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Intel LindenHurst

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por Murcielago_V12, 18 de Junho de 2004. (Respostas: 2; Visualizações: 774)

  1. Murcielago_V12

    Murcielago_V12 Power Member

    Intel Lindenhurst, Tumwater Chipsets Pricing Revealed
    E7710, E7510, E7515, E7210 Uncovered

    by Anton Shilov
    11/11/2003 | 04:00 PM

    We managed to learn the pricing of Intel’s next-generation chipsets for workstations and servers from unofficial sources familiar with Intel’s roadmap. As it is already made known, Intel’s family of core-logic solutions will be complimented by 4 new products priced from $44 to $100.

    In the second quarter of 2004 Intel will release its Lindenhurst chipset – also known as E7710 – for dual-way server applications powered by code-named Nocona and eventually Jayhawk processors. The E7710 aka Lindenhurst core-logic will support Intel Xeon processors with 800MHz Quad Pumped Bus, dual-channel PC2700 DDR and PC2-3200 DDR-II SDRAM memory with ECC support. Besides, the E7710 will bring PCI Express x8 as well as PCI Express x4 into server solutions in addition to direct connect LAN and storage components. The bringer of innovations will cost $84 in 1000 unit quantities at launch in Q2 2004. Our sources also indicated Intel’s plans to offer a cut-down version of the E7710 – the Lindenhurst VS aka E7510 – that will be priced at $70.

    Intel E7515 aka Tumwater core-logic coming in the same timeframe will add PCI Express x16 bus for graphics to features brought by E7710/E7510 as well as some other peculiarities of solutions for workstations. The product will be quoted at $100 in commercial quantities.

    For lower-cost 1U Rack Servers Intel will offer E7210 core-logic (Canterwood-ES) at $44 price-point with support for Intel Prescott processors with 533, 800MHz QPB, dual-channel PC2700 or PC3200 memory controller with ECC support, CSA bus for Kenai-II Gigabit Ethernet controller as well as PAT, the main feature of the i875P and E7210 chipset designs. Canterwood-ES may be paired with the ICH-S (Hance Rapids) South Bridge, which provides 64-bit PCI required by entry-level servers.

    Intel has not announced plans to discontinue current chipsets for Xeon platforms with 533MHz Quad Pumped Bus, such as E7505 ($100), E7500/E7501 and famous E7205 ($57). It is expected that these products will also exist on the market for some time together with new chipsets.

    The information given herein was not confirmed by Intel representatives.

    nao sei s é repost, mas hoje tava a testar umas DDR2 (la no trabalho) de 2GB e 1GB com timmings 3-3-3-11, DDR400, e reparei k, alem de um cooler k parecia uma caixa de parafusos com uma ventoinha, a board era uma ***** coisa centronic, com duplo proc e suporte para 8 modulos d mems, e o chip era um tal de Intel LindenHurst..

    k chip é este???
  2. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    mmmm, pq uma noticia de 11/11/2003? Anda aí informação mais actualizada.

    São os futuros ***** para Xeons.
  3. Murcielago_V12

    Murcielago_V12 Power Member

    como foi a primeira vez d k tal ouvi falar, fikei nakela

    (e para portateis, ja se fazem 512 DDR400-pelo menos tenho testado)

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