr.Eko

    Mr.Eko Power Member

    Sticky com ele! :D

    Já agora, andei a fazer uns testes na net e verifiquei que o meu IP é facilmente acedido através de sites. Existe algum programa que evite isto? Ou seja, que navegue anonimamente? Qual o melhor?

    Por exemplo, com o Norton 2004, conseguirei fazer isto?

    E na vossa opinião, qual é de momento a melhor firewall?

    Thanks! :D
  7. greven

    greven Folding Artist

    Quanto à primeira questão não te posso ajudar, mas quanto à segunda, para mim a Sygate Firewall tem funcionado às mil maravilhas.
  8. Flyer

    Flyer Power Member

    esconderes o IP usas o anonymyzer e outros q tal...

    mas sinceramente....depois isso pode te dar alguns probs por exemplo em sites de compras e games online... ;)

    mas para surfar simplesmente podes usar

    os routers da DLink costumam ter uma opçao de esconder o IP...e funciona q eu ja testei :D
  9. Mr.Eko

    Mr.Eko Power Member

    Já estou farto de procurar e não encontro... :confused:

    Sabes algum link directo para isso?
  10. Flyer

    Flyer Power Member


    e o google...n presta?? :D

    clika p veres o belo so proggy!AKI
  11. Nabais

    Nabais Power Member

    Topic digging...

    Quais os melhores anti-spywares do momento? Não uso windows, mas por vezes faço uns trabalhos e dava-me jeito saber o que anda no mercado no momento ;)

    Cumps e obrigado
  12. luikki

    luikki Power Member

    spybot, ad-aware, hijackthis....

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