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Need info about portugal Ecofilm sonic release

Discussão em 'Retro / Legacy / Arcade' iniciada por FrozenITA, 14 de Fevereiro de 2018. (Respostas: 8; Visualizações: 640)

  1. Hello! Sorry for english, but im not very good with portugal language ^^"

    Im Emanuele, an Italian sonic the hedgehog collector. I love portugal ecofilm release and i own some version... But sadly i dont know how many and which game get released by ecofilm and other. I just seen already the sheet of this website(i own some copy that is not in this archive, if you want i can collaborate) but i want know a bit more about them. Can someone tell me which release get in portugal (from master system to ps4) in portugal language of every sonic game, with maybe some picture?

    And second, can help me on fill this sheet?

    Im putting all picture of sonic games(like a museum) for create a website that everyone can check the collectable sonic videogames. Every help it's important.

    As far i know, modern sonic game that have portugal language it's just sonic boom for ds(spanish version) and mario & sonic london (portugal special release).

    Thanks since now and sorry english again.

    Best Regards,

  2. toze3

    toze3 Power Member

    Welcome ! Ciao!

    Had been in Italy last December, greetings.

    I will try to help you.

    Thanks for looking the ecofilmes topic and also want to congratulate your great job on collecting all the informations regarding sonic releases.

    Even found out with your work that exists an Sonic 1 version for mega drive with foldable A4 manual sheet. We are trying here to seek games that was released with this kind of manual and this one appears to be the first one to have booklet and A4 sheet for Portuguese instructions.
    Don't know the reason for that, also the existence of this 3 instructions variations, maybe some were normal bundled in the console (coloured instructions) the blue shade instructions on sold games at store. This is also the same found in sonic compilation. And the A4 sheet, could be the initial release, or it could be the version of some retail/renting stores. Not cleared out this point yet.

    We have to have in mind that ecofilmes started the Sega products distribution in Portugal only by 1991. Even nowadays is responsible for distributing the SEGA titles for all platforms.

    About others games, at least the sonic unleashed and shadow the hedgehog have Portuguese cover on ps2 , and after that also are translated. The gameplay is still in English.

    You can check my collection on RFGeneration database, in my signature you will find a link to my collection. Also I have been from some time ago adding Portuguese titles in this database, you can check the Portuguese releases in the search menu. Also had made the country variations (Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines) there of Sonic 1, I have some of then.

    About helping us, it's quite easy, in the excel sheet you have to go to the second tab "Contribuições" and in this tab you can edit, and add the informations about the codes name, platform, EAN, publisher, just fill it with the information you have. And you also could send me some photos to add in the RFGeneration database or just send the photos and I will fill out the informations.

    Once again, thanks

  3. toze3

    toze3 Power Member

    Ciao @FrozenITA

    I just checked my photos/scans of all that I have at the moment regarding Sonic related images.

    This could at least improve the image quality of several photos you have, that I see are collected from my submissions in RFGeneration database, and in this database they are resized to 550px on shorter side and have the watermark of RFG.

    Feel free to use that, in this ARCHIVE

    Hope it helps, and also, in return, you can also help us out to get more entries in our database.

  4. Hello! I can use your picture on my sheet? And check your mail, i have sent you my picture.
    P.s. how was your trip in italy?

    About those follow picture, for you this sonic 1 and 2 are legal or fake?
    Última edição: 15 de Fevereiro de 2018
  5. toze3

    toze3 Power Member

    Sonic 1 for sure true, the image it's not good, but if you check the photos I sent previously, you see all the versions I have (Japan, China, Philippines, Malaysia and thailand)

    Check this link also -> http://www.rfgeneration.com/cgi-bin/getinfo.pl?ID=E-040-S-04103-A
    You will see the variation list.

    About Sonic 2, also believe it's legit, there are 2 variation, that i hadn't yet submited on RFGeneration, one made in Japan and other, with the CE logo Assembled in the U.K.

    My copy is made in Japan, but there are there more assembled in UK released in Portugal


    The cart in this one is made on phillipines, to be sure didn't check my copy, I have 2 so can check it later what the cart says, but probably is "Made in Japan". This doesn't have the portuguese manual

    It's not possible to check the images, maybe some mistake in the addition.

    Just see the text
    And you have to have something like this (if you use the BB code editor)
    Última edição: 15 de Fevereiro de 2018
  6. toze3

    toze3 Power Member

    Just checked my 2 copies, both have "Made in Japan" on the back of the cartridge, and in the back of the manual it says "Printed in Japan".

    The Assembled in UK version doesn't say that, the strange is the cart not saying Assembled in UK, it could exist more variations... don't have information to confirm that!

    This variations it's quite normal in Mega Drive Games, especially the sonic games, I think almost of then have this, I know that Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles have also this variations, the UK vs Japan, and in the S&K the number of languages are diferent.

    Thanks for the photos, I can now include the Sonic CD on the database, we had the manual, but not the codes!

    Please remember that Ecofilmes in most cases just applied an sticker with the SEGA GARANTIA DE PORTUGAL logo, and portugues description /EAN on the back, and with the time many get lost, and get´s hard to get the codes...
    Última edição: 15 de Fevereiro de 2018
  7. Yeah was just curious about sonic 2 because have no sticker on it, so i wonder was fake. Probably i have your identical copy but without stickers. I must find a box with stickers only then.
  8. toze3

    toze3 Power Member

    Yeh!! It's possible the owner had removed the stickers to have a box more PAL alike, or simply, they get off, or the box was replaced...
  9. Now where i can find an empty box portugal version for sonic 2? just the box without the paper cover... and stickers...

    Funny, im totally forget to have this too! I will sent you full scan soon

    Última edição pelo moderador: 18 de Fevereiro de 2018

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