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MotherBoard.. Qual ...????

Discussão em 'Dúvidas e Suporte Técnico PC' iniciada por Daniel, 2 de Janeiro de 2003. (Respostas: 10; Visualizações: 1495)

  1. Daniel

    Daniel Power Member

    Que acham desta MotherBoard....???

    que outras motherboard´s aconselham para um Amd 2100 Xp

    até 125 €



    Main Features

    ABS II (Anti-Burn Shield II)

    ● VIA VT8377(KT400) + VT8235 chipset
    ● FSB 333/266/200 MHz
    ● Supports DDR SDRAM @ *400/333/266 MHz
    ● Supports Ultra ATA 133/100/66
    ● Supports AGP 8X/4X
    ● Supports ABSII
    ● Vcore, AGP, DIMM Voltage Setting
    ● Supports USB2.0
    ● 6-channel Audio
    ● SCR (Smart Card Reader) Interface
    ● Optimized for all Socket-A processors

    * Soltek Computer Inc. typically runs a DDR 400 Memory Module Validation Program for Chipset VIA KT400. Detailed information is available here.


    ● AMD Socket-462 Athlon XP / Athlon / Duron processor

    ● VIA KT400 (VT8377 + VT8235)


    - 828 BGA
    - Features 333/266/200MHz Front Side Bus settings
    - *400/333/266MHz Memory Bus
    - V-Link Hub Architecture, 266MHz link between the North and South Bridge
    - Supports AGP 8X/4X

    * Soltek Computer Inc. typically runs a DDR 400 Memory Module Validation Program for Chipset VIA P4X400A. Detailed information is available here.


    - Supports Ultra ATA-133/100/66 transfer protocol
    - Provides 6-channel AC'97 Audio
    - Support for six USB 2.0/1.1 Ports (max.)
    - Integrated 6 channel Surround Sound AC-97 Audio
    - Integrated 10/100 Ethernet MAC
    - 487-pin BGA VT8235 South Bridge

    ● 3 x 184-pin DDR DIMM
    ● Supports 6 banks up to 3GB DRAMs for Unbuffered DDR SDRAM Module

    Cache Memory
    ● Built-in to AMD Athlon™ XP, Athlon™ and Duron™ Processor Module

    On-Board EIDE
    ● 2 x PCI Bus Master UATA 133/100/66 IDE ports (up to 4 ATAPI Devices)
    ● Supports for PIO Mode 3, 4, UATA 133/100/66 IDE & ATAPI CD-ROM

    Integrated Super I/O
    ● 1 x Floppy Port (supports 360K, 720K, 1.2M, 1.44M and 2.88Mbytes)
    ● 2 x serial ports (high-speed 16550A FIFO UART Ports)
    ● 1 x Parallel Port with EEP/ECP/SPP Capabilities
    ● 1 x PS/2 Mouse, 1 x PS/2 Keyboard connectors
    ● 6 x USB Ports (four via optional cable)
    ● 1 x Audio/Game Port

    Expansion Slots
    ● 1 x AGP 8X/4X/2X Slot
    ● 5 x 32-bit PCI Bus Master Slots

    Form Factor
    ● ATX Form Factor (225mm x 305mm)

    ● AMI Plug-and-Play BIOS
    ● Supports Advanced Power Management Function
    ● Flash Memory for easy upgrade

    Other Features
    ● BIOS Multiplier Setting ● RedStorm Overclocking (Optional)
    ● BIOS FSB Setting ● Ultra ATA 66/100/133
    ● BIOS Vcore setting ● 6-ch AC'97 Audio Function
    ● BIOS AGP Voltage Setting ● BIOS DIMM Voltage Setting
    ● SCR (Smart Card Reader) Interface ● H/W Monitor
    ● SmartDoc. Anti-burning Shield (Optional)
  2. Daniel

    Daniel Power Member

    deve aceitar um disco antigo k tenho aki de 8 .4 gb....

