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Um dos maiores problemas que os users encontram é precisamente Jogos. Pois, sendo este sistema feito pra trabalho :002:, e tendo alguns joguitos interessantes (quem nao se vicia no FrozenBubble, no Supertux, no SuperKart, no Xmoto...). Mas claro, o objectivo é aqui, jogos mais "profissionais", muitos, comerciais.

Comecemos pela parte mais fácil, os jogos com suporte Linux.


Alguns Links Úteis:

Nesta lista encontramos:

Jogos Nativos
Gratuitos e/ou Livres

[Estilo FPS]

America's Army (also known as AA or Army Game Project) is a series of video games and other media developed by the United States Army and released as a global public relations initiative to help with recruitment.

Cube is the original game that started it all. Though it has been surpassed in almost every way by Cube 2, it is a game in its own right. Most importantly, it comes with over 100 maps, most of which are not available in Cube 2, with extensive single and multiplayer content.

Cube is also smaller in every way, in download, in hardware requirements (runs well on older video cards!), and in source code (the absolutely tiny code base is a very easy start for those wishing to experiment).

It also has some unique engine features such as the high precision dynamic occlusion culling, and its heighfield based level format.

Free single and multiplayer first person shooter game with some satisfying fast oldskool gameplay. A large variety of gameplay modes from classic SP to fast 1 on 1 MP and objective based teamplay, with a great variety of original maps to play on.

Level editing has never been so much fun: a press of a key allows you to modify the geometry / textures / entities in-game, on the fly. Even more novel, you can make maps together with others online, in the unique "coop edit" mode.

With its high-value team objectives, limited range projectiles, and intense maneuvering, Paintball 2 offers a very unique experience that will appeal to both hardcore and novice players. It only takes one shot to eliminate somebody, but the fast-paced, arcade-style movement from Quake 2 allows for quick dodging, insane jumps, and breakneck speeds. Best of all, the game is completely free, and it's a small download, so just try it out!

Tremulous is a free and open source asymmetric team-based first-person shooter with real-time strategy elements. The game features two opposing teams: humans and aliens. Each team must attack the enemy’s base and team members while defending their own base.

TC:Elite happens to be a total-conversion modification of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory by Team Terminator and Groove Six Studios. The game is free and playable across all platforms. Notable features include iron sights aiming (no crosshair), multi layer object penetration, letterbox / wide screen view modes, lag compensation, client side bullet prediction and support for PunkBuster, the anti cheat software.

Urban Terror™ is a free multiplayer first person shooter developed by FrozenSand, that will run on any Quake III Arena compatible engine.

Urban Terror can be described as a Hollywood tactical shooter; somewhat realism based, but the motto is "fun over realism". This results in a very unique, enjoyable and addictive game.

Nexuiz is a free, cross platform, FPS (first person shooter) distributed under GNU General Public License by Alientrap Software. It started back in May 31 2005 with version 1.0 using DarkPlaces, a significanlty modified Quake engine.

Several notable features of the game include:

* ability to multiplay up to 64 players
* ability to generate bots for practice sessions
* dynamic lighting system similar to Doom 3

Alien Arena is a completely free FPS (first person shooter) started by COR Entertainment in 2004 comprising of a science fiction ambience and a Quake like gameplay. This game is playable in single player mode against bots, but the action and thrill lies at the online multiplayer mode. Features of the Alien Arena 2007 include an internal server browser for finding other people to play online and an external program that acts as an IRC interface. There are 6 game types and 6 game mutators that changes the gameplay. Cattle Prod is a new game type that requires you to herd robotic cattle to earn points.

Warsow is a free standalone first person shooter game.
It is based on the Qfusion 3D engine (a modification of the Quake 2 GPL engine), and aimed on the competitive scene, or the e-sports community.
The base gameplay is focussed around the art of movement, meaning moving, speed and tricks play a big part in the gameplay. Besides this, mapcontrol, aim, teamplay and fragging skills play their role too.

* Standalone game for Windows, macOS and Linux
* 3D Engine based on Qfusion (a modification of Quake 2 GPL engine)
* eSport oriented FPS
* Fast-paced gameplay focused on trix (trick jumps) and art of move
* Complete Power-up System including Weak and Strong fire mode for each weapon
* Cartoonish graphics with celshading-like_but_not_Manga style, mixing dark, flashy and dirty textures, matching with action full of fun and speed
* References : Quakeworld, Quake3 CPMA, Jet Set Radio, Speedball.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a downloadable, free-to-play multiplayer game in which players wage war as Axis or Allies in team-based combat. It’s a team game; you will win or fall along with your comrades. The only way to complete the objectives that lead to victory is by cooperation, with each player covering their teammates and using their class special abilities in concert with the others.

