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Intel Skulltrail Platform Features Nvidia Sli Technology

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por Zarolho, 5 de Outubro de 2007. (Respostas: 3; Visualizações: 1378)

  1. Zarolho

    Zarolho Power Member

    Update: We've got some information directly from NVIDIA about Skulltrail and its SLI support that we wanted to share with you all:

    • NVIDIA nForce 100 Media and Communications Processors Provide An Exciting SLI-Ready Platform for Intel Customers
    • Intel demonstrated its new “Skulltrail” motherboard at this week’s Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco, CA. Skulltrail is a dual-socket motherboard that is targeted at ultra-high-end desktop enthusiasts and workstation customers.
    • The Skulltrail motherboard uses Intel's workstation “Stoakley” chipset designed for 2P CPU operation (1P configurations are not supported).
    • To enable NVIDIA SLI support, Intel has purchased NVIDIA nForce 100 SLI MCPs from NVIDIA.
    • The NVIDIA nForce 100 MCP converts a single x16 PCI Express Gen 1 bus into dual x16 PCI Express Gen 1 buses. This is how SLI is being supported on Skulltrail.
    • NVIDIA assisted Intel in the bring-up and testing of the Skulltrail motherboard which was publicly demonstrated at the Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco this week.
    • NVIDIA SLI technology is the world’s leading multi-GPU platform, allowing multiple NVIDIA GeForce graphics processing units (GPUs) to work together, resulting in scalable performance.
    • Intel has not licensed SLI technology from NVIDIA. Intel purchased NVIDIA nForce 100 MCPs to enable support for SLI.
    • Skulltrail is the only Intel motherboard which will feature NVIDIA SLI support. Intel is not using the NVIDIA nForce 100 MCP on any other chipsets, including X38.
    • For other 1P segments of the Intel market, NVIDIA has a wide variety of SLI products already available, including the leading nForce 680i SLI MCP for enthusiasts and gamers.
    • Skulltrail motherboards will only be available directly from Intel
  2. DMH

    DMH 1st Folding then Sex

    NO SLI for X38:(
  3. blastarr

    blastarr Power Member

    Eles só dizem que a Intel não comprou a bridge para o X38 em motherboards... fabricadas pela Intel.
    Nada impede que a Asus, por exemplo, a integre nas suas próprias motherboards com esse (e outros) chipsets da Intel.
  4. mascarilha

    mascarilha I folded Myself


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