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More "Bearlake" G35 Express Details Unveiled

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  1. Zarolho

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    Native HDMI output with HDCP compliance

    has come across more details on Intel’s upcoming integrated graphics equipped Bearlake-G+ G35 Express chipset. The upcoming G35 Express is expected to support HDMI video output with HDCP compliance. According to the article the proper HDCP keys and HDMI signal mixing components are integrated into the G35 Express chipset. Supported HDMI video output resolutions include 720p, 1080i and 1080p which is pretty standard.

    Although HDMI output and HDCP compliance are native to the G35 Express GMCH, the voltage output levels are different. Native voltage output from the GMCH is 1.2 volts while traditional HDMI voltage is 3.3 volts. Nevertheless, this can be fixed using an intermediary level shifter chip. Nevertheless, even with the required level shifter, G35 Express based solutions with HDMI outputs are expected to be more cost effective than G965 solutions.

    The audio portion of the G35 Express has been slightly enhanced to accommodate the audio output capabilities of HDMI. While high definition audio is typically a supported via ICH, the new G35 Express GMCH will have an integrated high definition audio codec. Audio functionality is still a part of the ICH though. Instead of connecting to a separate high definition audio codec, the ICH will connect directly to the GMCH for multi-channel audio output across HDMI with video—minimizing cable clutter.

    Expect Intel G35 Express and other Bearlake family chipsets to hit the market next Spring.


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