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Xbox Microsoft confirms 360 IPTV

Discussão em 'Retro / Legacy / Arcade' iniciada por mascarilha, 8 de Janeiro de 2007. (Respostas: 28; Visualizações: 4461)

  1. mascarilha

    mascarilha I folded Myself

  2. pofxxx

    pofxxx Power Member

    Read the whole press release here.

    Another press release from CES about the Video Marketplace expansion:
    Read the whole press release here.

    Here's our LIVE coverage of Bill Gates' Keynote at CES 2007.
    Duration of conference was aprox. 90 minutes.
    * 6:35 ... not started yet. Still waiting.
    * 6:40 President of the CEA (Gary Shapiro) is on stage. Introducing Bill Gates. 10th year he speaks at CES.
    * 6:48 ... MS promo video running showing many MS products including Xbox 360 and Zune. Also some Gears of War footage ;)
    * 6:49 ... Bill G coming on stage now. Says he loves giving the keynote each year. He will be there next year too, but maybe not after that [he won't be MS CEO anymore].
    * 6:51 ... Talking about the new PC/internet market ('digital decade') growing. Young people are more behind their PC than TV.
    * 6:55 ... Important year of MS, many new products they have been working years on are coming out now: (1) Windows Vista.
    * 6:57 ... Talking a bit about Vista now.
    * 6:58 Other important product release: Office 2007. Comes with many big changes. LIVE services to share info/files across people and devices.
    * 7:01 ... Vista and Office2007 demo on stage now by Justin Hutchinson. Some nice features like: "shadow copy" restores old version of modified files.
    * 7:05 ... using his Xbox360 controller with his Vista PC to fly over LA with a 3D city model (Virtual Earth 3D). This feature is made available now on LIVE services.
    * 7:07 Talking about MCE in Vista now. "Sportslounge": sports details (like players details, match results, hot headlines) in real-time while watching a LIVE HDTV feed. You can watch HD feed while working on your PC.
    * 7:10 "DVD Maker" ... easy to burn DVDs in Vista without 3rd party software.
    * 7:11 "Groupshot" Combines good features of two bad photos into one good photo. Demo shown - kinda weird.
    * 7:12 Vista will support "Full Motion Desktop" (moving wallpapers!). You can even use any homemade movie for this.
    * 7:13 Vista demo over, Bill Gates back on stage ... talking about "Certified for Windows Vista" products from hardware partners (even Sony is named ;)).
    * 7:18 Video of some "Windows Vista PCs" from several brands.
    * 7:20 Now talking about "Windows Home Server", a new market for Microsoft. Video of HP Media SmartServer. Storage available to all devices on network, features like: auto backups, remote connectivity (secure over internet). You can connect PCs, Xboxes, Zunes etc to it.
    * 7:25 Robbie Bach on stage now ... head of home entertainment division.
    * 7:26 MS wants us to be able to get the content when we want and on the device we want, anywhere anytime. "Connected Entertainment".
    * 7:27 Talking about Zune now. They are 2nd in the mp3-market [after Apple of course] ... 'on track' to sell 1 million units.
    * 7:28 Talking about mobile phones now. Windows mobile phones outsell Blackberry.
    * 7:29 Talking about "Games for Windows". 200 million people every month play games on Windows. Not only hardcore games, but also casual games. Video playing of upcoming games like AOE3, Shadow Run, Alan Wake, BioShock, Flight Sim X, Rail Simulation, World in Conflict, Hellgate, Company of Heroes, Geometry Wars, Halo2, Age of Canon, Crysis, ... I missed many lol ... going too fast.
    * 7:32 Xbox 360!
    -10.4 million consoles SOLD
    -160 High-def games, will double to 300 titles this year.
    -Launched in 37 countries
    -Many 360 owners new to the Xbox platform.
    -2.7 million copies of GoW sold in 8 weeks! GoW as important as Halo franchise now.
    * 7:34 Halo3 video! ... starting with the 'ESPN ad' we all saw already. Nothing more :(
    * 7:36 Xbox LIVE ... 5 million members, largest social network on the TV.
    * 7:37 Demo of LIVE on Vista ("Live Anywhere") ... playing UNO on LIVE with Vista PC (with Xbox Controller) against Xbox360 players. UI customized for Vista. The "LIVE Guide" is also available like on the Xbox360 (friends, messages, ...). Coming this summer.
    * 7:40 3 billion hours of gaming on Xbox LIVE so far.
    * 7:41 HD-DVD top selling HD format last year. Xbox360 HD-DVD Addon is most affordable HD-DVD player. They produce as many as possible, but they continue to sell out.
    * 7:42 You can also get HD content streamed via Windows MediaCenter (30M copies sold) connected to Xbox360.
    * 7:43 3rd way to get high-def content on Xbox360: Xbox360 Video Marketplace ... Lionsgate added as new partner. Demo of how easy it is to get a movie on Xbox360 via marketplace.
    * 7:44 IPTV ... Microsoft TV. Demo of Microsoft's IPTV (instant channel zapping, picture in picture, on demand video, search of your favorite programs, ...). Demo is actually running from an Xbox360! They show "Xbox360 Guide" and launch GoW from IPTV interface. IPTV support coming to Xbox360! Gaming, TV, IPTV, Community ... all in 1 box.
    * 7:47 IPTV will be available holiday 2007 for consumers via Microsoft's IPTV service provider partners.
    * 7:48 Wrap-up of everything Robbie said. Gates back on stage now.
    * 7:50 "Sync": Ford exclusive ... fully integrated, voice activated system ... you can connect all your devices (phones, zunes, USB mass storage, ...) with your car. Text-to-speech support for SMS, create custom playlists via voice command.
    * 7:54 Gates closing keynote with look into the future ... Microsoft's "Connected Home of the Future". Demo in a kitchen (suggest recipes based on ingredients you place on the table (auto detected)) and bedroom (change music and look/feeling/lighting of the room or playing Xbox360 on a huge 'wallscreen' and post-it notes that pause the game when a reminder pops-up, ...). MS says they will needs lots of feedback from members for this.
    * 8:03 ... That was all ;)[/QUOTE]

