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Vale o que vale, mas parece que vão mesmo tentar entrar no mercado com preços bastante baixos. Sei que é um video altamente subsidiado pela Intel, mas se for verdade o que aqui está em relação a preço/performance, acho que não é de descartar totalmente a Intel já nesta geração.


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Isso é peça de influencer. O Linus teve o pessoal da Intel na stream dele ainda há uns dias. A verdade é que o frame pacing segundo os rumores que por ai andam deixa muito a desejar e se desligas o rebar fica dificil, ou seja será pior num sistema com cpu AMD e SAM.

As drivers ainda estão demasiado verdes, dá-lhes mais umas 2 gerações para afinarem a coisa.

Não consigo recomendar uma gráfica Intel a ninguém neste momento, apesar de querer uma para mim só para preencher a coleção.


A mim parece-me uma abordagem bastante honesta, por parte da Intel. Admitem abertamente que têm pontos fracos, apontam quais são os pontos fracos e como tencionam resolvê-los e no fim dizem que vão compensar isso pelo preço.
Se fizerem o que dizem, fazer o preço baseado na performance dos casos em que são fracos, vejo o potencial de saírem dali grandes canhões preço/performance, pelo menos em DX12, que é exatamente o que o mercado precisa para trazer de volta alguma sanidade aos preços.
Pessoalmente não descarto já esta geração, é esperar para ver. :)


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Basicamente, os drivers não estão optimizados paar DX11 ou mais antigo, e a razão é muito simples, a Nvidia e a Amd tiveram décadas para optimizar, ao contrario da Intel que só agora o está a fazer.

DX12 e Vulkan como são low level, foi muito mais facil de fazer a optimização.

No Tomb Raider, em DX11 tem metade da performance de DX12.

A parte boa é que a Intel diz que vai ter o melhor preço/performance do mercado, mas tendo em conta a performance em DX11. O que significa que em DX12 vão ter o dobro da performance, a um preço reduzido.

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A esta altura do campeonato também não havia muitas hipóteses, recorde-se que as placas já deviam ter sido lançadas no início do ano...

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Estou a ver que as reviews da A380 fizeram sucesso...

The morning after – reflections of the Arc A380 premiere and (no) second conclusion​

I sat down yesterday after the “launch” and collected feedback first. Then I talked to colleagues and also took note of various Intel justifications for the status quo, up to PR appearances on (let’s call it benevolently) Intel-affiliated YouTubers. The funny thing was that you wouldn’t actually have to explain anything afterwards if you had worked really cleanly in advance.
What irritated me about making comments, however, is the sudden puppy-protector instinct that erupts whenever you want to protect something small and fragile. Yes, it is Intel’s first dedicated graphics card developed for the consumer market in what feels like ages, but it is neither a sympathetic underdog nor a fragile plant that should not be trampled on. Here, a multi-billion corporation with extensively purchased personnel and know-how (also in the heads) as well as many years of development time and almost infinite seeming resources has failed grandiosely. You cannot and must not call it anything else. The saying that money alone does not score goals, which is often used in soccer, also lives on in IT, and the fact that an unfinished product with even more unfinished drivers is sold to customers for expensive money can and must be criticized.
Products can flop, no question, but then you have to be honest with yourself and pull the plug in time. This salami launch, which has been dragging on for what feels like an eternity, where Intel is still screwing on the messed up telemetry in the background while the PR is already hyperventilating again, has a much more negative effect on the outsider than an honest statement and a serious cut. After all, Pat now has his first real Vega moment and Raja not the first déjà vu. This would not have been necessary, but it could have been avoided. I will perhaps measure a few things and also take a closer look at the A750 if it does materialize.
Nor is it the first A380 product to fail. The other one was much, much bigger. But at least it worked, and it didn’t even crash or go down once.

estava inspirado o homem.


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Construção da placa em si meu deus da Gunner Arc A380 6GB Photon .
"Intel accused of failing to "compete with the 3070 Ti or 3070" as it denies Arc Alchemist A780 ever existed"
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Comments from CEO Pat Gelsinger and CFO Dave Zinsner
For AXG, while we will not hit our GPU unit target. We remain on track to deliver over $1 billion in revenue this year. In Q2, we started to ramp Intel Arc graphics for laptops with OEMs, including Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, HP and Asus. COVID-related supply chain issues and our own software-readiness challenges caused availability delays that we continue to work to overcome. Intel Arc A5 and A7 desktop cards will start to ship in Q3.


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A AMD andou muitos anos e em fases diferentes a vender CPUs que não valiam ponta dum corno e não digo que eram um bocado inferiores, não valiam menos nada mas como estavam posicionados comercialmente de forma competitiva deram para aguentar para um dia melhor.

Se não conseguem apostar nisto um bocado de aguentar a onda epá nunca mais apareçam.


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O problema é que a A380 é demasiado fraca para tirar as devidas conclusões. E os drivers ainda estão uma lástima.
Vamos ver quando sairem as reviews da A750, a unica gráfica desta geração que deverá ter algum interesse dependendo do preço.


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I have asked some dealers, potential distributors and also manufacturers in the European area about Intel’s Arc cards and the plans of these companies in this regard. However, there was predominantly little to no interest in even embarking on the adventure with this new product. And mind you, that was long before the first benchmarks and also our own tests of the Arc A380! The most important argument was always that Intel, in contrast to NVIDIA and AMD, could not or did not want to give any price guarantee and that the framework conditions and bases for cost drivers like RMA and returns were significantly worse than those of the competitors.
I wouldn’t want to call that arrogance right away, but Intel has to accommodate the risk takers a bit (and offer something) and not just insist that everything with Intel on it sells itself. This is certainly exemplified by the fact that Intel is said to have had a hard time finding suitable launch partners in Germany. I know of more than one company that declined with thanks due to the general conditions.
At least one of the big board partners has even stopped the production of Intel cards completely (“due to quality concerns“), as I could find out yesterday and today. Which brings us back to pulling the symbolic plug. If this proves to be true across the board and continues even further, Intel will have a real problem and would have to live off its own, self-produced reference cards for the time being.
Other board partners have at least already completely capped their marketing activities, and it does not currently look as if there will be any real launch offensives from the board partners in the time window I mentioned between August 5, 2022 and September 29, 2022. What will really arrive on the market (as retail) will be seen in the next few weeks. From the customer’s point of view, I can only hope for the best, I alone lack faith.

Não são boas noticias.