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Man Down! Exclusive Sum Of All Fears Screens!

Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por possessed, 14 de Maio de 2002. (Respostas: 3; Visualizações: 1179)

  1. possessed

    possessed Full Throttle BOINC Roller

    Lock 'n load, bullet-boy, kick down the door, and storm inside to check brand new shots of tactical shooter The Sum Of All Fears

    17:59 Based around the forthcoming movie which is in turn based around the Tom Clancy novel of the same name, The Sum Of All Fears is a first-person action game coming from the king of the tactical shooter, developer Red Storm Entertainment.
    Any fan of Red Storm's tactical shooters will be on familiar ground as they take command of a crack squad formed from the elite of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team. Heading up the unit - which will be equipped with the latest weaponry and tech-gadgets - you'll be trotting around the globe as you progress through 11 different missions. Rescue hostages and destroy illegal weapons caches as you attempt to foil the plans of a terrorist group whose ultimate aim is to annihilate the Super Bowl.

    Along with the 11-mission single-player experience, The Sum Of All Fears will also come with co-op and competitive multiplayer modes for that extra bit of spice.

    The Sum Of All Fears is due out on 28th May. In the meantime, enjoy the shots.

    Stuart Bishop










  2. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    11 missões? Soa-me a pouco...

    A nível gráfico está algo mau... parece-me o antigo (mas excelente) Rainbow Six...
  3. possessed

    possessed Full Throttle BOINC Roller

    por acaso é acho mais mistura ghost recon / rainbow six
  4. possessed

    possessed Full Throttle BOINC Roller


    para quem tiver paciencia

    Deke Waters, Producer for on the PC version The Sum of All Fears, spills his guts to us about the forthcoming movie tie-in game

    17:10 Currently in production at Red Storm Entertainment, The Sum of All Fears is a tactical shooter - surprise, surprise - that will tie in with the forthcoming movie of the same name. Both are based around the same-named Tom Clancy novel, and for gamers it's time to walk the terrorist/anti-terrorist road once again.
    The game, which has been built on a tweaked Ghost Recon engine, will see tactical shooter fans on familiar ground as they head up a team formed from the elite of the F.B.I.'s Hostage Rescue Team. A mission-based affair, the main plot deals with a terrorist group that is engaging in an elaborate plan to annihilate the Super Bowl. Ultimately, you have to stop the group seeing its dastardly designs coming to fruition, but on the way you'll find yourself embroiled in hostage-rescue and destroy-illegal-weapons-cache scenarios.

    According to Red Storm, The Sum of All Fears is going to offer a more action-orientated experience than its previous titles, and will appeal to both veteran fans and those who might be new to the genre. Along with changes - dare we say simplifications? - to team numbers and team control, the king of the tactical shooter has also introduced, among other things, a new weapon kit system that will allow you to quickly assign the same weapon and equipment load-out to each character.

    Wanting to find out a bit more about the gameplay additions, and the game in general, we managed to catch a few minutes with Producer Deke Waters who was only too happy to dish out further details.

    What's the plot of The Sum Of All Fears game, and who will players be playing?

    Waters: The game runs parallel to the actions of the movie and the novel. We wanted to create an original experience so that people could watch the movie, read the book, and play the game without having the exact same experience.

    You begin The Sum of All Fears through the eyes of a "best of the best" operative, working for the FBI. After the second mission of the game, a devastating event happens (that also happens in the movie) that causes a need for you to switch to CIA control.

    Under the instruction of CIA Special Forces leader John Clark (a character from the movie), you investigate various locations all over the world. Before and after each mission, you also receive analysis on enemies, locations, and mission-vital information from one of the CIA's top analysts, Jack Ryan. The end effect is a "what if?" story where players will be able to explore the storyline from the eyes of a FBI/CIA operative.

    The game was only announced recently and is due out in a couple of months. How long have you actually been working on it?

    Waters: We began pre-production in October, and by mid-November we were under full development with an "easy-to-pick-up-and-play" Close Quarters Combat (CQB) game using the Ghost Recon engine. We received the go ahead around January to begin working in The Sum of All Fears storyline.

    Is The Sum Of All Fears built on the same technology and engine as Ghost Recon?

    Waters: The core Ghost Recon engine is in place with some additions and tweaks. Since the Ghost Recon Mission Pack was in development at the same time, we had full access to all updates and enhancements made to the engine in real-time. This made SoAF a very stable product from the beginning.

    One of the biggest changes to the engine was in bringing our levels back indoors. Although the GR engine was originally designed for mainly outdoor environments, SoAF needed CQB-style levels and gameplay. This meant making adjustments to the engine for handling indoor spaces efficiently.

