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Intel to intro 64-bit Xeons on 1st of August

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    Server Road Maps Montecito, Millington make showing in server revamp

    By Mike Magee: Tuesday 11 May 2004, 15:33

    THE MONTECITO FLAVOUR of Intel's Itanic ship has made a showing in roadmaps the firm is showing to its original equipment manufacturers, it has emerged.

    Called the Montecito 400, and scheduled for the third quarter of 2005, the chips will work with the E8870 chipset and be positioned in the $39,000 server bracket for eight way systems and above.

    And another IA-64 chip codenamed Millington 400/533 will also appear in the same period, while Intel will also offer this in a low voltage version too.

    The Itanic will have a 533MHz front side bus in the fourth quarter of this year, while 1.60GHz/3MB and 1.30GHz/3MB cache parts on the 400MHz system bus are still slated for Q3 too.

    As far as the 9MB Madisons are concrned, we expect to see a 1.70GHz Itanium 2 in Q3, and a 1.70GHz/9MB CPU in the fourth quarter. The Itanium II chips, and IA-32 server chips, if you want to know, don't fall into the quaint numbering scheme Intel uses for notebook and desktop chips.

    As you'd expect because of the dropping of Jayhawk and Tejas reported here last week, there's quite a wind of change blowing through the server roadmaps, but Potomac, an eight way baby, is still there for the first quarter of next year, even though we believe people working on the project have been re-assigned.

    Here's a summary of what's important. The Madison 9M/400 is scheduled for launch in the third quarter of this year, with a frequency of 1.70GHz. But the LV Fanwood/400 wil also launch during that quarter, with a cache of 3MB and a clock speed of 1.30GHz.

    Intel's Lindenhurst E7520 and its Tumwater E7525 are still on the cards. The Nocona-Lindenhurst platform is slated for Q3, while the Tumwater workstation is now scheduled for Q2 of 2005, as far as we can make out.

    The next generation Lakeport is scheduled to appear as a workstation chip in Q3 of 2005, while P4 Copper River at 3.60GHz is still booked to make a showing in Q3 this year.

    Intel will also migrate the 1066MHz front side bus to workstation chips using the 925XE (for PCI Express) in Q4 this year, with a clock rate of 3.73GHz.

    The first Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (iAMD64 to the INQ), will make their showing on the 1st of August, with the launch of the P4 3.6GHz, the 3.4GHz, and the 3.2GHz. ALl of these use an 800MHz system bus. Prices for these will be $640, $415 and $279.

    Amazingly, Intel will cut the prices of the first two of these chips to $418 and $279 just three weeks later, on the 22nd of August.

    Intel is aiming these babies at uniprocessor servers and for workstations.

    The next price cuts come on the 30th of May, in the run up to some Xeon introductions on the 27th of June and the subsequent launch of a 3.8GHz Xeon at $640.

    More info: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=15841

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