Featuring multiplayer support for up to 32 players, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is the ultimate test of communication and teamwork on the battlefield. Players join the fray as one of five distinct character classes each with unique combat abilities. Each Axis or Allies team can divide itself into smaller fire teams for quick and easy communication using an intuitive messaging system and dynamic command map of the entire battlefield.

AssaultCube, formerly ActionCube, is a free first-person-shooter based on the game Cube. Set in a realistic looking environment, as far as that´s possible with this engine, while gameplay stays fast and arcade. This game is all about team oriented multiplayer fun

World Of Padman (WOP) é um jogo de Tiro em Primeira Pessoa de código livre disponível em Inglês e alemão. No princípio, era uma modificação para o jogo Quake III Arena intitulada PadMod criada no ano 2004. Depois que o código fonte para Quake III Arena foi liberado, o jogo se tornou autônomo. A ideia é baseada na BD Padman para a revista Jogos criados pelo artista profissional de cartoon Andreas' ENTE '(alemão para "Pato") Endres, que é também o homem que fez muitos dos mapas incluídos no jogo em 1998. A versão atual é executada em uma versão melhorada do ioquake3 engine, que é baseado no engine de Quake III Arena.

Smokin' Guns é um jogo de tiro em primeira pessoa baseado no Quake 3.
O jogo se ambienta no velho oeste, tem armas como rifle e dinamite, pode ser jogado tanto em single player (contra o computador) quanto multiplayer (contra outros jogadores de diversas partes do mundo).
O jogo não exige muito da máquina e apesar dos seus gráficos não serem tão bons quanto os dos fps's mais modernos ele garante a diversão.

[Estilo Simulação/Arcade Auto]

ManiaDrive is a free clone of Trackmania, the great game from Nadéo studio, and is an arcade car game on acrobatic tracks, with a quick and nervous gameplay (tracks almost never exceed one minute), and features a network mode, as the original. Lots of crazy driving involved.

Racer is a free cross-platform car simulation project (for non-commercial use), using professional car physics to achieve a realistic feeling and an excellent render engine for graphical realism. Cars, tracks and such can be created relatively easy (compared to other, more closed, driving simulations). The 3D, physics and other file formats are documented. Editors and support programs are also available to get a very customizable and expandable simulator. OpenGL is used for rendering.

TORCS is an open source 3D racing simulator using OpenGL technologies. It is runnable on all Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX and Windows platforms. There are 50 different cars, 20 tracks and 50 opponents to race against. The multiplayer mode can accommodate up to 4 human players. Several of the simulation include damaged models, collisions and aerodynamics like ground effects, spoilers, etc. Development is currently being carried out to enable online racing mode.

VDrift is a cross-platform, open source driving simulation made with drift racing in mind. It's powered by the excellent Vamos physics engine. It is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2. It is currently available for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Windows.

SuperTuxKart is a Free 3D kart racing game, with many tracks, characters and items for you to try. Have fun!

Tux Racer is a newbie friendly, open source, 3D computer game starring the Linux mascot, Tux the penguin. Like many open source games, the replay value of Tux Racer is extended by easy modification of the game. New maps can be created by making three raster images to indicate height, surface, and object placement.

[Estilo Simulação Espacial]

Vega Strike is an Open Source Cross-Platform 3D Space Flight Simulator that allows a player to explore, trade, and fight in the vast open space. You start in an old beat up cargo ship, with endless possibilities before you and just enough cash to scrape together a life. Yet danger lurks in the space beyond.

FlightGear Flight Simulator project is an open-source, multi-platform, cooperative flight simulator development project. Source code for the entire project is available and licensed under the GNU General Public License.

The goal of the FlightGear project is to create a sophisticated flight simulator framework for use in research or academic environments, for the development and pursuit of other interesting flight simulation ideas, and as an end-user application.

[Estilo Música]

Winner of the Assembly Demo Party 2006, Frets on Fire is a music video game that uses the keyboard to play along with scrolling on-screen musical notes to complete a song. The player has to imagine the keyboard as a guitar and pick it up to play. One hand will be used to press the ‘frets’ (F1 to F5) and another will be used to press the ‘picks’ (Shift or Enter). Colored markers that appears are to be played by pressing ‘frets’ of the correct color and ‘picks’ at the correct moment. There are also song editors and tutorials featured in the game. This game is really addictive.