    Other major changes to the GR engine were in streamlining the gameplay for a broader audience while keeping it challenging for our more advanced users. We replaced the in-game planning with a pre-set plan players can choose to follow, or they can explore the levels on their own. We added a mini-map to the interface, similar to the one in Rogue Spear and Rainbow Six, that allows players to see blueprints of the area.

    Auto and Snap-to targeting, auto-reload, and having the Heartbeat Sensor always on - all added as options – allow new players to enjoy the game, while players more accustomed to first-person shooters may want to turn these off for more of a challenge.

    One of the coolest new features of SoAF is the scripted AI support teams. You are always in charge of your own fireteam (two operatives that follow and support you at all times), but your team also works alongside up to three other teams. You have no control over these teams, but their actions are triggered by your progress. For example, a team may stack outside a door until you enter, at which point they burst in for some nice crossfire and room-clearing action. They really make you feel a part of a larger team.

    Are there any features in The Sum Of All Fears that we can expect to see in Raven Shield?

    Waters: Actually, SoAF and Raven Shield are separate products, derived from different concepts. Raven Shield will be the latest title in the Rainbow Six franchise. SoAF is based on the events of the novel and Paramount Film, and is unrelated to the Rainbow Six franchise. Any features the two games might have in common are due to both games fitting within the Tom Clancy universe and both using the CQB / "one shot one kill" style gameplay.

    In The Sum Of All Fears players take command of a team, but how many other characters are in this team, and do you have a pool of people that you can select from, or does the unit always consist of the same people?

    Waters: You have control of a team of three operatives that are randomly chosen from a pool of around 30 or so "Best of the Best" male and female characters. Since they are the FBI / CIA elite, they all have identical skill sets.

    Will you be able to improve characters' statistics again like you could in Ghost Recon?

    Waters: We decided to leave this out of SoAF to focus more on the action of the game and less on developing characters. After all, if you are already considered the best of the best, would it make sense to become better?

    How will players issue commands to their team - will this be the same as in Ghost Recon?

    Waters: Since you don't have the PDA from Ghost Recon, we needed a way of controlling the AI backup team-mates on your fireteam quickly. What we came up with is a very basic quick-menu, reached by hitting the ctrl key, to set your team-mates' rate of engagement, formation, and speed. From this menu, you can also give them doorway orders such as open, clear, or frag a room.

    Can you tell us how equipment/weapon load-out will work and what sort of weapons and equipment we can expect to get our hands on?

    Waters: Since you are supposed to be the FBI / CIA elite, you are able to use any weapon given to you. This allows us to further streamline the equipment load-out screen.

    Instead of loading individual characters with weapons, we have a new weapon kit system that allows you to outfit your three-person team all at once. For example, you can choose an Assault kit that gives all three team members a heavy machine gun, pistol, flashbang, and Heartbeat Sensor (HBS), or a Sniper kit that replaces the machine gun with a sniper rifle. As you progress through the missions, you receive a broader assortment of kits.

    You'll be given a default kit that will be your best bet in most situations. As a matter of fact, we've set up the interface to draw users straight to the action without changing their kit at all. However, advanced players can customize which kit they want to use on a given mission. Choosing the wrong kit for a mission can really add to the difficulty, so be careful!

    The single-player game has 11 globe-spanning missions. Can you tell us what we'll be doing in these missions and what the locales are?

    Waters: The 11 Single Player missions take place in four major geographic regions around the world: US (West Virginia), the Middle East, South Africa and Europe. The settings include a Diamond Mine, a TV station, a Mansion under renovation, an abandoned Prison, a High Tech Office building and others.

    Without giving too much of the movie story away, players will, of course, take out lots of tangos and rescue lots of hostages. Since the main focus of SoAF PC is on investigating the story that unfolds in the movie, you spend a fair amount of time acquiring information. This is much more interactive in SoAF thanks to a new system of objects that you can remove or change.

    What multiplayer modes are you including in The Sum Of All Fears?

    Waters: We have included the Ghost Recon /Desert Siege multiplayer engine with very little changes (aside from updates) for solo, team and co-op play. We also have a new game type called "Cat and Mouse". In this game, one player is the mouse with a pistol, all other players are cats. Only the mouse can earn points for taking out adversaries. Cats get to become the mouse by shooting the mouse.

    Why should we be excited by The Sum Of All Fears?

    Waters: We're excited about SoAF appealing to anyone who has enjoyed our games in the past, and anyone who enjoys the movie. We have really spent a lot of effort to make the game easy enough for the first time player, while allowing fans of our previous titles the opportunity to up the difficulty, change some options and really have a challenge. If you enjoyed Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon then The Sum of All Fears on PC is more of what you love. If you enjoyed the movie and would like to delve deeper into the story, then you should also enjoy The Sum of All Fears on PC.

    This is a different approach for us, but we think our fans will feel very much at home playing on medium or hard difficulty, and our level design makes for some of the most fun multiplayer action we've ever had here at Red Storm.