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Intel to launch X48 high end chipset

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por Zarolho, 30 de Agosto de 2007. (Respostas: 3; Visualizações: 1974)

  1. Zarolho

    Zarolho Power Member

    First off: the news is from Fudzilla, but I thought it might be interesting. Rumours say that X38 sucks in its current state, so it might acutally make some sense for Intel to work on a chipset with high oc-sapabilities.
    Here is what Fud says:

    «...At the same time as X38
    Intel will release a special version of the X38 chipset called X48 and this new old chipset will simply be the faster iteration of X38. This chipset is described as an overclockers dream and will be shipped to selected partners only.
    Tier one the usual suspect including Asus will be among first to get them. These boards will be the top of the iceberg and they will be the best of the best, and so will the chipset.
    It will be interesting to get our hands on it as X38 / X48 motherboard will leave all P35 boards sitting in the dust...»


    «...I am sure it is true! I have some X38 boards and performance really SUCKS! Compared to P35 ... todays X38 is the same like P35 with only some more PCI Express lanes. If Intel want to attack high-end nForce will need really monster-chipset and this is not a X38 ...for now...»

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  2. Zarolho

    Zarolho Power Member

    X38 - Q6600 OC - Air - Vista - 4GB - DDR2-1200


    «...I have not pushed it yet, but 3.6GHz on air with 1.375V and completely stable under Vista with 4GB of memory at DDR2-1200 is an indicator of a fairly good Q6600 and probably motherboard...»

    «...Situation is very fluid right now, it depends on the manufacturer, some will have both boards launching at the same time, some will have DDR2 first, then DDR3, and vice versa...»

    «...Gigabyte, for example, will be releasing the DDR2 edition first and the DDR3 version will follow 2-3 weeks later, according to tech support. IMO, unless there is a significant increase in performance with DDR3 with these boards (say 15%+) then there should be no reason to get a DDR3 board unless you happen to be an enthusiast. This board will be obsolete in a year with the release of Nehalem and new chipset and by then there will be cheaper and faster DDR3...»

    «...I have the Blitz Extreme, the Formula board should arrive next week. We have had a new policy in effect since a certain incident with the P5N32-SLI, full reviews will only be completed on retail kits and we have a rotating system in place where we also purchase the same board to ensure consistency with the reviews. ASUS has told us the Blitz boards should arrive in the US in early September, and yes, they will be competing with the X38 boards. The dates on the X38 boards are floating around, one day I hear 9/9, the next (as in today) I hear 9/13. I do know our final retail samples from the big three are due around 9/11...»

    «...The BadAxe 3 will probably not arrive until the later part of September and based on early information, that is the X38 to really watch for as Intel is pulling out all of the stops on it, at least we hope the final BIOS reflects early samples. [​IMG] Do not expect a real difference between the P35 and X38 at stock speeds, X38 was designed to shine when overclocking, we are still waiting on optimized BIOS spins for the early boards we have before confirming that statement...»

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  3. LynX-

    LynX- Power Member

    nao é k perceba muito disto mas nao falta a L3 cache??? e um quad logo deve ter 8 mb ou estou enganado?
  4. S1nnless

    S1nnless What is folding?

    L3 so nos novos Barcelona da AMD

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