StepMania é um jogo do estilo Dance Dance Revolution para Windows, Mac e Linux. Possui gráficos 3D, suporte para teclado e tapete de dança, além de um editor para criar seus próprios passos.
O jogo é o mais famoso para PC, pois conta com várias opções de configuração, além da possibilidade de se adicionar novas músicas, dançarinos, narradores, animações e vídeos de fundo, entre outras funcionalidades.

[Estilo Estratégia]

Glest is a free 3D real time strategy game, available for several operating systems.
The core game allows the player to take control of two completely different factions: Tech, which is mainly composed of warriors and mechanical devices, and Magic, that prefers mages and summoned creatures in the battlefield.
Very cool and complete warcraft-like strategy game, pity there's no multiplayer yet.

BZFlag is a free online multiplayer cross-platform open source 3D tank battle game. The name originates from "Battle Zone capture the Flag". It runs on Irix, Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac OS X, and many other platforms. It's one of the most popular open source games ever on Silicon Graphics machines and continues to be developed and improved to this day.

This game is really popular with gamers who like fantasy-based themes. To regain the throne of Wesnoth that's rightfully yours, you must recruit and train a band of warriors to help you. There are more than 200 unit types in six factions, each with their own unique spells and fighting abilities. There are several multi-player options to choose from, including Internet play, so it's a great game for as many as eight players at a time.

FreeCol is a turn-based strategy game based on the old game Colonization, and similar to Civilization. The objective of the game is to create an independent nation. You start with only a few colonists defying the stormy seas in their search for new land. Will you guide them on the Colonization of a New World?

[Estilo Puzzle]

Tilt the floor to roll a ball through an obstacle course before time runs out. Neverball is part puzzle game, part action game, and entirely a test of skill.
Neverputt is a hot-seat multiplayer miniature golf game using the physics and graphics of Neverball. Current version includes 75 Neverball levels and 62 Neverputt levels.

Two player game in a 3D ellipsoid playground. Players are cars with a magnetic director, able to attract or reject a ball in order to throw it through a goal placed in the center of the playing field. It sounds easy... but remember that reality is fuzzy!

Armagetron is a multiplayer game in 3d that attempts to emulate and expand on the lightcycle sequence from the movie Tron. It's an old school arcade game slung into the 21st century. Highlights include a customizable playing arena, HUD, unique graphics, and AI bots. For the more advanced player there are new game modes and a wide variety of physics settings to tweak as well.

X-Moto is a challenging 2D motocross platform game, where physics plays an all important role in the gameplay. You need to control your bike to its limits, if you want to have a chance to finish the most difficult challenges.

Frozen Bubble arcade game with colorful animated penguin eyecandy.

[Estilo Arcada/Plataforma/Luta]

Lemmingball Z is a fighting game for linux and windows, loosely based on "Dragon Ball Z" the hit anime.
And when we say loosely based, we mean with a big twist.Instead off the normal characters from the anime, this game features cute LEMMINGS fighting DBZ style!

SuperTux is an open-source classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games.

In this game, you control an army of hedgehogs bent on destroying all the other hedgehogs in your opponent's army. They get around via parachutes, ropes, or UFOs and have a huge trove of weapons at their disposal to off the enemy. Each play is timed so you don't overthink your next move, so just get out there and blow 'em up.

This simple war game is unlike anything you've probably seen before and it's best described by the Web site itself: "Your army is a blob of liquid and you have to try and eat your opponents." Although you can play Liquid War alone, it was designed as a multi-player game to use with friends across a LAN or on the Internet.

O jogo Robombs é uma versão grátis em 3D do famoso Bomberman!

Beats of Rage is a freeware open source video game and moddable game engine made by Senile Team and inspired by Sega's classic Streets of Rage series. The term "moddable" means that the program allows users to create their own content, and thus their own beat-'em-up game, which is then called a "mod".
Beats of Rage was first made available for download November 2003. It was not advertised in any way other than by word of mouth, yet it soon gained enormous popularity. Within days, the traffic was too much for our servers to handle. In fact, we spent most of the following months setting up mirror sites.

LinCity-NG is a City Simulation Game. It is a polished and improved version of the classic LinCity game.

