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LaCie Introduces HDD Bricks

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por muddymind, 25 de Novembro de 2005. (Respostas: 2; Visualizações: 917)

  1. muddymind

    muddymind 1st Folding then Sex

    LaCie introduced a new set of stackable hard drives in white, red and blue colors designed by Ora-Ito: the LaCie Brick Desktop Edition (3.5"; 160-500GB) and Mobile Edition (2.5", 40-120GB). As the press release says, Ora-Ito took one of his favorite childhood objects and created a hybrid hard drive that doubles as desk art. He chose primary white, red and blue colors to add vibrancy to everyday desktops.

    LaCie Bricks can be used on a PC or Mac and come with free backup software. LaCie Brick Desktop Editions are equipped with a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface and come with all necessary power adapters. LaCie Brick Mobile Editions are bus-powered and are available with either a Hi-Speed USB 2.0-only interface, or dual FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 interfaces. LaCie Brick Desktop Edition 300GB and 500GB include an automatic thermo-regulated smart fan that changes airflow based on need. Lower capacity models are fanless for near-silent operation.

    LaCie Brick hard drives are available for pre-order today at the LaCie Store online and will be widely available through LaCie's specialized dealer network end of December 2005 at the suggested retail prices below. LaCie Bricks ship with LaCie One Click Backup Software for PC/Mac, and LaCie Silverlining and SilverKeeper drive management and advanced backup utilities for Macs.

    Desktop Editions:

    * LaCie Brick Desktop Edition (USB) 160GB White $119.99
    * LaCie Brick Desktop Edition (USB) 250GB Red $149.99
    * LaCie Brick Desktop Edition (USB) 300GB Blue $199.99
    * LaCie Brick Desktop Edition (USB) 500GB Red $399.99

    Mobile Editions:

    * LaCie Brick Mobile Edition (USB) 40GB White $99.99
    * LaCie Brick Mobile Edition (USB) 80GB Blue $149.99
    * LaCie Brick Mobile Edition (USB) 120GB Red $299.99
    * LaCie Brick Mobile Edition (USB/FW) 40GB Blue $119.99
    * LaCie Brick Mobile Edition (USB/FW) 80GB Red $169.99
    * LaCie Brick Mobile Edition (USB/FW) 120GB Blue $329.99


    no minimo original :P
  2. nothing

    nothing Power Member

    Porreiro, legos para leechers/geeks. :D
  3. Passarinhuu

    Passarinhuu Folding Member

    Acho feio... desprezando o facto de não ser grande apreciador de Lego. Mas admito que o design até está original :D

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