    Acho q a MS vai se dar muito bem
  3. omni0ne

    omni0ne Power Member

    muito porreiro, so não queria ter de esperar até ao próximo natal :(
  4. zx-9r

    zx-9r Power Member

    mto interessante, mas para um stream de HDTV deve ser um bit rate altíssimo...

    pelo menos cá em Portugal duvido que consigamos ver... mesmo com ofertas a 24mbit a ligação aos servidores da microsoft há de ser muito inferior
  5. pofxxx

    pofxxx Power Member

    nao tem nada haver mas a MS esta em Alta

    The recent CES revealed to us a lot of information of or relating to Microsoft as a whole. And as some of us would slice-and-dice Bill Gates' keynote address for all the minor details, here's a bulleted list of his speech, as seen in numbers:

    * 30 billion: number of dollars raised by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    * 2: current place occupied by Microsoft in the MP3 player wars
    * 1 million: number of Zunes they are "on track" to sell
    * 200 million: people who play games on Windows every month
    * 10.4 million: number of Xbox 360 consoles sold worldwide so far
    * 8: number of weeks it took Microsoft to sell 2.7 million copies of Gears of War
    * 160: Games currently on Xbox 360; expected to double this year
    * 3 billion: hours of gaming on Xbox Live thus far
    * 5 million: Xbox Live members

    See the bigger picture now? Lots of millions and billions on that list. Can the big MS keep their streak up? 2007 has barely started and it's pretty much anyone's ball game. Aside from the 360's competitors in the gaming industry, the MP3 player market has its fair share of competition as well.

    Em relação ao iptv, a MS deve ir fazer um contrato com uma operadora nacional,a rumores que as series e filmes do live estejam a chegar a Pt, com servidores da portugal telecom. Pode ser que seja desta que a pt meta iptv. Ja foi dito pela ptmultimedia que em 2007 ou 2008, iria haver iptv em portugal. Sim a clix ja tem mas so em algumas zonas.
  6. pofxxx

    pofxxx Power Member

    According to GamesIndustry.biz, there are already international partners signed up for IPTV for Xbox 360. Yup, the on-demand service should launch by the end of this year and into 2008.