    nao deve ?
  3. Hello Daniel,

    Allthough Soltek is overclockers dream, there is one thing that does not abone to the mobo you've choosed. It has a VIA chipset!
    If you don't mind the bugs go ahead, but I would go with the ASUS A7N8X Deluxe.
    Previously I recommended the Sis735-based Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) K7S5A as a stable, well-built, high-performance motherboard, albeit one that was relatively feature-poor. Experience with early production models of this board was uniformly good, but I began receiving reports of problems with later production models. I'm not sure what happened. Given the commoditization of motherboards over the last few months, it's quite possible that ECS cost-reduced that board to the point of unreliability. Certainly, the very low price of the board recently makes that a reasonable suspicion. At any rate, I can no longer recommend that board.
    Fortunately, the ASUS A7N8X boards are now shipping in volume. The A7N8X is based on the superb nVIDIA nForce2 chipset, which is fast, feature-laden, and rock-solid. As many of my friends know, I have never been satisfied with the stability or compatibility of any VIA chipset. With the nForce2 chipset, VIA now faces serious competition for the Athlon desktop, and it's about time.

    In reviewing nForce2 motherboards, AnandTech concludes, "if you're going to be purchasing an Athlon XP motherboard in today's market, you'd be insane not to choose a motherboard based on NVIDIA's nForce2 platform." I concur, as do most other reviewers. Perhaps the most significant (albeit unofficial) endorsement of this board comes from AMD itself. In promoting their new 333 MHz FSB Athlon XP processors, AMD's marketing department sends reviewers not just a processor, but a complete package with processor, motherboard, and memory. The motherboard AMD chose to include with their review package is the ASUS A7N8X Deluxe.

    The ASUS A7N8X is available in two variants, which differ in chipset configuration and therefore in feature sets. The standard A7N8X uses the nVIDIA SPP northbridge and the basic MCP southbridge. The A7N8X Deluxe uses the same SPP northbridge, but substitutes the enhanced MCP-T southbridge, which adds FireWire, SoundStorm/Dolby Digital Audio, and other features. The A7N8X Deluxe also implements Serial ATA via a third-party chip.

    I have always liked AMD Athlon processors, but I have always hesitated to recommend them because the motherboards available for them weren't up to Intel standards in compatibility or reliability. Now that the ASUS A7N8X is available, that is no longer true. Coupled with an Athlon XP processor, good memory, and a good power supply, the ASUS A7N8X is the basis of a fast, inexpensive system that is as stable and compatible as anything you can build with Intel processors and motherboards.
  4. Unregistered

    Unregistered Power Member

    Concordo com a Heather, a Intel D845PEBT2 é realmente a melhor placa do mercado para quem valoriza a fiabilidade e ao mesmo tempo o desempenho. Pena que as opções de overclocking sejam limitadas, mas... who cares?!
  5. Daniel

    Daniel Power Member

    e o preço...???

    onde posso comprar essa motherboard ? só posso mesmo gastar 125 € na placa...

    quais os bugs da placa Soltek ??

    P.s... Heather Graham se leste e compreendeste a minha pergunta porque respondeste em ingles ??? :rolleyes:
  6. SimpleFriend

    SimpleFriend Power Member

    Claro q aceita o disco q tens de 8.4Gb! Tá descansado, aceita td na boa.

    A pergunta n foi feita a mim, mas se calhar é-lhe mais fácil responder em inglês, no entanto percebe o português, tal como nós q lemos e percebemos o inglês mas para responder expressamo-nos melhor em Português
    :003: :003:

    FELiYCORA 1st Folding then Sex

    temos um(a) americano(a) no forum? mas pelos vistos percebe portugues.. nao sabe é falar/escrever portugues!
  8. Daniel

    Daniel Power Member

    seja como for... ingles portugues ou chines... TANTO FAZ

    you´re welcome to unreal forum :)
  9. Daniel

    Daniel Power Member

  10. RuJotta

    RuJotta Power Member

    Sinceramente, nos passados anos, tenho usado boards com
    os chipsets VIA e não tenho tido problemas com nenhum
    Desde que se instale os drivers certos, não há problema...
    Além disso, é de notar que os chipsets nForce, têm som e placa de vídeo integrados, o que por vezes é uma chatice.

    Além disto, acho que este sendo um fórum português,
    a resposta deveria ter sido em português, o que não o foi,
    sendo uma falta de respeito a todos os leitores que não percebem a língua em questão.

    Um fórum é um lugar onde toda a gente se entende.

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