Secret Maryo Chronicles is an Open Source two-dimensional platform game with a design similar to classic computer games. SMC has computer support to a great degree by using an accelerated Open Graphics Library for the best possible graphic design and stock performance.

Yo Frankie!, também conhecido como Apricot, é um jogo livre, criado baseado no enredo da animação Big Buck Bunny. Nele, o jogador controla Frankie, um esquilo. O jogo teve seus personagens, cenários e lógica criados no Blender, e a renderização em tempo-real foi feita no motor gráfico Crystal Space, usando um script automatizado, chamado Blender2Crystal, que exportava todo o conteúdo para o Crystal Space.

[Estilo RPG]

PlaneShift is a Role Playing Game immersed into a 3D virtual fantasy world which is fully free to play. Fully free means you will have no surprises of premium content which will limit your gameplay or unbalance the game. There are no limitations in skills, ranks, abilities, items you can gain with your free account. There are no time limits or additional constraints.
The virtual world is persistent, and this means you can connect to it at any hour of the day and you will always find players and NPCs wandering the realms. You will be able to disconnect and reconnect again as many times as you like because your character is stored on the server, so you will never have to worry about saving the game. A player can start from humble beginnings and advance to greatness in whatever path they may choose.

Scorched 3D is a 100% free turn-based artillery game modeled after the classic DOS game Scorched Earth ‘The Mother Of All Games’. Operatable across all operating systems. What started as a 3D landscape generator has now become a cool 3D game that requires skills to master. Players are supposed to take turns homing in to hit the target by adjusting the angle, rotation, power and a weapon of choice every other turn. Hits and kills will generate income for you to buy better weapons and items. Note that items are as important as weapons.

  • Large battles limited only by the power of your computer; support for up to 5000 units.
  • Large, highly detailed maps in which to wage those battles, fully 3D with deformable terrain, forest fires, dynamic and reflective water, and custom skyboxes.
  • Several camera modes, allowing for anything to be viewed from almost any angle.
  • Fully 3D combat in land, sea, and air, with realistic weapon trajectories.
  • Many different mods, some of them originally from Total Annihilation, and some made just for Spring.
  • Compatible with unit files from Total Annihilation, allowing 3rd party units to easily be moved into Spring.
  • Complex 3rd party AIs, some of which are quite good.
  • An extremely powerful GUI, designed to minimise unneccesary micromanagement.
  • Frequent additions and bugfixes.

Warzone 2100 is a real-time strategy game, developed by Pumpkin Studios and published by Eidos-Interactive. Although comparable to other 3D RTS games, it does contain some features that are unique. These include various radar technologies, a greater focus on artillery and counter-battery technologies, as well as a different vehicle design method.

• Powered by the revamped Freespace 2 engine
• Entirely stand-alone, Freespace 2 not required
• Accurately detailed high-resolution ship models
• High quality, originally engineered audio
• Authentic, original in-game soundtrack, in addition to pieces by Bear McCreary and Richard Gibbs
• Original characters and voice acting
• A three mission single player campaign depicting never-before-seen events, interwoven with and true to the series’ storyline
• Head online and go head-to-head with your friends—and foes—in intense multiplayer missions including Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and others
• Exciting Viper combat with authentic weaponry and flight controls

Your mission in this game is to defend the earth from marauding aliens bent on taking over the Earth. You'll need precision military skills and all your wits about you as you manage squads of armed troops, secure your bases and shoot down UFOs. You'll also have a cache of money to build, buy or produce anything your budget allows.

[Estilo MMORPG]

Champions of Regnum is a MMORPG inviting you to PLAY FOR FREE with no level or time restrictions. All that is required is that you fight for your realm.

- Regnum offers 3 realms to choose from.
- 9 fully customizable player characters.
- An ever expanding number of quests.
- The ability to capture forts and castles.
- Expansive lands to explore.
- Glorious graphical environments in DirectX and OpenGL.
- Support for Windows and Linux platforms.
- Community driven development, meaning we develop the game based on players' feedback.
- Premium content is available for enhanced game play.

The Mana World (TMW) is a serious effort to create an innovative free and open source MMORPG. TMW uses 2D graphics and aims to create a large and diverse interactive world. It is licensed under the GPL, making sure this game can't ever run away from you.

Dofus is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in which players create characters that serve as their avatar in the online world. The player can choose from twelve different classes, one of which is reserved for subscribers.
Combat is played out “turn by turn” on squared charts. Within a turn, each player can advance 3 squares and uses up to 6 “action points” to cast spells. The AP (action points) and MP (movement points) can be increased as the character evolves and by using certain equipment...