    As you know, the IPTV service transforms the Xbox 360 into a media console. GamesIndustry.biz points out the digital recorder (including recording what's going on-screen as you play your Xbox 360 game). There's also chatting with friends while watching TV channels. For more info, you can read our past articles on how IPTV was confirmed by Bill Gates and on the pictures on the Internet of what the service will look like.

    The following have already become Microsoft's partners in this venture:

    * AT&T
    * British Telecom
    * Deutsch Telecom
    * Swiss Telecom

    There are also 11 other companies having a trial run of the service. If they like it, we'll see the list of partners grow.

    era bom de mais ser a pt...
  7. djnata

    djnata Power Member

    so uma pergunta,se quem esta em 1º e em terceiro a nivel de mp3 players? e quais os numeros que indicam isso? estou curioso,porque acho a creative bem superior a nivel da ms a nivel de mp3s...
  8. _JP_

    _JP_ Power Member

    Alguém sabe se isto vai ser um seviço pago???
    Ou quem tiver conta Gold não paga nada??

    BTW fica aqui um video de demonstração ;)


    PS:se repararem aquela X360 tem um "acrescento" no locar do disco que eu não conheço...será o novo disco de 120gb??
    Última edição: 8 de Janeiro de 2007
  9. night_sign

    night_sign Power Member

    Aquilo é uma dev kit da i o "acrescento", elas até costumam é ser pretas.
  10. timber

    timber Zwame Advisor

    Como esclarecimento pontual e off-topic, a não prosseguir, o número 1 em termos de vendas nos leitores mp3 é o iPOD
  11. Hackaroxp

    Hackaroxp I quit My Job for Folding

    Quanto á Xbox, se o sistema funcar em Portugal e fizer de DVR, é as minhas maravilhas. Andava a precisar de um DVR, se trouxer uma X360 agarrada, melhor. :D
  12. Khaoz_Of_Kosmos

    Khaoz_Of_Kosmos Power Member

    Pelo que percebi a IPTV é só para a 360 v2????
  13. pofxxx

    pofxxx Power Member

    não me parecê q seja. ja a muitas unidades da v1 vendidas, alem do mais vai ser +/- = a cena de filmes e series q ja esta disponível.

    So sei uma coisa a cena de filmes e series nos EUA é um sucesso.
  14. pofxxx

    pofxxx Power Member

    Xbox Live to see movie and TV revenue of 726usd million

  15. BDesign

    BDesign Banido

    Só vai estar disponivel para a X360v2 portanto , certo? É que se for assim vão ter de começar a conta-las outra vez porque o numero de consolas vendidas até á data de lançamento da V2 não vão significar qq lucro para eles com este serviço...
  16. pofxxx

    pofxxx Power Member

    nao me pareçe que de so para a v2, acho que isso só ia deitar a ms abaixo ou então trocavam as consolas todas lol . as principais alterações da consola é entrada hdmi e o cpu.
  17. BDesign

    BDesign Banido

    Pois , já há alguma data prevista para a V2?
  18. pofxxx

    pofxxx Power Member

  19. BDesign

    BDesign Banido

    Mas talvez tenha menos problemas... com 65nm no minimo dos minimos fica mais fresquinha :) e a capacidade adicional no disco deve dar mesmo muito jeito , 100gb a mais , por isso é que tava a perguntar como é k vai ser , é que a xbox com 20gb n deve ter capacidade suficiente para todas essas funções novas que se fala e ainda dar para sacar umas demos e coisas do género.
  20. Seavoices

    Seavoices Power Member

    De certeza que esta XBox virá 'quitada' com mais características e mais capacidade, já que vai fazer de DVR.

    Parabéns à Microsoft pela ideia. Para mim se este produto se mantiver assim na Europa e o mercado nacional se expandir para o IPTV, acreditem que vai ter bastante sucesso!

    Eu pelo menos espero para ver como será o serviço em Portugal

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