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iPad iPad Pro 11" e 12.9" 4th gen (2020)

Discussão em 'Dispositivos iOS, watchOS e tvOS' iniciada por gif, 27 de Dezembro de 2019. (Respostas: 81; Visualizações: 4582)

  1. gif

    gif Power Member

    Apple unveils new iPad Pro models with dual-cameras and LiDAR

    Apple has launched updated versions of its iPad Pro tablets. This includes the iPad Pro 12.9-inch, which is now in its fourth generation, and the second generation of the iPad Pro 11-inch.


    One of the main new features of these updated iPads is the new camera system. The iPad Pro models now have a two cameras on the back in a housing similar to that of the iPhone 11. The camera system now includes a 12MP f/1.8 regular camera carried over from the previous generation model and a new 10MP f/2.4 ultrawide camera exclusive to these tablets. Both cameras can do 4K video up to 60fps.


    However, the ultrawide module is not the most interesting part of the camera system. With the new iPad Pro models, Apple is introducing a hardware LiDAR scanner, which further cements the company's dedication to AR.

    A LiDAR scanner is a ToF depth sensor that works by bouncing laser off an object to determine its distance from the sensor. The sensor is commonly used to accurately map the shape of the Earth's surface for mapping applications, and also in autonomous vehicles. On the iPad Pro, the sensor works alongside the two cameras and motion sensors to accurately measure depth for all sorts of augmented reality applications.


    The new iPad Pro models also premiere Apple's latest A12Z Bionic chipset. This features an eight-core CPU and a new eight-core GPU along with improved thermal design and tuned performance controllers, which Apple claims provide more performance than most laptops. The new iPad Pros come with 128GB of base storage and can also be bought with 256GB, 512GB or 1TB.

    Another new feature of the 2020 iPad Pro tablets is the support for the new Magic Keyboard. It features cantilever hinges that allows you to position the iPad at any angle up to 130 degrees and the way it snaps to the back makes the iPad float above the keyboard at a comfortable height. The keyboard has backlit keys and USB-C passthrough that lets you can charge the iPad Pro and still use the port on the iPad for other accessories.


    However, by far the most important feature on this new Magic Keyboard is the integrated trackpad. While the iPad did support mice, the new trackpad support in the upcoming iPadOS 13.4 refines this further. With the new software, the mouse pointer now appears as a small white circle on screen, and as you move around, it automatically snaps to UI elements making it easier to click on things.

    The new trackpad support in iPadOS is designed to embrace the touch-first nature of the UI and also works automatically with all iPad apps with no effort required by developers. They can, however, spend some time and take better advantage of the new trackpad support using the new APIs.

    The new trackpad support is coming with iPadOS 13.4 arriving on March 24. It will also support Apple's Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2, and other third-part mice over USB or Bluetooth.


    The new iPad Pro models also feature an updated microphone system. You now get five "studio-quality" microphones for calls, voice recording and audio recording. These are likely the same great microphones found on the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. As before, you have a four speaker system, with one at each corner, that automatically adjusts sound based on which orientation you hold the tablet.

    These are largely the new changes on the iPad Pro. The designs are largely similar to the previous generation models, as are the 120Hz ProMotion displays with P3 wide color support, 600 nits brightness and antireflective coating.

    The new models also feature the same TrueDepth Camera from the previous model, which includes the 7MP f/2.2 sensor that can do 1080p video up to 60fps. More importantly, it supports Face ID for secure biometric unlocking of the device and applications that support it.

    On the connectivity front, the new iPad Pro models adds the Wi-Fi 6 standard, along with Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, and USB-C connectivity. LTE is available as an option with eSIM.

    The iPad Pro 12.9-inch model has a 36.71 watt-hour battery while the 11-inch model has a 28.65 watt-hour battery, which are largely identical to previous generation models. Apple claims 10 hours of use for both of them on Wi-Fi. Both can be fast-charged over USB-C Power Delivery chargers.

    Prices are same as before, with the 11-inch model starting at $799 in the US for the Wi-Fi model and $949 for the LTE model with 128GB storage. The 12.9-inch model starts at $999 for the Wi-Fi model and $1149 for the LTE model with 128GB storage.

    The new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is priced at $299 for the 11-inch model and $349 for the 12.9-inch model. You can also use the Smart Keyboard Folio ($179/$199) or the second-generation Apple Pencil ($129) with these new models.

    The new iPad Pro models are available online in 30 countries today and will be in retail stores next week.

    Última edição: 19 de Março de 2020
  2. sombrio

    sombrio Power Member

    Mas alguém usa o IPad para fotografias?
  3. gif

    gif Power Member

  4. sombrio

    sombrio Power Member

    Ridículo. :)
  5. jncevcosta

    jncevcosta Power Member

    Nem imaginas quantas pessoas. Conheço várias pessoas que usam e gostam :lol:
  6. gif

    gif Power Member

    Apple accidentally reveals four new iPad Pro models

    Apple's Chinese branch had a "whoops" moment after it accidentally listed four new iPad Pro models. It quickly took them down, but not before they were screenshot.


    Two of the model numbers are already familiar, the A2228 and the A2229, as they've appeared in ECC's database already. But we don't know when the tablets will be announced.

    No specs were revealed, but previous rumors point to triple camera setup on the back of the new iPad Pros with 3D sensing tech. But more importantly, the iPad Pro is rumored to get better mouse support with the new iPadOS and the new keyboard cover design will add to the experience even more.
  7. Fcirne

    Fcirne Power Member

  8. Fr0g

    Fr0g Power Member

    Aqui está a apresentação:

    Disponível a partir de dia 25 de Março. 11 polegadas custa 909€
    Minimo storage: 128GB

  9. sombrio

    sombrio Power Member

    Vão lançar algum IPAD MINI?
  10. Fr0g

    Fr0g Power Member

    Para já julgo que não. Pelo menos ainda nada foi apresentado.
  11. RickRW

    RickRW Power Member

    Hum... interessado no Magic Keyboard, Vamos lá ver como é a experiência do trackpad no iPadOS (o suporte para trackpad/rato vai sair no 13.4)
  12. Lash

    Lash Power Member

    Pena os 900€...
    O novo teclado ainda nao aparece em PT.
  13. joaob20

    joaob20 Power Member

    No site tem lá a opção português
  14. Fr0g

    Fr0g Power Member

    Era bom que arranjassem forma (ou então lançassem uma nova versão da apple pencil) de forma a que permitisse desligar o carregamento quando esta estivesse acoplada ao ipad.
  15. Lash

    Lash Power Member

    Se entrares vês que direciona para o smart keyboard, nao para o novo Magic.
    Atenção que estou a falar do site PT.

    Edit: Só em Maio estará disponivel.
  16. joaob20

    joaob20 Power Member

    Nem tinha reparado, é verdade!
  17. dnjs

    dnjs Power Member

    No site US tem lá os valores do magic keyboard. 11inch - 299$; 12.9inch - 349$ e tem a opção do teclado em PT. Imagino o valor por cá...
  18. RickRW

    RickRW Power Member

    Eu diria 319€ - 369€
  19. Bugu1990

    Bugu1990 Power Member

    Vi agora os novos modelos.
    Parece apenas um spec bump praticamente.
    Estava à espera de um redesign do iPad mini, mas oh well, acho que vou continuar agarrado ao meu mini 5.
    Tem sido o meu grande companheiro de quarentena :)
  20. Metro

    Metro Benevolent Dictator For Life
    Staff Member

    Estou curioso para saber mais sobre o SoC.