Daimonin is a free open source Massively Multiplayer On-line Role-playing Game (MMORPG) under the GPL license.
Please note: The media files don't fall all under the GPL. Please look at the artistic licence and the artistic credits.

Tibia is a multi user dungeon game. You play online with and against other players. You can rent houses, start or be in a guild. In this game you kill monsters and gain levels experience and skills. The goal is to have fun!

RuneScape é um MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) produzido pela empresa britânica Jagex Ltda, foi criado oficialmente em 1998, por Andrew Gower. O jogo possui mais de 138.000.000 (Cento e trinta e oito milhões) contas criadas, e foi reconhecido pelo Guinness como o MMORPG gratuito mais famoso do mundo.
RuneScape se passa no universo fictício de Guilenor, que é dividido em vários reinos, regiões, cidades e vilas. Os jogadores podem se deslocar por Guilenor a pé, utilizando feitiços de teletransporte, balões, navios e outros. Cada região oferece diferentes tipos de monstros, recursos e aventuras (missões), também conhecidas como quests, que desafiam o jogador. Diferentemente de outros MMORPG’s, não há uma história a ser seguida, apesar de haver toda uma história sobre o tempo anterior ao qual o jogador se situa. Os jogadores são representados por avatares customizáveis, cujas metas e objetivos são definidos pelos próprios jogadores. Estes podem lutar contra monstros ou até outros jogadores, engendrar em aventuras ou aumentar a experiência em quaisquer das habilidades disponíveis, também conhecidas como skills. Os jogadores podem interagir entre si através de conversa, trocas de itens, ou participando em mini jogos cooperativos ou competitivos.


A nível pago encontramos jogos como:
Normalmente está disponível nos repositórios das respectivas distribuições.
Caso contrário, é so fazer download da página oficial, dar permissão para o correr (por ex "sudo chmod +x"), e instalar ("sh"). Normalmente adicionam logo um icone, mas hoje em dia, muitos gestores de programas já os têm incluidos até!

Também é possível correr jogos baseado em DirectX, mas aqui a lista encurta bastante.

Podemos optar por, entre muitos, estes 3 programas:

Desde já é requisito necessário ter o (pacote) WINE instalado, a fim de correr executáveis windows.De seguida, aconselha-se antes de mais, verificar o "feedback" no jogo pretendido > aqui <.
Alguns instalam-se normal, outros é necessário instalar numa máquina windows (grrr), e copiar depois o jogo para uma partiçao nativa linux.

Esta é uma das maravilhas que podemos encontrar pra correr alguns jogos. E a extensa lista corre muitos perfeitamente. O grande problema é que não é totalmente gratuito, isto é, o programa (e o seu ambiente gráfico). O Cedega pode ser usado na totalidade, por uma pequena mensalidade, ou então, compilando directamente do seu código-fonte.
Depois de instalado, os jogos podem ser instalados pelo cedega, que criará uma configuração independente para cada jogo, garantindo estabilidade.
Alguns sites incluem guias e scripts para a compilação do cedega e instaladores de alguns jogos. Eu aconselho vivamente o , com howto cedega >aqui<, e alguns instaladores/guias >aqui<.

CrossOver Games
Este projecto pago recente já apresenta bons resultados como podemos ver
CrossOver Games is capable of running a range of Windows games. To see if your favorite game is supported, please check our CrossOver Compatibility Center.
CodeWeavers officially supports the following games:
  • World of Warcraft
  • EVE Online
  • Guild Wars
  • Prey
  • Steam Games, including:
    • Half-Life 2
    • Team Fortress 2
    • Counterstrike
    • Counterstrike: Source
    • Civilization IV
    • Peggle Extreme
    • Call of Duty 2
    • Max Payne 2
    • Grand Theft Auto 2
  • and more...

