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linksys befdsr41w novo firmware-duvida

Discussão em 'Dúvidas e Suporte—Internet, Redes, Segurança' iniciada por AMDXISPALHEIRO, 20 de Janeiro de 2004. (Respostas: 2; Visualizações: 861)



    linksys befdsr41w novo firmware

    para quem quiser sacar:

    aparecem 2 novas opcoes na configuracao,o que eu queria era que me explicassem pra que servem:

    Network Address Translation: opcoes: Enable ou Disable

    MTU Override: opcoes: Disable ou Enable :a frente tem um rectangulo pra por uns numeros no caso de enable

    obrig a todos
  2. Dutchman.Pt

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    Network Address Translation :

    Overview :

    NAT is an acronym for Network Address Translation. It is a commonly used IP translation and mapping technology. To home networkers like you, it is a technology that allows your home network to share internet access. Using a device or piece of software that implements NAT allows an entire home network to share a single internet connection over a single IP address. A single cable mode, DSL modem, or even 56k modem could connect all the computers in your home to the internet simultaneously. Additionally, NAT keeps your home network fairly secure from hackers.

    NAT is built in to the most common Internet Connection Sharing technologies around. Microsoft has built their ICS around it and every Cable/DSL Broadband Router on the market accomplishes its job with NAT.

    How Does It Work ? :

    NAT acts as an interpreter between two networks. In the case of a home network, it sits between the internet and your home network. The internet is considered the ‘public’ side and your home network is considered the ‘private’ side. When a computer in the private side request data from the public side (the internet), the NAT device will open a little conduit between your computer and the destination computer. When the public computer returns results from the request, it is passed back through the NAT device to the requesting computer

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    Maximum Transmission Unit (TCP/IP)

    Each type of network has a Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU), which is the largest packet that it can transfer If the datagram received from one network is longer than the other network's MTU, it is necessary to divide the datagram into smaller fragments for transmission. This process is called fragmentation.

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    obrigadao Dutchman.Pt
    fiquei esclarecido. :cool:

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