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Intel to Start Volume Production of 45nm Chips in 45 Days

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por Zarolho, 13 de Setembro de 2007. (Respostas: 30; Visualizações: 3290)

  1. Zarolho

    Zarolho Power Member

    Intel Corp. said on Tuesday that it would start production of its new central processing units (CPUs) using new 45nm process technology in late October, less than two months from now. Following the formal opening, the world’s largest chipmaker will unveil new and faster processors in mid-November, a move expected to rise performance bar of computing.

    In 45 days, a new building called ‘Fab 32’ tucked into a sleepy corner of Arizona will come to life. Inside this building a new type of device will be made in incredible numbers,” said Nick Knupffer, a spokesman for Intel wrote in the company’s corporate blog.

    Intel’s 45nm fabrication process is an innovative production technology that features new Hafnium material with a property called high-k for the transistor gate dielectric, and a new combination of metal materials for the transistor gate electrode. The combination of thinner process technology along with new materials is projected to reduce transistor leakage and increases their performance.

    The Santa Clara, California-based chipmaker is projected to ship its first server and high-performance desktop/workstation microprocessors made using 45nm process technology for revenue this year and even formally unveil it late in 2007 too. Potentially, the new 45nm central processing units represent a threat for the new breed of chips from Advanced Micro Devices, who is known for relatively slow volume ramps of its innovative chips.

    Intel announced in March that the new “Penryn” family chips produced using 45nm process technology will have greater instructions per clock (IPC) execution, which means that they will be faster and more efficient even at the same clock-speeds with the current generation chips. Besides, the new chips will be able to run at higher clock-speeds compared to today’s Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad products.

    The major micro-architectural improvements for new Intel Core 2 processors, besides SSE4 instruction set, include the so-called Unique Super Shuffle Engine and Radix 16 technique. The Super Shuffle Engine is a full-width, single-pass shuffle unit that is 128-bits wide, which can perform full-width shuffles in a single cycle. This significantly improves performance for SSE2, SSE3 and SSE4 instructions that have shuffle-like operations such as pack, unpack and wider packed shifts.

    This feature will increase performance for content creation, imaging, video and high-performance computing. Radix 16 technique, according to Intel, roughly doubles the divider speed over previous generations for computations used in nearly all applications. In addition, Intel also improved virtualization technology as well as added some features to dynamic acceleration technology, which is supposed to boost single-threaded applications’ performance on multi-core chips.

    Each of Intel’s dual-core Penryn chips will have 410 million transistors, up significantly from 291 million of current dual-core Conroe processors, however, thanks to 45nm process technology, the chips will have die size of 107 square millimeters, down about 25% from 155 square millimeters of the Conroe.

  2. Romani48

    Romani48 Power Member

    a minha P5W já esta a espera..

    engraçado.. é ser em 45 dias :p é para combinar o numero?

    mas a comprar só passado umas semanas não vá os primeiros ainda terem uns bugzitos ou não clockarem tão bem :D
  3. 8|8| really nice

    ainda bem que só vou comprar pc lá para o final do ano/principio de 2008
  4. Alcobia

    Alcobia Power Member

    mais instruçoes por ciclo, menos consumo, mais cache e desta que tenho de fazer um upgrade do meu pentium4 3ghz hyper threading mas vou esperar um pouco nao va as 1ºs a sair ter problemas.
    hey hey
  5. Zarolho

    Zarolho Power Member

    «...Oh wait, my bad.

    They love the voltage and they love the cold. I was confused by the question...

    Last night one of my main cpu died and my backup cpu is worse.
    Thats a typo. My bad again. No CPU have been harmed and Team Japan would need more than 6Ghz to catch me...»

    Quem quiser perceber o comentário Fugger, basta ler do inicio... :-D

  6. Zarolho

    Zarolho Power Member

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  7. Metro

    Metro Benevolent Dictator For Life
    Staff Member

    Aplica-se que nem uma luva uma frase do RTCW

    Bring them on :D

  8. Blasar

    Blasar Colaborador
    Staff Member

    Gostava era que saíssem para o mercado, em quantidades significativas, antes do Natal.

    Não sei como é que vai ser... Penryn ou Phenom?

    É deste tipo de dilemas que eu não me importo de ter :lol:
  9. The WolfMan

    The WolfMan 1st Folding then Sex

    Penryn, AMD só dá problemas em OC, e muito mais dificil estabilizar voltagens e aquecem muito mais.
  10. S1nnless

    S1nnless What is folding?

    Como podes dizer isso se nem sequer há ES dos Phenom?
  11. Kursk_crash

    Kursk_crash Banido

    Andam aí velhos do restelo ????:zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz:

    JAFoNEXUS Power Member

    OMG, mas tu preves o futuro ?!? 8|
  13. DMH

    DMH 1st Folding then Sex

    May the force be with you Maya:205:
    Esse tempo já passou, agora são as duas boas apostas embora neste momento a Intel esteja melhor mas esperemos pela resposta da AMD
  14. gryle

    gryle Power Member

  15. Helixsk8

    Helixsk8 I quit My Job for Folding

    Engraçado ver o regresso dos multis x.5 como é o caso do de 2.5 ghz e do de 2.83 ghz.
    Ou é isso ou são 1066 fsb o que duvido.
  16. lohka_86

    lohka_86 Banido

    Sim por acaso também acho que são multis com "meio", tipo: 7,5 x 333= 2500mhz :)
  17. Helixsk8

    Helixsk8 I quit My Job for Folding

    MUAHAHHAHAH Agora é que quero ver quem é o phenomeno :002::002::002::004::004: Ainda não é desta que os preços todos dropam devido à concorencia cheirame :x2:

    Xs @ Idf 2007 - peryn results

    Intel Developer Forum 2007 - Day 1: Nehalem, Intel's GPUs, 32nm and More

    Links added =)
    Última edição: 18 de Setembro de 2007
  18. DMH

    DMH 1st Folding then Sex

    Podias postar o link para a link Helix?? thanks;)
    Última edição: 18 de Setembro de 2007
  19. acho que ainda nao tinha sido postado....
  20. Zarolho

    Zarolho Power Member

    XtremeSystems.org Demos 5.5GHz+ Quad-Core Yorkfield

    Intel along with XtremeSystems ran a phase-change cooling demo of a ridiculously overclocked 45nm Yorkfield (quad-core Penryn) running at around 5.5GHz.
    We saw a couple of world records broken, including a new world record for Cinebench R10 (32-bit).

    A shot of the cooling system, three compressors chained together to bring CPU temperatures down to 160 below 0
    Intel used the overclocking demo to talk about its upcoming X38 chipset launch, coming in October. Intel wants the X38 chipset to be embraced by enthusiasts hence the XS demo.


    «...It went perfect, 10 world records reset today.
    10x reduction in gate leakage = more speed with less volts
    we will soon see 6ghz 45nm overclocked parts.
    I will post images later today, some I don't have saved on usb drive
    The current pi we is 8.40 seconds
    294 am3 with iq and no video card overclock, well over 300k tweaked
    Ill post more later...»


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