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Intel said to allow overclocking on new own-brand boards

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  1. HyperRush

    HyperRush Power Member

    Intel said to allow overclocking on new own-brand boards
    Charles Chou, Taipei; Christy Lee, DigiTimes.com [Thursday 5 December 2002]

    Intel is reportedly planning to offer limited overclocking functions on its own-brand motherboards for the upcoming Canterwood and Springdale platforms, a slight change from the chipmaker’s previous firm policy against overclocking.

    According to sources, to enhance its competitiveness in the clone market, Intel has decided to allow users to adjust voltage and memory module transmission frequency on its own-brand Canterwood and Springdale boards, which are expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2003.

    The move is regarded as yet another strategy by Intel to expand into the clone sector, a stronghold of rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), motherboard makers noted. Earlier, the chipmaker surprisingly changed its Springdale chipset specifications from the original 677MHz FSB (front-side bus) speed and dual-channel DDR333 memory architecture to an 800MHz FSB and dual-channel DDR400. AMD’s forthcoming K8 processors support an 800MHz FSB as well.

    In addition to the Springdale updates, Intel has also pulled its workstation-use Canterwood chipsets into its desktop portfolio, appearing to try to attract more power users with products of greater performance, board makers said.

    Supplied mainly to fulfill OEM orders, Intel’s own-brand boards usually feature more mature, mainstream specifications. As a result, although its monthly output is almost as great as Taiwan’s first-tier makers and its product price is also very competitive, Intel’s own-brand motherboard business has not put much pressure on Taiwanese players in the more performance-sensitive clone sector.

    Besides strengthening its operation in the clone sector, Intel’s new product approach is also believed to be a safeguard measure for its processor sales, as its standard changes in Springdale chipsets may prevent some less-resourceful motherboard makers from introducing supporting products in time next year.
  2. Tecnoboy

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    Já não era sem tempo... :rolleyes:

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