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Illegal XP Owners Beware - Microsoft Has Planned A Surprise

Discussão em 'Windows Desktop e Surface' iniciada por Sky Fox, 21 de Julho de 2002. (Respostas: 12; Visualizações: 2934)

  1. Sky Fox

    Sky Fox Power Member

    "Microsoft is planning what could end up being quite a shock for the Windows XP warez world, and what currently looks to be one of the most amazing moves made by Microsoft since Windows Product Activation was introduced.

    Currently, Microsoft is in the works of completely rewriting the algorithm for the way Windows XP Corporate keys are generated, and is rewriting the code for Windows XP to recognize this new algorithm. This new code will be an added ‘feature’ of Service Pack 1 due out later this year.

    At the present moment, an upgrade to Windows XP SP1 from Windows XP with no SP installation will not give any problems or errors about an invalid CD-Key on a corporate version of Windows XP. This is because the new algorithm feature has been switched off in SP1 upgrades. To get to see this new feature, you would have to slipstream SP1 into the Windows XP installation media and setup Windows. Once you’ve reached the CD-key, no current Corporate Windows XP key (none of the 75 that we’ve tried) will work, as they are all invalid. Even if a corporate key is managed to be found, the chances of it working when SP1 final comes out are slim to none, as Microsoft is rumored to ‘still be working on the algorithm for SP1 for Corporate customers."

  2. NeoToPower

    NeoToPower 1st Folding then Sex

    Tou lixado!!!! :D
  3. Dutchman.Pt

    Dutchman.Pt Banido

    OLha Olha....
    Não keriam Mais nada estes...
    Get a Life Bill Gaitas...(leia-se Bill Gates)...
    8o 8o 8o 8o 8o >( >( >( >( :004: :004: :004: :004: :004:
  4. Vamos lá ver quantas semanas antes da implementação dessa feature é que aparece por aí o crack :-D :D
  5. Andr0m3da

    Andr0m3da Power Member

    afinal não usar uma versão crackada tem vantagens. sempre reduz as dores de cabeça...no problem to me. heheheh

  6. mafas

    mafas Power Member

    Fala-se muito do Service Pack 1 para o Windows XP, mas será assim tão importante? Eu tenho o XP com os "Hotfixes" mais importantes (cerca de 20), e não tenho problemas de nenhum tipo. Será que mais cedo ou mais tarde irei necessitar de instalar o(s) SP para utilizar software e/ou hardware futuros?

    E existe ainda o problema de os obter, pois são demasiado grandes para fazer download com o modem 56K. O SP2 do Windows 2000, por exemplo, tem 100MB.

    Enquanto puder vou actualizando grão a grão...
  7. Dan

    Dan Power Member

    Eu acho que nao estou a ler bem, por isso ajudem-me:

    Entao se eu tivesse um WXP pirateado e instalasse o SP1 nao me iria dar problemas, certo??

    E sendo assim nao problema nenhum... :confused:

    Estou a atrofiar nalguma coisa, so que nao sei o que... :(
  8. hmf

    hmf Power Member

    Estão a referir as betas do sp1 (build 1078 por exemplo ...), mesmo assim acho que muita gente tem problemas a instalar ...
  9. AVxAMD

    AVxAMD I fold therefore I AM

    Já existe uma martelada para isso,
    eu não devia de dizer isto, mas já existe.
    Um abraço a todos.
  10. hmf

    hmf Power Member

    Martelada existe ..., mas por estas e por outras vou deixar que saia a martelada sobre a versão final do sp1, não estou para estar a dar marteladas todas as semanas (ao ritmo que saem novas builds)
  11. cmgam

    cmgam Power Member

  12. jfbbms

    jfbbms Power Member

    Rumors About XP SP1 Product Activation Changes Not True

    Rumors About XP SP1 Product Activation Changes Not True

    A bizarre rumor about Microsoft making sweeping changing to its Product Activation technology in Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) is completely untrue, the company told me today. The rumor, which was started by a small technology enthusiast Web site, had Microsoft changing the product keys for all of its customers using volume licensing. This rumors has since spread across the Internet and been embellished in various ways, including a version I came across Thursday morning claiming that Microsoft was making the change so it could charge licensees yet again for SP1. Not so, says Microsoft.

    "There is no truth in this rumor," Allen Nieman, the Lead Technical Product Manager for Licensing Technologies at Microsoft told me Thursday. "We are not changing the way volume licensing customers install or deploy Windows XP. We are not issuing volume licensing customers new product keys. Volume licensing customers are not impacted by any of the changes we are making to activation in SP1. The only folks impacted by the changes we are making in SP1 are people with illegal copies of Windows."

    As I first reported back in May, the Windows Product Activation feature in XP SP1 will get two minor modifications, neither of which will affect any legitimate users. First, Microsoft discovered that the majority of pirated XP copies out there are tied to single volume license product key. So Microsoft alerted the company about the problem, changed their key, and disabled it for use after SP1. So anyone using this pirated key will be unable to upgrade to SP1 or any future updates via Windows Update. Also, Microsoft is adding a three-day grace period for people that use the same product key to install XP on two different systems; in the past, there was no grace period and the user had to immediately activation via phone in order to use XP on the second system. This will give users some breathing room if disaster strikes and you have to install XP on a new system.

  13. Sky Fox

    Sky Fox Power Member

    Windows XP SP1 Effect On Windows XP Corporate Version

    Because most of us aren't used to this new XP yet, BetaOne said that they tried 75 keys or so and that it didn't work, well obviously after receiving, I decided to test this out, and found out why BetaOne was having trouble slipstreaming SP1 into a corp CD.

    Everyone has forgotten that when MS made XP Retail and Corp (Pro) they used two algorithm's, and the beta of SP1 that is out is NOT for Corp, its for RETAIL, this I found after a friend messaged me and asked for help since he wanted to try slipstreaming and locked himself out, after having him test a corp key and to no avail I asked him to test a retail key I had laying around, and the system took it.

    So it seems B1 was partly right, Slipstreaming doesn't work, because the keys do change, to retail. Which makes the most sense of this over-hyped bizarre whining of the warez world.

    For more info and a screenshot of the invalid key neowin.net


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