Este projecto mais recente facilita a instalação de jogos via wine, permitindo de uma forma acessível fazer a sua instalação.
É portanto um frontend que se server do wine. Cito:
What are PlayOnLinux's features?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the interesting points to know:
  • You don't have to own a Windows® license to use PlayOnLinux.
  • PlayOnLinux is based on Wine, and so profits from all its possibilities yet it keeps the user away from its complexity while exploiting some of its advanced functions.
  • PlayOnLinux is a free software.
  • PlayOnLinux uses Bash and Python
Nevertheless, PlayOnLinux has some defects, as every piece of software:
  • Occasional performances decrease (image may be less fluid and graphics less detailed).
  • Not all games are supported. Nevertheless, you can use our manual installation module.

esquiso disse:
nuno_nunes disse:


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Consigo correr o WoW pelo cedega com melhores FPS que em windows :|. Ate colei... Um amigo meu com a mesma placa que eu ta-me a fazer a cabeça para lhe instalar o debian e por o WoW a funcionar lol. É que ele so consegue 10FPS em SW e eu consigo para cima de 23 lol (ambas sem qq overclock)


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Eu tenho jogado Urban Terror (nativo de Linux), Enemy Territory (nativo), True Combat: Elite (nativo) e Live For Speed (corre 5 estrelas, em wine). Todos são jogos free e multiplayer.

Também tenho o Steam e vários jogos, a correr em wine, mas ja nao jogo ha alguns meses a esses.

Agora tou viciado é em Live For Speed mesmo.


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Um pequeno contributo:
  • Nos free/gratuitos editar de RTCW:ET para Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, pois RCTW é o velhito Return to Castle Wolfenstein que é comercial
  • Também tens o mod ETF do Enemy Territory
  • Ainda nos free gratuitos tens as demos do RTCW (ainda existem servidores e uma comunidade activa), UT2003 e UT2004.
  • Outros frees (FPS uma vez mais) World of Padman, Open Arena e BzFLag (tanques e multiplayer)
  • Nos comerciais também podes contar com os velhinhos Quake 1 (e derivados), Quake 2 e Unreal Tournament
Experimentei o Tremulous e gostei muito. E quanto ao ET... nem digo nada, são 4 anos anos and still counting.:D

Encontra-se muita informação sobre jogos em linux aqui:

Já agora há também uma distro live-CD com alguns dos jogos de aqui falamos:


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Tive e testar o Live For Speed, parece um jogo porreiro, mas não corre como deve ser no wine... não consigo ver a carrocaria do carro, apenas o condutor chassis e rodas. Preciso de fazer alguma configuração especial para resolver este problema?


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pois não sei então sorry, é estranho lol

no forum do lfs
Question for all wine users, do you guys see textures on cars under wine? I see only wheels, chairs, driver body (without helmet) I have wine 0.9.32, but it's the same for all last year wine versions.
Ah, this one, fiddle with those LFS graphics settings, Hardware vertex shader and such, it cured that for my game. Also from winecfg had to set those hardware and pixel shader to use hardware.
Can't remember what other settings in LFS did make this, hmm, sky was one and haze effect too that I did play with, have to restart game to get it show what it really did effect, but that was possible to cure.
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Tive e testar o Live For Speed, parece um jogo porreiro, mas não corre como deve ser no wine... não consigo ver a carrocaria do carro, apenas o condutor chassis e rodas. Preciso de fazer alguma configuração especial para resolver este problema?
LOL, isso é manual/ definido :/ Ve as teclas predefinidas, de cor nao sei.
O unico problema que pode aparecer é as sombras, que devem ser desactivadas. Mas de resto dá direito.


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Não acredito que não está aí o Battle of Wesnoth, Ta:Spring, ou até mesmo o Lincity.

Se quiserem comerciais, o Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos dá que é um mimo :D (penso que no Wine também, porque eu experimentei no Cedega).

O Frozen não tenho para experimentar :D

(Depois vejo se me esqueci de algum.)


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Lembrei-me agora do Ufo:AI que é um jogo porreiro de estratégia.

E porque é que ninguém falou no Nethack / Angband / Dungeon Crawl? :D

Ou então do Falcon Eye, ou do S.C.O.U.R.G.E..

EDIT: Lembrei-me agora do FreeCiv :D
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pá, inda hoje espero 1 resposta por email lá no forum...
Sem noticias, nunca mais disseram nada, e nao se viu nada em concreto...
mas tresanda-me a fake (qual o interesse da MS em auxiliar naquele projecto ?)
But stick to the topic ;)
UT 2004 versão linux


Bem é só para partilhar com voces, que instalei o UT 2004 versão para linux, e fiquei bastante supreendido, corre que nem uma maravilha! Sem qualquer bug até agora e bastante fluido.

Á noite vou experimentar o doom3 :D


Estou aqui a tentar jogar o war rock no linux, e pelo menos arranca bem. O problema é que sou banido logo, (invalid windows api version). Alguem sabe alguma forma de contornar isto ?
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